Church Treasures

Church Treasure

Theme: The real treasure of the church is not gold and silver -

(a Children's Sermon or an introduction for a Sunday School lesson)

 Church Treasure
Props: Fancy box/container. A Bible (representing the Gospel). A picture of the congregation or church directory (something to represent the people)
Basic idea for the Children's Sermon: The real treasure of your church is not a fancy golden trinket, it’s the Gospel and it’s the people that make up the congregation.
Full Children's Sermon / Bible Lesson: Good morning girls and boys. This morning I want to show you something very special. This morning I’m going to show you the treasures of the church! Would you like to see the treasures? (Bring out a very fancy looking container. Get some of the children to hold onto the box and process (adding dome pomp and ceremony) to where you want them to sit down.) Inside this box are the most valuable treasures that our church has. (You might let the children guess what that is) Now this is so important I need the congregation to do a drum roll. (Get the people to tap on their chairs or thighs.) I also need some of you children to make the sound of a trumpet. (Show them how to pretend to make a trumpet call – dut dut dut duhhhh!)
Now, have one of the children slowly open the box. What do you see? That’s right a bible and a picture of our congregation. (It’s a little anticlimactic) Now, this may not look like fancy gold or treasure but it is our most important treasure. This bible contains the Gospel – the good news of Jesus and his love. That is a priceless treasure. Without the Gospel we would be lost. It’s so important the we never forget what Jesus did for us.
Now this picture represents the other great treasure. It’s the people that make up the church. Each one here, and that includes each of you, are very precious – much more precious that gold or silver. The people are the other great treasure of our church.
We might not seem like a fancy or wealthy church but I think we have the most valuable treasures in the whole world; we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have all the people here that make up the family of God.
Children's Prayer: Lord, thank you for these two great treasures. Help us always to be thankful for your great love and help us to be ready to share the Good News of Jesus with others. Also, thank you God for our family and friends in the family of God – each person is a precious treasure too.
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