Road to Emmaus Sunday School object lesson ideas

Road to Emmaus object lesson ideas

Road to Emmaus

1. Find or make a puzzle of Jesus. Work with the children to put the puzzle together and discuss how you can gradually understand or "see" Jesus. Explain how the disciples on the road to Emmaus could not see Jesus at first but recognized him as they shared a meal together. You can also explain how we can come to know Jesus more clearly as learn about (through the bible) various aspects of his life.

(If you don't have a pre-made puzzle you can make one by glueing a picture of Jesus onto a piece of cardboard and then cutting out your own individual puzzle pieces.)

2. As a fun introduction to the "road the road to emmaus" story have them try to identify various people just by hearing the sound of their voice. Use blindfolds or hide various individuals behind a partition. Have the hidden individuals talk and let the children identity them. 

3. The road to Emmaus story lends itself well to actually acting out the journey with the children. Plan a short walking trip. As you walk along, talk with the children about the disciples' confusion and disappointment, pretend that you are getting tired and find a place to stay the night (an empty sunday school room). Pretend to partake of a meal with the children. Break the bread and explain how the disciples suddenly had their eyes opened.