Mother's Day ideas for Church or Sunday School

List of creative Mother's Day Sunday School ideas 

Here is a list of some possible Mother’s Day object lessons. With all of these ideas you might want to speak of Mother’s or those who are in the role of a mother. (We have some kids coming to church who have a grandmother or looking after them)

 Mothers Day

"A Mother's Love"flower Bouque t: In this object lesson, you can teach your kids about the different types of love a mother has for her child, such as care, nurturing, and protection. Show them how to make a bouquet with different types of flowers that represent each of these types of love.

Handprint Art: This idea has been around for a while. Help kids create a unique keepsake for their mother by making handprint art. Ask them to trace their hand on a piece of paper, then have them decorate it with colors, stickers, or any craft materials they like.

"A Mother's Heart" Puzzle: This object lesson teaches kids about the different parts of a mother's heart. Create a puzzle where each piece represents a part of a mother's heart, such as patience, kindness, and forgiveness. Have your students put the the puzzle together and discuss each piece. Unless you know someone with a wood scroll saw, light cardboard should work well.

"Mother's Day love Jar": In this activity, kids can make a special jar filled with reasons why they love their mother. Provide small pieces of paper and a jar, and have the kids write down their reasons, then decorate the jar with stickers, ribbons, or other materials. Another option would be to fill the jar with ways your kids can return that love to their mother (ie helping with Laundry, dishes, cooking etc.)

"Super hero Mother Capes: This object lesson helps kids understand the importance of mothers in their lives. Provide plain capes (we used bed sheets) and fabric paint, and have the kids create a superhero cape for their mother. Encourage them to think of ways their mother is like a superhero in their lives.

"Growing seed Mother’s plant: This object lesson teaches kids about the sacrifices a mother makes for her child. Provide small pots, soil, and seeds, and have the kids plant the seeds. Talk about how the mother cares for the seedling as it grows, just as she cares for her child. Help the children explore the many ways there mother’s help them grow.

"Mother's Day Bookmarks": This activity involves making bookmarks for their mothers. Provide plain bookmarks, markers, and stickers, and have the kids decorate them. Encourage them to write a special message or a Bible verse for their mother.

"Mother's Day Poem": This one is a bit more challenging. Have the kids write a poem about their mother. Provide paper and pens, and encourage them to be creative. You can also share a few poems about mothers to inspire them. Poems don’t have to rhyme perfectly. Highlight the importance of what comes from the heart.

"Mother's Hug - Teddy Bear: This activity involves making a teddy bear that represents a mother's hug. You might want to work on this over a few Sundays leading up to Mother’s Day. Provide teddy bear templates, stuffing, and fabric, and have the kids sew the teddy bear. Talk about how a mother's hug brings comfort and love. Explore ways that they might return that “hug” and show their gratefulness.

"A Mother's Strength" Weightlifting: This object lesson teaches kids about the strength a mother possesses. Provide small weights or other objects, and have the kids lift them to represent the weight a mother carries. Talk about how a mother's strength helps her care for her family. You might want to explore how there are different types of “strength”, not just physical strength.