Interactive White-boards for Sunday School

Using interactive white-boards for Sunday School

Sunday School whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards can be an effective tool for teaching Sunday School as they allow for a more engaging and interactive learning experience. They are reasonably expensive (about 2000 dollars and up) but prices vary with size and model) Sunday School teachers can use the interactive whiteboard to display videos, images, and other multimedia content related to the lesson. They can also use the whiteboard to write and draw, which can help illustrate concepts and ideas in a more dynamic way.

In addition, interactive whiteboards can enable collaborative learning by allowing students to interact with the content directly. For example, students can come up to the board and annotate on the lesson material, or work together to solve a problem or answer a question. They can display bible maps with pictures and other illustrations. Overall, interactive whiteboards can enhance the learning experience and make Sunday School lessons more engaging, interactive, and fun for both teachers and students. This is a high tech version of the old flannel graphs used years ago.

See if you can fit them into the church budget!

(for pricing check out your local tech shop or Amazon online)

-          Andrew