Best Two-Way Radios for use at a Church

Two-Way Radios for Church and Sunday School

From my perspective the best type of radio that could be helpful for Sunday School and Church in general would be the small, inexpensive FRS (“Family Radio Service” (or GMRS) radios that you can purchas without a licence in any big shopping mart. They could also be ordered via Amazon online shopping. (FYI - As well as being a church pastor, I’m also a Ham radio operator and a general radio geek) They are small and lightweight and you can easily carry them around clipped to you belt.

Portable radio sets isolated on white background

FRS radios can be a useful tool for Sunday School teachers to communicate with each other during class, as well as for tech support and emergencies. With FRS radios, teachers can easily communicate with each other throughout the church building, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that any issues or concerns can be addressed quickly.

For example, if a teacher needs help with a technical issue (projector or sound system etc) or a student is in need of assistance, they can use the FRS radio to quickly and easily communicate with other teachers or staff members. In the event of an emergency, FRS radios can be used to quickly alert others and call for assistance if needed. This can be especially important in larger churches or classrooms where it may be difficult to quickly communicate with everyone in the event of an emergency. They would also be very helpful to use in larger outdoor events where you need to keep in touch with other leaders.

Overall, small, inexpensive FRS radios can be a valuable tool for Sunday School teachers to stay connected, communicate effectively, and ensure that everyone is safe and supported during class. Give them a try. They are a lot of fun too! - Pastor Andrew