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  • Fund Raising Ideas for Youth Ministry

    Fundraising for Sunday school and Youth Group 

    Sunday school and youth group fund raising ideas   

    Raise money for
    - A mission trip
    - Sponsoring a child a 3rd world country (Ministry of Compassion)
    - Trip to Praise Fest
    - Raise money for a local food bank
    - Purchase equipment for Sunday School or to enhance Youth Ministry
    (NOTE: In the past I felt that all funding for youth events should come directly from fellowship. However, now I've seen how this can be such a posative learning experience for kids.Fund raising can teach initiative, financial stewarship, team buildingand many other important lessons of the Christian life.)

    Raise money with a Car Wash --  
       Have Fun!(If you want to be successful you have to have fun! If you have lots of water and youth you will have fun.)
    - Builds community
    - Great connections with church fellowship (Church members will be your number 1 customers.)
    - Great PR in the community (Make sure you have some big signs that can’t be missed.)
    - Lets members of the congregation know there are financial needs (You will often get donations.)
    - TIP: Make the car wash by donation. This really gives a sense of blessing your customers. It will be more profitable that if you charged a set fee.
    -- Raise money with Bake SalesEven young kids bake goodies. You might consider teaming up older members of the congregation to assist in preparation.
    -- Sponsor students to
          Run a marathon
          Fast or 24 hr famine
           Help paint the church
    -- Use youth group members skill to serve the community. Remuneration by donation.
        Prepare a list of young people available to use their gifts. This could also be done as a silent auction.
    -- Gift wrapping -- The local mall may donate space if the funds go to a good cause.
    -- Raise money with hot dog sales after churchOur youth group does this. They make tons of money by setting a BBQ just outside the back door of the church on Sunday.
    -- Professional fund raising companies: Not my first choice but they can be effective. You need plan well and make sure you keep good records.
    - Candy bars, chocolate almonds, cookie dough, etc.
    - Coupon booklets and scratch cards
    - Candle fundraising
    -- Talent Night Fund Raiser Showcase the gifts that your kids have. Sell tickets. Build up your kids self esteen, have fun, and raise money for a good cause!

  • Great list of Object Lesson ideas for Palm Sunday

    Creative list of Sunday School ideas and Object Lessons for Palm Sunday  - (The Triumphal Entry of Jesus)

     Triumphal Entry

    Palm branches: The most obvious object for Palm Sunday is the palm branch. (If you don’t have real palm branches -be creative! ) Talk about the significance of the palm branch in the biblical story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Then, have each child make their own palm branch out of green construction paper and wave them in the air, imagining themselves as part of the crowd welcoming Jesus.

    Donkey figurines: Another object you could use for Palm Sunday is a toy donkey or figurine. (Of course you could be really radical and arrange to have someone bring a real donkey to the church parking lot!) Talk about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9. Then, have the children act out the story, taking turns playing the part of Jesus and riding the donkey while the other children wave their palm branches and shout "Hosanna!"

    Hosanna signs: You could have your kids make signs with the word "Hosanna" written on them. Talk about what the word means (it's a Hebrew expression of adoration and praise) and how the people of Jerusalem shouted it as Jesus rode into the city. Have the children decorate their own Hosanna signs with glitter, markers, and stickers, and then wave them as they reenact the story of Palm Sunday. It could be a lot of fun.

    Cloaks: (Note: You may neeed to explain what a “cloak” is.)Talk about how the people of Jerusalem spread their cloaks on the ground for Jesus to ride over. Have your kids bring in a spare cloak or jacket from home and spread them on the ground to make a "carpet" for someone to walk over. Talk about how this is a way to show honor and respect for someone.

    Stones: In Luke 19:40, Jesus said that even if the people stop praising him, the stones will cry out. Collect some small stones and have the children paint them with Hosanna or other praise phrases. Discuss some ways about how they might join with creationn to praise God.

    Bread: Talk about the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples before his crucifixion. Pass around some bread and have the children break it apart and share it with each other, just as Jesus broke bread with his disciples. You could use a loaf of bread or find some unleavened pita bread. Note: Different denominations have unique approaches to the Lord’s Supper. (Do check with your pastor if you plan on reenacting the Lord's Supper!)

