Witness to the Risen Lord

Children's lesson on Evangelism

Witness to the Risen Lord - Kids sermon on being a Witness

Themes: Risen Christ, Being a Witness, Evangelism, Easter
Objects: None
Text: Luke 24:36-48 “…you are witnesses of these things.”
Basic Chilren's Sermon Idea: The Lectionary text seems to emphasize being a witness of the risen Christ to the rest of the world. Involve the children in showing how the good news of the risen Lord is to be passed on to the world. The children go forth into the world symbolized by the whole congregation. Each child spreads the word to two other people. Those two each share the good news with two others. Very quickly (exponentially) the whole congregation is reached with the good news that Jesus is Alive.
Full Children's Sermon
Good Morning Children. Our Bible reading today from the Gospel of Luke tells about Jesus appearing again to his disciples. He was showing them that he really was alive! He went on to tell them that they would would be witness to the rest of the world. That means they God wanted them to share with the rest of the world that Jesus was indeed alive. Now, it seems hard to believe that this small group of disciples could be used to share that good news with the whole world. However, I want to show you how that good news is shared with others, and how it can reach so many people. Look out there at all those people in the congregation. It's a pretty big crowd. Now in a minute or two I want each of you to go to two people out there, touch them and tell them Jesus is Alive! When you do that the person has to stand up, touch two other people and tell them "Jesus is Alive!" (Make sure the children understand what they are doing and why it is a bit like what the early disciples did. Make sure the rest of the congregation knows what to do as well). Are you ready? You children will be witnesses to the Risen Lord just like the disciples were. Ok. You can go as soon as I tell you Jesus is Alive. Here we go. "Jesus is Alive - go tell the whole world this wonderful news. (Send the childrens out into the congregation).
(Get the children to come back to the front.) Wow. You did it! That was so fast. Lets give these children a clap, way to go. Isn't that amazing. When you spread the good news to just two other people, and each of them spreads it to two other people, (etc.) pretty soon the message has gone out to everybody. That's exactly how God wants us to help change the world.

Children's Prayer: Dear God, we are so thankful that we have heard the wonderful news that Jesus is Alive! Help us to spread that good news so that the whole world knows that Jesus is alive and loves us so much! In Jesus' Name - Amen!

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