I will make you fishers of people

I will make you Fishers of People - Mark 1: 14-20

Use a fishing tackle box full of lures to talk about being fishers of people. 

Objects needed: Fishing tackle box with various lures (be careful of the hooks!)

fishing tackle box

Good morning Children! Have you ever been fishing or have you seen someone fishing? In Bible times they usually used nets. But when I go fishing for fish I usually use lures to catch fish. Here is my fishing tackle box. (Show a tackle box.) This tackle box is filled with all sorts of interesting things that fishermen use to attract and catch fish. You see, just like fishermen use different lures to attract fish, we can live in such a way as to attract people to Jesus.

Let's open this tackle box and see what's inside. (Open the tackle box, revealing various lures.) Now these lures are designed to attract fish. (Do you see that this one is very shiny. This one wiggles like a worm etc.) Let pretend these lures are things that attract people to Jesus. (You might want to hold up the lures for the children to see)

  1. Love Lure: The first lure is love. When we show love to others, it's like a shiny, sparkly lure that makes people curious about Jesus. Love is a powerful way to attract others to Him.
  2. Kindness Lure: Here's a lure of kindness. When we are kind to others, it's like a bright, colorful lure that makes people want to know more about the love of Jesus.
  3. Joy Lure: This one is joy. When we have joy in our hearts, it's like a lively, bouncing lure that makes others want to join in and find out why we're so happy.
  4. Helping Lure: Look at this lure of helping. When we help others, it's like a helpful, practical lure that shows Jesus' love in action.
  5. Sharing Lure: And here's a lure of sharing. When we share what we have, it's like a generous, giving lure that shows people the generosity of Jesus.

Now, let's talk about what might attract people to Jesus. What do you think is something special about Jesus that would make others want to know Him? (Encourage the children to share their thoughts.)

Remember, just like a fisherman carefully chooses the right lure for different fish, we can choose the right way to share Jesus' love with different people. Let's make sure our tackle boxes (our lives) are filled with love, kindness, joy, helping, and sharing so that we can be the best fishers of men, just like Jesus wants us to be.

Thank you for joining me on this fishing adventure today. Let's go out and be bright and shining lures, attracting others to the wonderful love of Jesus!

Children’s Prayer:  Dear God, help us to be “Fishers of People / Men”. Through the help of the Holy Spirit help us to live in such a way that others become interested in finding out more about Jesus! In Jesus’ name – Amen!