    Crosses: Make small crosses out of twigs, craft sticks or palm branches. Talk about how the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem eventually led to his crucifixion on the cross. Have the children make their own crosses and decorate them with symbols of faith, such as a heart or a cross.

    Flags: Provide some fabrics and craft sticks to make flags. Talk about how flags can be used to show loyalty or unity, such as when people wave flags at a parade. Have your kids create their own flags with symbols of their faith (Bible, Bread, Wine, Holy Spirit fire, living water etc.) or the word "Hosanna" on them, and wave them as they act out the story of Palm Sunday and the Triumphal entry

  • If I am Lifted up - John 12

    Title: Ministry to Children - Kids talk - The Cross is like a Magnet      

    Theme: (Lent 5) The Cross, The Crucifixion,Being drawn to Jesus  
    Bible Text: John 12:20-33 “When I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself”
    Basic Children's Sermon Idea: Demonstrate how a magnet has the power to draw or pull items to itself. Explain that when Jesus gave his life on the cross it was like a magnet drawing all people to God.
    Object lesson Props: Magnet, various metallic and non metallic items, small cross you can hold up
    Full Children's sermon: Good Morning Children. Does anyone know what this is? (Hold up magnet) Yes, it’s a magnet. Magnets attract or pull certain types of metal. Look at these items here. How many of you think that a magnet will attract this piece of wood? You’re right! It doesn’t. What about this piece of metal? Yes, it obviously attracts or draws this piece of metal to itself. What about this item? (Test various items as this is pretty fun and interesting) Does it work with people? Let’s see if this pulls you. No – it doesn’t seem to work with people.
    TRANSITION: This magnet is a pretty amazing thing. Although you can’t see it there is some invisible force or power that pulls or draws metal objects to itself. (Now hold up a small cross) Do you see this cross? It doesn’t look like a magnet but Jesus said that if he gave his life for us on the cross it would be like a magnet pulling all people to himself.
    (Read the words of Jesus in John 12) “If I be lifted up…” Somehow, Jesus giving his life for us on the cross would be like a magnet for people. Let’s act out how this works. I’d like all you children to spread out from me here. (If you are in the front of a church get them to disperse about 20 feet in all directions) Now, when I hold up the cross that reminds us of Jesus dying for us in love, come towards it like you are being pulled by a magnet. (Hold the cross up high for all to see). That’s right; pretend it’s a magnet pulling us in. That was great. (To the congregation) Let’s give the children a hand.  Now children, I’m going to keep holding up the cross but I’d like you to bow your heads and I will lead us in prayer.

    Pray: God, thank you that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to give his life and die for us on the cross. Thank you for his amazing love. Thank you that when he died for us on the cross it was like a magnet drawing us and the whole world to you and your son Jesus.
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  • Jesus and the rich young ruler

    5 minute Children's Sermon: Rich young ruler    

    Children’s sermon idea: It has been said that you can catch a monkey by putting a penny in a jar that is fastened to a cord. The monkey will reach in to get the penny but his clenched fist cannot fit out through the small opening. He just cannot let go of the money so he stays stuck. This is just like the account of the rich young ruler in Mark chapter 10.

    Objects: vase or jar with a small opening, a penny or some other coin, small piece of string
    Full children’s sermon:
    Good morning children.  Our bible reading this morning is about a young rich man that loved his money so much that he couldn’t let go of it in order to follow Jesus. The bible says that this man just couldn’t let go of his money and that he went away very sad. This bible story reminds me of something else I head a while ago. It is about a way to catch a monkey. I’ve never done this before but I will tell you how it is supposed to work. First of all you get a small jar like this one here and you tie a piece of string around it. Then you get a penny or other coin like this one here and you put it inside. You then hold onto the string and hide around the corner so that you can’t be seen. I show you what then happens. I’ve been told that if a monkey comes by and sees the penny in the jar it will reach inside to get it. When it clenches its fist to hold onto the penny he can’t get his arm outside. It’s stuck because the clenched fist with the penny won’t fit through the opening of the jar. Now you might think that it would be easy to get away. The monkey could simply let go of the coin and then his hand could come out easily. However, most monkeys love holding on to the money and don’t want to let go – and they are trapped. Then you can pull the rope and you have caught the monkey. Now children, I have never done this before but it seems like it might work. Humans can be a little bit like this monkey too. The rich young man in today’s bible story could not let go of his money. Jesus said that he had to let go of his money if he was going to be a disciple. Jesus loved him and wanted him to experience his wonderful new life but unfortunately he just could not let go of his money.
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, help us to always to remember that following you and knowing your love is so much greater than all the money in the world. Thank you that we have money for buying the things we need. Yet, may money never trap us and keep us from following you. Amen!
  • Kids Object Lesson for Thanksgiving - Cornucopia

