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Children's Sermon Web Site!
Short, Interactive, Sermons for kids E-mail
Written by Andrew Hewlett   


Children's Sermons - Easter (Bible /Gospel based fun object lessons for Children's church

Creative Sunday school ideas 4 kids
FREE: Children's sermons    
 --> Idea for Mother's Day message  

Devotions / Kids talk for Youth Group, Sunday school, or Children's Church  - 

Sunday School Teachers: Great ideas and illustrations for anyone involved in ministry to children.---

- Jesus - the Good Shepherd- Make a shepherd crook and have the children pretend to be sheep. (Practice making some bah bahs.) Have a few older kids be wolves (Grrr!) Demonstrate how the good shepherd leads the sheep into good pasture and protects them from the wolves. You could make a simple "sheep pen" out some chairs and string. If you have lots of kids you could have them hold hands and make a simple sheep pen. To carry the illustration further you could lead the sheep into the pen and demonstrate how the shepherd would sometimes lie down across the opening making himself the "door" to the sheep pen. Have fun with it!

- You are witnesses of these things - Here is a great way to involve the kids in being witnesses and undertanding how the message of Jesus is to go out to the world. Quick, fun and involves the whole congregation. 

- Doubting Thomas - Hide some interesting item in a box and tell the children what you have inside. Do they believe you? Have another child look inside and try to convince the others. Discuss the fact that the disciples were eye witnesses. They saw the risen Jesus. We can trust what they say. Jesus is Alive!

Children's sermon for
- The case of the empty tomb. (Fun drama demonstrating that Jesus is alive!)

--Christ Centered / Evangelical - focusing on the Gospel as "Good News." -

Designed primarily for the short "Children's Focus" during Sunday Morning worship, these Children's sermons can be used in a variety of ways: An introduction to a Sunday School lesson, for Children's Church /Chapel, Youth Group or Kids club, etc. I trust these Christian sermons for Children will be a great resource for Pastors and Sunday School teachers.  Blessings,  Pastor Andrew  -- Any feed back would be much appreciated!       revhewlett(at) gmail (dot) com  

Note: Stay tuned as I post stories on YouTube -Valuable to God- Gods Love - Secure in God's love- Repentance

These Sermon's for Children are:

  • Biblical - Present good theology even if it's in a simplified form.
  • Fun  - Avoid the "O brother, here comes the boring message" reaction.
  • Interactive - That's how kids learn. It's best when they use all the senses. I try to involve the congregation too.
    Christ centered - Most of these stories are focused on Jesus and the love of God.
  • Short - Most children have a short attention span.  (Sunday school teachers know this well)

Free Childrens Sermons 
- In the near future I will be including ideas on:
-- Sunday School Crafts
-- Sunday School Games or Youth Group Games
-- Other Sunday school ideas      ...stay tuned!
-- Printable Bible quizzes for kids

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Resources for the Sunday morning Children's story E-mail
Written by Andrew Hewlett   
Thursday, 15 May 2008 10:36

My prayer is the someday soon this web site would be a great, FREE resourse for children's sermons and Sunday school

Whether one is Anglican (Episcopal), Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical or Penticostal - children need to hear the gospel presented in a lively and biblical way.

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Tips for making great children's sermons E-mail
Written by Tim Davis   
Thursday, 12 October 2006 08:50

 Tips for making a good children's talk or Kids Bible lessons for the Sunday Church Service:

It Should be a Biblical children's story: The theology for the Sunday Morning Kids Story doesn't need to be sophisticated but it does need to be Biblical. Keep it simple but keep it scriptural.

It should be an Interactive children's message. Don't preach to the children. Involve them in the learning experience. 

It should be a short children's message. Most kids have a very short attention span. Don't let them get bored. Otherwise, the main thing they will learn is that church is boring. I would keep it under 5 minutes. 

It should clearly present some aspect of the Gospel. If you get too abstract most kids will miss the point. Keep the thought progression simple.

It should be a FUN children's message. Ideally the children should look forward to this time in the service.

It should be a "risk free" children's message: Protect the kids from being embarrassed in front of the congregation.

...(more tips to come)


Pastors / Sr. Sunday School teachers. Discussion questions based on this Sunday's RCL Lectionary readings - Easter 4

Acts 4: 5-13
Why do you think the religious leaders were so threatened by the apostle’s message?
See vs 13. What was the source of Peter and John’s courage?
1 John 3: 16 -24
The author of 1 John stresses the connection between God’s love for us and our love for one another.
What does he see as the result of extending God’s love to one another?
What do you experience when you extend God’s love to others?
John 10:11-18
In what way is Jesus like a good shepherd?
What does it mean to “listen to his voice” today?



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