Word of Encouragement for Sunday Oct 1 2023

Encouragement for Sunday School teacher - Matthew 21:23-32 (Oct 1, 2023) - A Great Day

Good morning Sunday School teachers!

Get ready for a lively and fun Sunday ahead! In Matthew 21:23-32, Jesus tells a parable aboutt two sons. One son initially refuses to obey but later changes his mind, while the other son agrees to obey but doesn't follow through. It's a fantastic story that reminds us all about the importance of not just saying we'll do good things but actually following through with our actions. (That’s always a challenge for me!) Let's bring this lesson to life with some role-playing, maybe even a little "switcheroo" game where we see if the kids can switch from saying "no" to "yes" just like the first son did. It's going to be a Sunday full of surprises and valuable lessons, so be ready to have a blast while teaching the Word of God! Oh yes…and don’t forget to cover everything in prayer. Blessings A.H.