    Kids Object lesson for Thanksgiving – Cornucopia -

    Show the children a cornucopia or harvest basket full of fruits and vegetables. Hold up various items and discuss why we are thankful for God’s provision. Include in the bottom of the basket items remind you of other things that might be overlooked by some people (A picture of family or friends, medicine, money, a small bottle of rain water, a small bible, etc.

    Thanksgiving basket

    Object lesson items: A cornucopia basket (or something similar) with fruits and vegetables and various items that the children might not think of when we think of thanksgiving.

    Children’s Thanksgiving talk / object lesson:   Good morning Children! Today, I have something very special to share with you – a basket that overflows with the goodness of God. Some people call this basket a cornucopia? It's not just an ordinary basket; it's a symbol of God's amazing provision and the abundance of blessings in our lives.

    (Show the cornucopia and hold up different items one by one.)

    Look at these colorful fruits and vegetables! Which one is your favourite? Each one is like a little gift from God. The apples are crunchy and sweet, the grapes burst with juiciness, and the carrots are crisp and fresh. God provides us with delicious food to nourish our bodies and to keep us healthy.

    (Hold up a picture of family or friends.)

    Now, what do we have here? A picture of our loved ones! Families and friends are incredible blessings from God. They bring us joy, love, and support. Take a moment to think about someone you're thankful for.

    (Show a small bottle of rainwater.)

    This little bottle contains rainwater. Isn't it fascinating that even rain is a blessing from God? Now, sometimes we don’t like rain but it is very important. It waters the earth, helps plants grow and provides us with the water we need to live. Let's thank God for the rain!

    (Reveal a small Bible.)

    And here we have the most precious book of all - the Bible! God's Word is a guide for our lives. It teaches us about His love, mercy, and the incredible gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed to have the Bible.

    (Hold up medicine and money.)

    These two items might seem ordinary, but they are extraordinary blessings from God. Medicine that our parents give us helps us when we're not feeling well, and money allows us to provide for our needs and help others. Let's thank God for His wisdom in providing these practical blessings.

    (Take a moment of silence for reflection.)

    So, kids, as we gather around this cornucopia of thanks, let's remember to appreciate the big and small blessings in our lives. Sometimes, it's easy to overlook the everyday miracles, like a sunny day, a warm hug, or the smell of fresh air. God's provision is all around us.

    Children’s Prayer:  Thank you, God, for your abundant provision. Thank you for the love of our families and friends, for the rain that nourishes the earth, for the wisdom in the Bible, and for the practical blessings of medicine and money. May we always have grateful hearts, recognizing and appreciating the many ways you care for us. In Jesus' name,  Amen!

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  • Kids sermon Doubting Thomas - Doubts

    Sunday School lesson on Doubting Thomas (and the positive aspects of doubt)  

    This children’s lesson on “Doubting Thomas” is a bit different in that it highlights the positive aspects of doubt (A careful balance is needed here). The basic idea is to blindfold one of the children and ask them to pick out real fruit / food from fake food. Doubt can keep us from eating fake fruit. However, when we find the real fruit we would never enjoy it if we doubted too much. (Then make the connection with Jesus and the resurrection. FYI – I’m just trying to get away from implying that doubt is always wrong)

    fake fruit doubts

    Objects / materials needed: 1. Fake (imitation) fruit or some other types of imitation food. Some real fruit / food. 2. A blindfold

    Basic kids sermon overview: Begin by holding up the fake fruit and asking the children if they can tell whether it's real or fake.

