Fun Sunday School ideas for Easter Morning

Children's object lessons for Sunday School on Easter Day

Easter is a joyous celebration for Christians around the world as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive! Here are some Sunday School object lesson ideas that you can use for Easter morning:

Sunday School Resurrection

The Empty Tomb: Use a small cardboard box or a plastic Easter egg to represent the empty tomb of Jesus. You could also place a blanket over some chairs or a card table. Explain to the children how on Easter morning, the women went to the tomb to anoint Jesus' body but found that the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty. Discuss how this event is a sign of hope and new life for Christians.

 Resurrection Easter Eggs: Use a set of “Resurrection Eggs”, which are a series of plastic eggs that contain small items that tell the story of Easter. Each egg contains a different symbol that represents a part of the Easter story, such as a small piece of cloth to represent the burial cloth or a small rock to represent the stone that was rolled away. Have the children take turns opening the eggs and discussing the significance of each symbol.

The Cross: You could combine this with your Easter message and your kids may have missed the Good Friday service during the week. Use a large wooden cross as a visual aid. Discuss how on Good Friday, Jesus was crucified on a cross, but on Easter morning, He rose from the dead. Discuss how the cross is a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and how His resurrection is a sign of hope and new life. You could also have the children carry the cross and discuss what it would have been like for Jesus.

The Butterfly: Use a butterfly to represent the resurrection on Jesus and also the new life that Jesus' resurrection brings to us. Discuss how just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we too can be transformed through our faith in the risen Christ. You can also have the children color and decorate butterfly cut-outs to take home as a reminder of this lesson.

The Joyful News of the resurrection: Use a large sign or banner that says "He is Risen!" or "Happy Easter!" to symbolize the joyful news of Jesus' resurrection. Discuss how this news is a reason for celebration and how it reminds us of God's love and grace.

This is a sample of Sunday School object lesson ideas for Easter morning. Don’t forget to keep the lessons age-appropriate and interactive to engage the children's attention and help them better understand the significance of this important day in the Christian faith. Also, don’t forget to drive home the important point that because of the resurrection Jesus is now alive!

Blessings – A.H.