Children's sermon The Rich Fool

Children’s talk on the Rich Fool Luke 12:13-21

(This is a slightly different angle from the original parable but I think it still works)

Rich Fool

Children’s sermon idea overview: If you focus your life on accumulating stuff / things you won’t be able to do the work that God has for you: Have two people stand in front of the children. (You could use adult volunteers) Load the first person down with all kinds of “things” so they can barely move. Give just a few good things to the second person. Then ask the first to help you out with some act of compassion. (Putting on a band aid, helping a pretend injured person get up, etc.) They won’t be able to help you since they are carrying all that stuff. Get the second person to help you.

Note: Make sure you don’t tell this in a way that condemns those who are blessed materially but are faithful stewards!

Preparation: 2 volunteers (best to have adults who have been primed), various items to have the volunteers hold (For the first volunteer try to include lots of useless luxury items.)

Full Children’s sermon: Good morning children! You’ll notice I have two adult volunteers to help me with my talk this morning. Our bible reading this morning from Luke 12 (13-21) Jesus tells a parable about a very foolish rich man who was not rich towards God. Watch this and it might help you to understand that parable. Now, Fred, I’m going to pretend that you spend all you time thinking about how to get lots of things in life. Maybe you spent all your time thinking about your comfort (Load them up with a big pillow, a tv remote, a box of gold (rocks!), etc. Keep going until they can barely move.) Now for my second volunteer. Maybe you don’t have quite as much. (Give then 2 or 3 things to hold).

Look at these two people! There is quite a difference. No let’s pretend that someone is hurt here. Sally, would you lie down and pretend you’re hurt and need help. Now, Fred, can you come here and help this person out? No, I guess you can barely move! It looks like you are scared that you might have to let go of some of those things. Well let’s ask our second volunteer Brian. Look at that, he is free to kneel down and help right away. He wasn’t weighed down with so much stuff.

Kids, God has provided lots of good things in life for us to enjoy. He wants us to enjoy those good things with thanksgiving. But we never want to spend all our time thinking about what we want and forget to think about God or ways to serve God. Whether we are rich or poor we always want to be rich towards God.

Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for the many good things we have in life (food, clothing, toys etc.) No matter what we have, help us always to be rich to you by being generous to others and by living the way you want us to live. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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