    Place a blindfold on one of the children and ask them to feel the fruit and guess whether it's real or fake. They may feel uncertain or doubtful about their guess. Ask the rest of the class (or the other kids with you in the front of the church) to help the blindfolded child by describing the fruit's texture, weight, and other qualities. Have some fun with this. As they give more information, the child may become more confident and less doubtful in their guess. Take off the blindfold and reveal the truth about the fake fruit. Explain that sometimes we have doubts or questions about things we can't see or understand clearly, just like the blindfolded child had doubts about the fruit. However, when we seek answers and gather more information, our doubts can turn into understanding and faith. Highlight that doubts can help us avoid unhealthy or deceiving things and can point us to what is real or genuine.

    Conclude by reading the bible passage about “Doubting Thomas” (John 20: 24-29) and how he was determined to find out the truth about Jesus. Encourage the children to ask questions and seek understanding, knowing that doubt can lead to greater knowledge and faith.

    Once we have seen the good evidence (or heard from trustworthy people) about Jesus we need to caste off our doubts in order to believe and enter into the life Jesus offers.

    Through this object lesson, the children will learn that doubt can sometimes be a good thing, as it can motivate us to seek answers and gain deeper understanding. They will also learn that seeking answers with the help of others can strengthen their faith and confidence in the risen Savior.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the wonderful resurrection of your son Jesus – that he is alive! Help us always to be wise and careful to make sure we are believing the truth about Jesus and his wonderful life and love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Kids Sermon Riches in Heaven



    Riches in Heaven    Luke 12: 32-40    

    Kids Object lesson:  Use a piggy bank or money jar to demonstrate how to save up money. Explain that it is even more important to store up treasure in heaven by living the life Jesus wants us to live.
    Object lesson items: A piggy bank, money jar or purse.
    Full Kids sermon / Sunday School talk:  Good morning children! Do you know what this is? That's right! It's a piggy bank. When I was younger I used a piggy bank like this to save up money. Perhaps there was a special toy that I really wanted to buy. If I had some money like this coin, I would put it in this slot at the top and drop it in. When I wondered if I had enough money saved up I would shake it like this (give a demonstration) and listen to the coins jingling around. Saving up money is a good thing. We certainly don't want to waste money. However, in our bible reading today from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus said that there was another place we should always be saving up riches and treasure. That special place is heaven. We can't see this place called heaven, but Jesus said it's real and that one day he will welcome us into that wonderful place. Jesus said that when we live the life that God wants us to live (give some examples – showing love, helping those in need, etc) we are actually saving up riches and treasure in heaven. Jesus said that heaven is the most important place to store up riches. He also said that it is the safest place of all because no one can steal it way. So, I hope you will be wise and save up some money here on earth. But I hope you will be very wise and save up treasures in heaven by living the life that Jesus wants us to live.
    Children's Prayer: Dear God, show us how we can follow Jesus and live a life of love and service to others. That way we can know that we saving up riches and treasures in heaven – the most important place of all. In Jesus' name, Amen!
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  • Popular Sunday School Curriculums

    Here are some popular Sunday School / and family ministry curriculums:-  (I’m hoping to give a more detailed breakdown in the days to come – stay tuned -

