Tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children

Ideas and tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children - - 

 Sunday School Parents

1 Work with your church pastor to get his or her ideas. Children’s ministry can be a wonderful doorway to ministry with families – young and old.

2 Provide faith resources, such as books or articles, that can help parents deepen their own faith.

3 Organize fun events or activities that allow parents and children to connect and build community with one another.

4 Create a network of support where parents can talk to one another about their experiences and challenges. This has a benefit for the whole church fellowship.

5 Provide childcare during Sunday school classes so parents can attend worship services or participate in other church activities. Sadly, I know many parents who have dropped out of church because it was simply too much stress and worry to attend.

6 Encourage parents to volunteer in Sunday school, which can give them a deeper understanding of their child's experience and also provide support for the Sunday school teacher. (They could assist with lesson presentations or help provides snacks for the snack time.

7 Offer opportunities for parents to serve in the wider community, such as organizing a service project or participating in a local charity event. Many church have community fun raising projects to support Sunday School ministry.

8 Provide opportunities for parents to receive training or education on topics related to parenting, such as discipline, communication, or spiritual growth. Although parents are older, they may be still grappling with keep questions about the Christian faith.

9 Provide resources and support for parents who are dealing with difficult family situations, such as divorce, illness, or financial hardship. Their needs provide an opportunity to show love in action.

10 Be available to listen and offer support to parents who are struggling with the challenges of raising children in a Christian context. The culture has shifted so much and there certainly is hostility to the good news of Jesus.

- Andrew Hewlett