The Authority of King Jesus

King Jesus taught with authority -

Object lesson items: A Crown (Perhaps one cut out of coloured paper)

Good morning Children! Today, we're going to talk about someone very special who not only understood the rules but actually made the rules. Can you guess who that is? (Wait for responses)

That's right, it's Jesus! And we're going to learn about howw Jesus taught with authority, just like a king who not only knows the rules but also created them.

Now, I have something special to show you today. (Hold up a crown) Look at this beautiful crown! What does a crown usually tell us about a person? (Wait for responses)

Yes, a crown is a symbol of royalty – perhaps a king or a queen. In our case, Jesus is the King of Kings! And just like a king, He has authority. He makes the rules that help us to live.

Imagine you are playing a game, and there are rules to follow. Who would you want to be the leader, the one who knows all the rules and can make fair decisions? (Wait for responses)

That’s right! You'd want someone like a king because a king not only understands the rules,  he's the one who made them. Now, let's connect this to Jesus.

When Jesus was on Earth, people were amazed because He didn't just talk about rules; He taught with real authority. It's like He was saying, "I'm not just a rule-follower; I'm the One who made the rules!" And these are not bad rules – they are rules to help us live safe and happy lives.

In the Bible, there's a story where Jesus was teaching, and people were astonished. They said, "He teaches with authority, not like the teachers of the law!" (You can refer to Mark 1 or to Matthew 7:28-29)

So, let's think about our crown again. Imagine Jesus wearing this crown, not just as a decoration, but as a symbol of His authority. He is the King who knows and made all the rules, and when He teaches us, we can be sure it's the best way to live.

(Extra option if you are in a Sunday School class) Now, I have a fun activity for you. I'm going to give each of you a paper crown, and I want you to write or draw something that Jesus teaches us. It could be a rule or something special you've learned from Him. (You might need to help the children with this) You can even wear your crown proudly as a reminder that Jesus is the King of our hearts and our lives.

Let's remember that when Jesus speaks, it's not just good advice; it's the best way to live because He's the King who made the rules with love and wisdom.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus is the King of all Kings. Thank you that He has the loving authority and power to teach us and lead us in the best way to live. – In Jesus’ name – Amen!