    Sunday School Curriculum kids

    1. "The Gospel Project" this is by Lifeway Christian Resources - It is a Christ-centered Bible study that aims to help people of all ages see the big picture of God's story and how it applies to their lives. As the authors say, this material is focused on making sure the gospel really is "Good News".
    2. "Orange" by The reThink Group - This curriculum combines family and church resources to create a comprehensive program that helps children grow in their faith and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus.
    3. "Awana" by Awana Clubs International – Awana has been around for a long time. This is a global ministry that offers a Bible-centered program for children and youth, focusing on Scripture memorization, discipleship, and evangelism.
    4. "VBS" by Group Publishing – Our church and many other churches use this resource. This is a Vacation Bible School program that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and salvation. Great for ministry to children during the summer months. Tons of resources provided. 
    5. "DiscipleLand" by DiscipleLand - This is a Bible-based curriculum that aims to help children develop a lifelong passion for learning and living out God's Word.
    6. "Children Desiring God" by Desiring God Ministries (connected with well known pastor John Piper)- This is a curriculum that helps children and youth understand the importance of knowing and loving God, and it provides resources for parents and teachers to support that growth.
    7. "Hands-On Bible Curriculum" by Group Publishing - This curriculum uses a multisensory approach to help children engage with the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives. I find Group material to be very fun and engaging.
    8. "Bible Studies for Life" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a curriculum that offers practical, relevant Bible study for all ages, with the goal of helping people grow in their relationship with Christ and their understanding of the Bible.
    9. "D6 Family" by Randall House Publications - This curriculum focuses on helping families become more intentional about passing on their faith to their children and making disciples in the home.
    10. "Superbook Academy" by The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) - This is an online curriculum that provides animated Bible stories, quizzes, and other resources for children to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Worth checking out. 
    11. "Explore the Bible" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This curriculum provides a book-by-book Bible study that helps participants better understand and apply the Scriptures.
    12. "Sunday School Lessons" by Ministry-To-Children - This is a free online resource that offers a variety of Sunday school lessons for different age groups, covering a range of topics and themes.
    13. "Bible-in-Life" by David C Cook – They have been doing great children’s ministry for many years. This curriculum aims to help children and adults grow in their faith by exploring the Bible together in a holistic way, addressing spiritual, emotional, and social needs.
    14. "LifeWay Kids" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a comprehensive curriculum that includes Bible study, worship resources, and teaching aids for children of all ages.
    15. "FaithWeaver" by Group Publishing – (Again, I love “Group” material.) This curriculum provides a holistic approach to learning and applying the Bible, with lessons that focus on head, heart, and hands.
    16. "Godly Play" by Godly Play Foundation – Children learn best when the are using all the senses. This is a Montessori-inspired approach to teaching the Bible, using storytelling and hands-on activities to help children explore the wonder and mystery of God.
    17. "CrossWalk Kids" by Salem Church Products - This curriculum provides interactive Bible lessons that encourage children to ask questions, discover answers, and apply the teachings to their own lives.
    18. "My Awesome God Bible Storybook" by David C Cook - This is a storybook that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and the stories of the Bible.
    19. "Tru Curriculum" by David C Cook - This curriculum aims to help children and youth develop their knowledge of God and His ways. My understanding is that this primarily a digital resource product.
  • Render Unto Caesar - Render unto God

    Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s – Matthew 22 21 -

     Giving to Caesar and Giving to God – Matthew 22 -


    In this object lesson, use jars and coins to help children understand the concept of "Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's" from Matthew 22. The lesson aims to teach children about the importance of fulfilling their civic responsibilities while also remembering their spiritual duties. I believe it’s also important to include the idea that we are stewards of all that God entrust to us. Note: You could also include the idea that the religious leaders tried to trick Jesus.


    • Two clear jars or containers, labeled "Caesar" and "God."
    • Coins (real or play money).
    • Bible (Matthew 22:15-22).

    Interactive Text for Children:

    Teacher: Today, we're going to learn an important lesson from the Bible about giving to Caesar and giving to God. Do any of you know what "Caesar" means?

    Child: (Responds)

    Teacher: Great! Caesar was like a king or a leader in the Bible times, and he wanted people to give him money, just like our government collects money from us today. The government uses the money to build roads, provide drinking water and many other important things.

    Now, I have two jars here. (Show the labeled jars) This one says "Caesar," and this one says "God." (Point to each jar as you say its name. Under the label “God” write; giving to our church, giving to missionaries, helping the poor etc.Under the label on the jar named “Caesar” write: building roads, providing for the leaders of our country, etc. Ask the children if they understand this.

    Child: (Answers may vary)

    Teacher: We're going to use these jars to learn a lesson about money and responsibilities. The Bible tells us that everything we have belongs to God. So, we should give a part of what we have to God to show our love and thankfulness and to support His church (Place some coins in the "God" jar)

    Child: (Observe and engage)

    Teacher: But, the Bible also says that we should give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In our time, Caesar means our government, and we give them money to help our community and our country become a better place. (Place some coins in the "Caesar" jar)

    Child: (Observe and engage)

    Teacher: Now, let's try something fun! I'm going to give each of you some coins. (Distribute coins) You can decide whether you want to put your coins in the "Caesar" jar or the "God" jar. If you put it in the "Caesar" jar, it's like paying taxes to help our country. If you put it in the "God" jar, it's like showing love and thanks to God. Perhaps you want to give some to each.

