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Fundraising for Sunday school and Youth Group 
Sunday school and youth group fund raising ideas   

Raise money for
- A mission trip
- Sponsoring a child a 3rd world country (Ministry of Compassion)
- Trip to Praise Fest
- Raise money for a local food bank
- Purchase equipment for Sunday School or to enhance Youth Ministry
(NOTE: In the past I felt that all funding for youth events should come directly from fellowship. However, now I've seen how this can be such a posative learning experience for kids. Fund raising can teach initiative, financial stewarship, team building and many other important lessons of the Christian life.)

Raise money with a Car Wash --  
   Have Fun! (If you want to be successful you have to have fun! If you have lots of water and youth you will have fun.)
- Builds community
- Great connections with church fellowship (Church members will be your number 1 customers.)
- Great PR in the community (Make sure you have some big signs that can’t be missed.)
- Lets members of the congregation know there are financial needs (You will often get donations.)
- TIP: Make the car wash by donation. This really gives a sense of blessing your customers. It will be more profitable that if you charged a set fee.
-- Raise money with Bake SalesEven young kids bake goodies. You might consider teaming up older members of the congregation to assist in preparation.
-- Sponsor students to
      Run a marathon
      Fast or 24 hr famine
       Help paint the church
-- Use youth group members skill to serve the community. Remuneration by donation.
    Prepare a list of young people available to use their gifts. This could also be done as a silent auction.
-- Gift wrapping -- The local mall may donate space if the funds go to a good cause.
-- Raise money with hot dog sales after churchOur youth group does this. They make tons of money by setting a BBQ just outside the back door of the church on Sunday.
-- Professional fund raising companies: Not my first choice but they can be effective. You need plan well and make sure you keep good records.
- Candy bars, chocolate almonds, cookie dough, etc.
- Coupon booklets and scratch cards
- Candle fundraising
-- Talent Night Fund Raiser Showcase the gifts that your kids have. Sell tickets. Build up your kids self esteen, have fun, and raise money for a good cause!