Kids sermon for after Christmas - Most important gift

Children's sermon for after Christmas - object lesson - The Gift that lasts forever -

Broken gifts

This is an idea for a Children’s sermon soon after Christmas. Most kids will have received presents at Christmas and will soon find out that they break down, wear out and ultimately don’t bring lasting satisfaction. Perhaps it’s a good time to remind them of the greatest gift that lasts forever – Jesus.

(This is based on a kid’s story posted on this site about “Treasures in Heaven”)

Basic childrens sermon idea: Ask the children what gifts they received at Christmas. Ask them if any of these gifts have been broken. Show some items that you received that have been broken, worn out or didn’t really meet your expectations. Explain that material “things” bring happiness for a while, but they don’t bring lasting meaning or joy. Only the gift of Jesus will last forever. He will never leave us or forsake us.

Object lesson items needed:  Old broken or worn-out gifts that you may have around the house. (You could have some fun with this)

Full kids Bible talk: Good morning Children! How was your Christmas? Did you receive any gifts? What sort of things did you get? (Spend some time interacting) Did these items bring you a lot of joy?

I want to show you some things I have in this box. (Pull various items out one by one) Look at this toy. I received this many years ago but it’s broken now. Look at this gift item I received. It looks nice but it doesn’t work. Look at this item…(You get the idea. You could also include items that still work but you are no longer interested in them. They don’t mean that much to you anymore. The happiness and excitement of getting the gifts doesn’t last long.)

At Christmas you probably received lots of good things that made you happy. But don’t be surprised if one day soon you find out that they don’t bring lasting happiness. When I was young I would say to myself, “If I get that gift then I will be happy forever!” But before too long I discovered that those gifts didn’t bring happiness that lasts. Have you ever had that experience?

Christmas is a great time of year. One nice thing about Christmas is that we get gifts. It’s always wonderful to receive new gifts and toys. However, one day we will discover that those toys don’t bring lasting happiness. There is one gift that will never break down and disappoint us. It’s the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus. Although we can’t see him with our eyes, he promises to be with us forever. He will always love us and will never leave us.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, we are thankful for all the gifts we received at Christmas. They are wonderful but we know that they won’t bring us lasting peace and joy. Thankyou for sending Jesus; the greatest gift of all. Thank you that he loves us, he guides us, he lives forever, and he will never forsake us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!  

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