    Child: (Children place their coins in the jars)

    Teacher: Great job, everyone! Just like we've learned, it's essential to give to both Caesar and God. By paying our taxes, we help make our community better, and by showing love and thanks to God, we strengthen our faith, help the family of God (our church) and our missionaries.

    Child: (Engage in a short discussion or questions, if time permits)

    Teacher: Let's close with a simple prayer. Dear God, thank you for all the blessings you give us. You are the owner of everything and everything we have is yours. Help us to be responsible and caring citizens by giving to Caesar and giving to you. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

  • Road to Emmaus Sunday School object lesson ideas

    Road to Emmaus object lesson ideas

    Road to Emmaus

    1. Find or make a puzzle of Jesus. Work with the children to put the puzzle together and discuss how you can gradually understand or "see" Jesus. Explain how the disciples on the road to Emmaus could not see Jesus at first but recognized him as they shared a meal together. You can also explain how we can come to know Jesus more clearly as learn about (through the bible) various aspects of his life.

    (If you don't have a pre-made puzzle you can make one by glueing a picture of Jesus onto a piece of cardboard and then cutting out your own individual puzzle pieces.)

    2. As a fun introduction to the "road the road to emmaus" story have them try to identify various people just by hearing the sound of their voice. Use blindfolds or hide various individuals behind a partition. Have the hidden individuals talk and let the children identity them. 

    3. The road to Emmaus story lends itself well to actually acting out the journey with the children. Plan a short walking trip. As you walk along, talk with the children about the disciples' confusion and disappointment, pretend that you are getting tired and find a place to stay the night (an empty sunday school room). Pretend to partake of a meal with the children. Break the bread and explain how the disciples suddenly had their eyes opened.


  • Sunday School object ideas for Maundy Thursday

    Sunday School object lesson ideas for Maundy Thursday

    Here are some Sunday School object lesson ideas for Maundy Thursday. (Maundy comes from the Latin word “Mandatum” which mean Commandment.) It’s the occasion that Jesus said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another..” This is simple list of ideas that you might use. My sense is that this day in Holy Week is not normally taught given that it falls mid week.

     Sunday School maundy thursday

    Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is the day before Good Friday that commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with His disciples. Here are some Sunday School object lesson ideas for Maundy Thursday:

    The Bread: You might try bringing in a loaf of bread or some crackers to represent the bread that Jesus broke at the Last Supper. Discuss how Jesus said that the bread was His body, which would be broken for us. You can also have the children take turns breaking the bread and passing it around, just as Jesus did with His disciples.

    The Cup: Use a cup or a chalice to represent the cup of wine that Jesus shared with His disciples at the Last Supper. Discuss how Jesus said that the wine was His blood, which would be shed for us. Depending on your denominational sensitivities, you can also have the children take turns pouring a small amount of grape juice into the cup and passing it around, just as Jesus did with His disciples.

    The Footwashing: Use a basin of water and a towel to reenact the footwashing that Jesus did with His disciples at the Last Supper. Have the children / youth take turns washing each other's feet, and discuss how this was a symbol of humility and service. Explain how Jesus taught His disciples to serve one another in love, just as He had served them.

    The Commandment: You could try using a large piece of paper or a whiteboard to write out the wonderful commandment thatt Jesus gave His disciples at the Last Supper: "Love one another as I have loved you." Discuss how this commandment is at the heart of the Christian faith, and how we are called to love others in the same way that Jesus loved us.

    The Betrayal - coins: Use a small bag of coins to represent the thirty pieces of silver that Judas received for betraying Jesus. Discuss how Judas' betrayal led to Jesus' arrest and crucifixion, and how this event reminds us of the importance of honesty, loyalty, and trust. It also reminds us of various way that we are tempted to betray Jesus.

    These are just a few Sunday School object lesson ideas for Maundy Thursday. Even if you don’t use them during Holy Week you could use them at some other time in the year. Remember to keep the lessons age-appropriate and interactive to engage the children's attention and help them better understand the significance of this important day in the Christian faith. Blessings - A.H.

