Thanksgiving - Praising God

Thanksgiving – saying Thank You to God in Praise -

Basic idea:

Bring in a basket of Thankyou cards (Used or blank) along with some items representing worship ( Hymn book, guitar, microphone) Ask the children a tricky question: What do these cards and your worship item(s) have in common? Have some fun discussion and then explain that the cards are used to say “thank you” to someone who gave us something and the worship item is also used to say thank you – to God!

Object lesson items: 1.Thank you cards 2. Item used in your church representing worship

Children’s Object lesson:

Good morning Children! Look inside this basket. What do you see? Yes, they are cards. What kind of cards are they? That’s correct. They are Thank You cards. When might you send a thank you card to someone? (Discuss) Now, I want to show you something else. Look at this Book (or guitar etc.). What kind of book is it? Yes, it’s a hymn book. Now, here is a really hard question. Why are these cards like this hymn book? (Depending on the age of the kids you might want to ask some prodding questions.

You are correct! We can use both of these to say thank you! We sometimes give a thank you card to show our appreciation to another person who has given us something or has been kind to us. Now, it’s very hard to send a thank you card to God. I don’t know how to send it to him. However, we can say thank you to God by singing songs and praises. God has provided for our needs in so many ways (You could have the kids suggest some ways) and although we can’t send a card to God we know that he hears us when we say thank you in our songs and praises.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us always to show our appreciation and say thank you to peo A.ple that have blessed us. Help us also to remember to say thank you to you in our hymns, songs and praises for all the blessings we have received. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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