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Printable bible quiz  

Bible quiz questions:             
What is the longest name in the Bible?    Look in Isaiah ch 8      Maher shalal hash baz (vs 1-5)
What did the disciples find in a fishes mouth in Matthew chapter 17?    -- Money
What is the shortest verse in the Bible (About Jesus)    see John chap 11     “Jesus wept.” Vs 35
In Isaiah 40 what does it say that those who “wait upon the Lord” will be like?      Ch 40vs31- Eagles
Who did Jesus call a Fox in the Gospel of Luke?   Hint: Luke chapter 13   Verse 32 – Herod
What did Aaron allow the people t make when Moses was up on a mountain?   (Exodus 39    -- A golden calf
How old was Jesus when he visited the religious teachers in the Temple?   (Find it in Luke 2) – 12 yrs.
On the mount of Transfiguration how white were the cloths of Jesus? (Find it in Matthew chapter 17)
-- White as light (vs. 2) How bright was his face? Vs 2 – Like the Sun.
What island did John write the Book of Revelation from?    (Look in Rev. chapter 1) vs 9 – Patmos
When Jesus was born what country did the angel tell Joseph to escape to? (see Matt. 2) – Egypt
What natural event was experienced by the Philippian Jailer at Midnight (See Acts 16) – An Earthquake
Who ate locusts and will honey in the bible?   (Look in Matthew chapter 3) -- John the Baptist
What did Jonathan give to David as a symbol of his loyalty? (see 1 Sam. 18)   -- A Robe
Who initially built the city of Babylon?                   (Look in Genesis chapter 10 and 11) –Nimrod
Who rebuilt the city of Babylon?     (See Danial chapter 4)    -- Nebuchadnezzar
What special ability helped Joseph get out of jail? (see Gen 40 & 41) -- He interpreted dreams
What kind of seed did Jesus use to explain the Kingdom of God (See Matt 13, Mark 4) –Mustard