  • Sunday school resources - Parable of the talents

    Sunday School Resource: Children's Sermon/    

    Object lesson on the Parable of the Talents  Matt 2514-30

    buried gifts

    (I just remembered it is Shoe Box(Samaritan's Purse) Sunday at our church. I'm going to substitude the first-aid kit for a Shoe Box gift box.)

    Children’s talk idea: Show the children a first-aid kit, discuss its contents and demonstrate how items are used to help an injured person. Discuss how tragic it would be to refuse to open it up and use the contents for good. We are a bit like the first-aid kit. God has given us talents and abilities that need to be opened up and used. How tragic it would be to “play it safe” and not share what we have. Discuss the parable of the talents and the danger of burying what has been entrusted to us.
    Object lesson items: A small first aid kit. If it is new (wrapped up and sealed) all the better.
    Children’s Sunday School Sermon:
    Good morning children! Have you ever seen a box like this? Do you know what it is? That’s right! It is a first-aid kit. What are some things that might be inside? Let’s open it up and look inside. It’s all nicely wrapped up so I will have to remove this plastic first. Look how nice and neat it is inside. (Examine the contents and discuss how various items could be used to help an injured person. You might have one of the children pretend to be injured.) Now, what if this first-aid kit was so special to me that I was afraid to open it up and use it? (Clutch the first-aid kit in your arms.) What if I said to myself, “I only have 5 band-aids and I don’t want to use them up”? Or, “The kit is so neat and tidy, I don’t want it to get messed up.” Or, “I’m going to keep it safe by wrapping it up and burying it over here in a safe place.” That would be very sad. The parent of that child would be angry that we cared more about keeping my kit safe than helping their child.
    This is a bit like today’s bible reading, the parable of the talents. In this parable, the master gave money to his servants. He wanted them to use money for good. Some of the servants put the money to good use but one of the servants buried it in the ground. He was keeping it safe but it certainly didn’t help anyone. He was a bit like someone who was afraid to open up his first-aid kit. God has given each of you special gifts, talents and abilities. (You could give some examples.) It is important that you use what you have for good. Like this first-aid kit, we have gifts and talents that we can use to help others. We certainly don’t want to hold them all inside and keep them from being used. What’s amazing is that Jesus actually said we would end up having more when we give our gifs away. Now that is a miracle!
    Children's Prayer: Dear God, thank you that each of us has gifts and abilities we can use to help others. Help us to open up our lives and share those good things with others in need. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

    Copyright 2011    Andrew Hewlett   Feel free to use this on Sunday morning but please give credit to Sundaychildrensfocus and consider linking to this site.  Thank you!  A.H.
  • Thanksgiving - Praising God

    Thanksgiving – saying Thank You to God in Praise -

    Basic idea:

    Bring in a basket of Thankyou cards (Used or blank) along with some items representing worship ( Hymn book, guitar, microphone) Ask the children a tricky question: What do these cards and your worship item(s) have in common? Have some fun discussion and then explain that the cards are used to say “thank you” to someone who gave us something and the worship item is also used to say thank you – to God!

    Object lesson items: 1.Thank you cards 2. Item used in your church representing worship

    Children’s Object lesson:

    Good morning Children! Look inside this basket. What do you see? Yes, they are cards. What kind of cards are they? That’s correct. They are Thank You cards. When might you send a thank you card to someone? (Discuss) Now, I want to show you something else. Look at this Book (or guitar etc.). What kind of book is it? Yes, it’s a hymn book. Now, here is a really hard question. Why are these cards like this hymn book? (Depending on the age of the kids you might want to ask some prodding questions.

    You are correct! We can use both of these to say thank you! We sometimes give a thank you card to show our appreciation to another person who has given us something or has been kind to us. Now, it’s very hard to send a thank you card to God. I don’t know how to send it to him. However, we can say thank you to God by singing songs and praises. God has provided for our needs in so many ways (You could have the kids suggest some ways) and although we can’t send a card to God we know that he hears us when we say thank you in our songs and praises.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us always to show our appreciation and say thank you to peo A.ple that have blessed us. Help us also to remember to say thank you to you in our hymns, songs and praises for all the blessings we have received. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

    copyright SundayChildrensFocus 2023. Do use this on Sunday but consider linking or "Liking" this page - Thankyou A.H.

