Using interactive white-boards for Sunday School

Sunday School whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards can be an effective tool for teaching Sunday School as they allow for a more engaging and interactive learning experience. They are reasonably expensive (about 2000 dollars and up) but prices vary with size and model) Sunday School teachers can use the interactive whiteboard to display videos, images, and other multimedia content related to the lesson. They can also use the whiteboard to write and draw, which can help illustrate concepts and ideas in a more dynamic way.

In addition, interactive whiteboards can enable collaborative learning by allowing students to interact with the content directly. For example, students can come up to the board and annotate on the lesson material, or work together to solve a problem or answer a question. They can display bible maps with pictures and other illustrations. Overall, interactive whiteboards can enhance the learning experience and make Sunday School lessons more engaging, interactive, and fun for both teachers and students. This is a high tech version of the old flannel graphs used years ago.

See if you can fit them into the church budget!

(for pricing check out your local tech shop or Amazon online)

-          Andrew

Two-Way Radios for Church and Sunday School

From my perspective the best type of radio that could be helpful for Sunday School and Church in general would be the small, inexpensive FRS (“Family Radio Service” (or GMRS) radios that you can purchas without a licence in any big shopping mart. They could also be ordered via Amazon online shopping. (FYI - As well as being a church pastor, I’m also a Ham radio operator and a general radio geek) They are small and lightweight and you can easily carry them around clipped to you belt.

Portable radio sets isolated on white background

FRS radios can be a useful tool for Sunday School teachers to communicate with each other during class, as well as for tech support and emergencies. With FRS radios, teachers can easily communicate with each other throughout the church building, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that any issues or concerns can be addressed quickly.

For example, if a teacher needs help with a technical issue (projector or sound system etc) or a student is in need of assistance, they can use the FRS radio to quickly and easily communicate with other teachers or staff members. In the event of an emergency, FRS radios can be used to quickly alert others and call for assistance if needed. This can be especially important in larger churches or classrooms where it may be difficult to quickly communicate with everyone in the event of an emergency. They would also be very helpful to use in larger outdoor events where you need to keep in touch with other leaders.

Overall, small, inexpensive FRS radios can be a valuable tool for Sunday School teachers to stay connected, communicate effectively, and ensure that everyone is safe and supported during class. Give them a try. They are a lot of fun too! - Pastor Andrew


Hardware and tech for teaching Sunday School

Although tried and true relational teaching is vital, there are many technologies that can be used in a Sunday School class to enhance the learning experience for students. Of course, the old flannel graphs that I grew up with were the technology of the day!

Sunday School technology

Here are some examples of various Sunday School technologies that churches use:

Interactive Whiteboards – These have been effectively used in the business world. They can be used to display lesson plans, videos, pictures, and other teaching materials. They allow for interactive teaching and learning, making the class more engaging and effective. They can be expensive but great asset if your church can afford one.

Projectors - These can be used to project videos, presentations, and other visual aids onto a screen or wall. This helps to reinforce the lesson and make it more memorable for students. Even if you don’t want to be too reliant on movies it can be a great way to catch attention and get a discussion going.

Small FRS Radios - Great for keeping in touch with other leaders, your church tech person, parents etc. Small & inexpensive

Educational Apps - There are many educational apps available that can be used to supplement the lesson material. Of course, this is all depends on the age of your kids. These can be used to provide students with interactive games and quizzes, as well as digital flashcards and study guides.

Audio/Video Recording Devices - These can be used to record lessons and discussions, allowing students to review the material at their own pace and ensuring that they don't miss any important information. Last year one of our classes produced a video and showed it to the congregation. They loved it!

Online Learning Platforms - These platforms can be used to provide students with access to online courses, lesson plans, and other educational resources. This is especially useful for students who are unable to attend class in person or who need additional support outside of class. This could be really helpful in the event of a pandemic or for students who are sick or otherwise unable to attend.

If used cautiously, and with discernment, the use of technology can greatly enhance the learning experience in a Sunday School class, making it more engaging, interactive, and effective.

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