Popular Sunday School Curriculums

Here are some popular Sunday School / and family ministry curriculums:-  (I’m hoping to give a more detailed breakdown in the days to come – stay tuned -

Sunday School Curriculum kids

  1. "The Gospel Project" this is by Lifeway Christian Resources - It is a Christ-centered Bible study that aims to help people of all ages see the big picture of God's story and how it applies to their lives. As the authors say, this material is focused on making sure the gospel really is "Good News".
  2. "Orange" by The reThink Group - This curriculum combines family and church resources to create a comprehensive program that helps children grow in their faith and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus.
  3. "Awana" by Awana Clubs International – Awana has been around for a long time. This is a global ministry that offers a Bible-centered program for children and youth, focusing on Scripture memorization, discipleship, and evangelism.
  4. "VBS" by Group Publishing – Our church and many other churches use this resource. This is a Vacation Bible School program that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and salvation. Great for ministry to children during the summer months. Tons of resources provided. 
  5. "DiscipleLand" by DiscipleLand - This is a Bible-based curriculum that aims to help children develop a lifelong passion for learning and living out God's Word.
  6. "Children Desiring God" by Desiring God Ministries (connected with well known pastor John Piper)- This is a curriculum that helps children and youth understand the importance of knowing and loving God, and it provides resources for parents and teachers to support that growth.
  7. "Hands-On Bible Curriculum" by Group Publishing - This curriculum uses a multisensory approach to help children engage with the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives. I find Group material to be very fun and engaging.
  8. "Bible Studies for Life" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a curriculum that offers practical, relevant Bible study for all ages, with the goal of helping people grow in their relationship with Christ and their understanding of the Bible.
  9. "D6 Family" by Randall House Publications - This curriculum focuses on helping families become more intentional about passing on their faith to their children and making disciples in the home.
  10. "Superbook Academy" by The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) - This is an online curriculum that provides animated Bible stories, quizzes, and other resources for children to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Worth checking out. 
  11. "Explore the Bible" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This curriculum provides a book-by-book Bible study that helps participants better understand and apply the Scriptures.
  12. "Sunday School Lessons" by Ministry-To-Children - This is a free online resource that offers a variety of Sunday school lessons for different age groups, covering a range of topics and themes.
  13. "Bible-in-Life" by David C Cook – They have been doing great children’s ministry for many years. This curriculum aims to help children and adults grow in their faith by exploring the Bible together in a holistic way, addressing spiritual, emotional, and social needs.
  14. "LifeWay Kids" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a comprehensive curriculum that includes Bible study, worship resources, and teaching aids for children of all ages.
  15. "FaithWeaver" by Group Publishing – (Again, I love “Group” material.) This curriculum provides a holistic approach to learning and applying the Bible, with lessons that focus on head, heart, and hands.
  16. "Godly Play" by Godly Play Foundation – Children learn best when the are using all the senses. This is a Montessori-inspired approach to teaching the Bible, using storytelling and hands-on activities to help children explore the wonder and mystery of God.
  17. "CrossWalk Kids" by Salem Church Products - This curriculum provides interactive Bible lessons that encourage children to ask questions, discover answers, and apply the teachings to their own lives.
  18. "My Awesome God Bible Storybook" by David C Cook - This is a storybook that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and the stories of the Bible.
  19. "Tru Curriculum" by David C Cook - This curriculum aims to help children and youth develop their knowledge of God and His ways. My understanding is that this primarily a digital resource product.