  • The Case of the Empty Tomb with Inspector Snoop

    Easter Children's Sermon - The Case of the Empty Tomb with Inspector Snoop (AKA Rev Andrew Hewlett)

  • The Widows Mite and the Remembrance Day Poppy


    The  Widows Offering (Mite) Mark 12:38-44 including a message for Veterans / Remembrance Day.   

    Kids Sermon idea:  Hold up 2 small pennies and explain how they remind you of the widow in Mark chapter 12 who  “Gave everything she had.” Hold up a poppy and explain how this reminds you of soldiers who “gave everything they had.”
     Remembrance day poppy
    Object lesson items:  2 pennies or cooper coins and a Remembrance Day poppy. (or other Veterans Day item)
    Childrens Sermon:
    Good morning children! Look what I have here this morning. In this hand you can see that I have 2 small pennies. In this other hand you can see that I have a red poppy.
    The two pennies here remind me of the poor widow mentioned by Jesus in the 12th chapter on Mark. People were giving large amount of money into the offering box at the temple (their “church”). A poor older widow then put in 2 small pennies. These two pennies were not worth very much but Jesus said that she gave more than everyone else. Jesus said that she gave the most because she gave everything she had! So this morning, these 2 pennies remind me of this poor widow who was so generous that she gave everything she had.
    This poppy also reminds me of some people who gave everything they had. This poppy reminds us of the men and women who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. The red colour of the poppy reminds us of soldiers’ blood. Today is Veterans Day (Remembrance Day) and we remember the many men and women who fought and died in the great wars. We thank God that they gave everything they had so that we could live in peace.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the faith of this elderly widow who was willing to give everything she had to God. We also thank you God for the men and women who died at war so that we could live in freedom and peace. 
    Copyright - Andrew Hewlett 2018 Please use this on Sunday morning but please "Like" on facebook or link to this site. Blessings, A.H.
  • Tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children

    Ideas and tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children - - 

     Sunday School Parents

    1 Work with your church pastor to get his or her ideas. Children’s ministry can be a wonderful doorway to ministry with families – young and old.

    2 Provide faith resources, such as books or articles, that can help parents deepen their own faith.

    3 Organize fun events or activities that allow parents and children to connect and build community with one another.

    4 Create a network of support where parents can talk to one another about their experiences and challenges. This has a benefit for the whole church fellowship.

    5 Provide childcare during Sunday school classes so parents can attend worship services or participate in other church activities. Sadly, I know many parents who have dropped out of church because it was simply too much stress and worry to attend.

    6 Encourage parents to volunteer in Sunday school, which can give them a deeper understanding of their child's experience and also provide support for the Sunday school teacher. (They could assist with lesson presentations or help provides snacks for the snack time.

    7 Offer opportunities for parents to serve in the wider community, such as organizing a service project or participating in a local charity event. Many church have community fun raising projects to support Sunday School ministry.

    8 Provide opportunities for parents to receive training or education on topics related to parenting, such as discipline, communication, or spiritual growth. Although parents are older, they may be still grappling with keep questions about the Christian faith.

    9 Provide resources and support for parents who are dealing with difficult family situations, such as divorce, illness, or financial hardship. Their needs provide an opportunity to show love in action.

    10 Be available to listen and offer support to parents who are struggling with the challenges of raising children in a Christian context. The culture has shifted so much and there certainly is hostility to the good news of Jesus.

    - Andrew Hewlett

  • Word of Encouragement for Sunday Oct 1 2023

    Encouragement for Sunday School teacher - Matthew 21:23-32 (Oct 1, 2023) - A Great Day

    Good morning Sunday School teachers!

    Get ready for a lively and fun Sunday ahead! In Matthew 21:23-32, Jesus tells a parable aboutt two sons. One son initially refuses to obey but later changes his mind, while the other son agrees to obey but doesn't follow through. It's a fantastic story that reminds us all about the importance of not just saying we'll do good things but actually following through with our actions. (That’s always a challenge for me!) Let's bring this lesson to life with some role-playing, maybe even a little "switcheroo" game where we see if the kids can switch from saying "no" to "yes" just like the first son did. It's going to be a Sunday full of surprises and valuable lessons, so be ready to have a blast while teaching the Word of God! Oh yes…and don’t forget to cover everything in prayer. Blessings A.H.