Kids gospel message -The man born blind

Kids object lesson on Spiritual Blindness (John 9:1-41)

 Jesus in the snow

Idea overview: Show the children an ambiguous picture of a person or thing (Consider the cryptic picture of Jesus (see above). Ask them if they can see the picture of a person (or whatever object you use that is not obvious to all). Show them where the person is in the picture. Discuss how we can sometimes miss what seems to be in plain sight. Explain how Jesus did many wonderful things but some people just couldn’t see that Jesus was the promised savior.

Objects needed: Some ambiguous picture that people might need help to truly see and understand. (If you want to find the picture above, simply do an internet search for “Jesus in the snow”)

(Note: Make sure that some children are not left with the idea that they are spiritually blind. Highlight that this illustrates that we can sometimes miss what is right before us. I would emphasize that many people seem to be blind to Jesus, but thankfully they can see and understand he really is a wonderful Savior.)

Children’s sermon: Good morning, Children! Today I would like you to look at this interesting picture. What do you see? Can you see a person in the picture? (If someone sees the image of a person, have them get up and help explain it to others) Yes, some people see the picture of a person. I think it looks like how I picture Jesus – although no one knows for sure exactly what he looked like. See, here are the person’s eyes, there is his nose etc.

When Jesus walked on this earth many years ago there were some people who couldn’t really understand Jesus. It was like they were “spiritually blind”. In our bible reading today Jesus healed a blind man. Many people saw and believed in Jesus and his wonderful healing power. However, some people were right there but refused to believe in Him. Even when they could see that the blind man had been wonderfully healed! It was like they were blind to understanding that Jesus was the Savior.

I am so thankful that we know Jesus is really the savior of the world. It is sad that many people just can’t “see” what a wonderful savior he is. My prayer is that, as we follow Jesus, others can come to understand and see that he really is the savior of the world.

Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for opening our eyes and hearts so that we can believe and know that Jesus really is the savior of the world. Help us to live in such a way that others who seem to be blind to him will come to know him, and his amazing love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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