Who is the Greatest?

Sunday School lesson: Humility

True Greatness: Children’s Sermon – Sunday School skit /drama

Children's Sermon on Humility
Based on the bible reading from Marks Gospel (Mark 9:30-37)     Trinity 15
Who is the Greatest? Give one volunteer various status symbols in order for them look truly “great” (from the world’s perspective). Have another person shine their shoes or in some way display what it is to be a servant. Explain to the children who (according to Jesus) is truly the greater of the two.
Objects needed: To volunteers from the congregation, (1) Big hat, dark sunglasses, lots of money, other status symbols. (2) Shoe shine towel
Good Morning Children. This morning our bible reading from Mark chapter 8 Jesus talks about greatness. What might a great and important person look like? I need two volunteers (Consider using a tall adult for the “great” person and a smaller child for the “servant.”)
Thank you for helping me out. Mr. Brown, I think I’ll make you into a really impressive person. First of all, put on this big cowboy hat. That looks great! Now, take this first full of money (Make some out of green construction paper). Next, take these dark sun glasses to make you look extra cool. Oh, yes. Take this cigar too. Practice puffing out your stomach and pretend to blow some smoke rings. Wow! – Very impressive.
I would also like you to put your foot up here so you can have someone shine your shoes. Carol, (younger volunteer) you can help shine the shoes of this rich and famous person. Have them kneel down and shine their shoes with the towel. Children, I’d like you to take a look at this and tell me which one of these two people is the greatest. Yes. It certainly does seem like Mr. Brown the movie star here is the greatest. (If it seems right you could ask Mr. Brown what it feels like to be considered the greatest). However, in our bible lesson from the gospel of Mark Jesus talked about true greatness. (Read the bible text out loud.) Jesus said that the one who was the greatest was the one who was the servant – not the big hotshot! Which of these two individuals looks like they are the servant? That’s right – young Carol here looks as though she is the servant. According to Jesus, Carol is truly the greatest! (Optional question: How does that make you feel Carol? How does that make you feel Mr. Brown?) This is so different than most of how the world sees “greatness.”
Kids – we often meet people who seem very important and truly “great” in the world’s eyes. But we need to remember that according to God it is those who serve who are truly the greatest. If we want to be truly great we need to learn how to serve others. (Give some concrete examples)
Children’s Prayer: Dear God, we thank you that even though we are not rich and famous we can still be truly great by learning to serve others. Help us to see those in need and help us serve you by serving them. In that way we will be great in your eyes. We ask this in the name of Jesus – the greatest servant of all. Amen!

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