If I am Lifted Up - John 12 20-33

If I am Lifted up - John 12

Title: Ministry to Children - Kids talk - The Cross is like a Magnet      

Theme: (Lent 5) The Cross, The Crucifixion, Being drawn to Jesus  
Bible Text: John 12:20-33 “When I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself”
Basic Children's Sermon Idea: Demonstrate how a magnet has the power to draw or pull items to itself. Explain that when Jesus gave his life on the cross it was like a magnet drawing all people to God.
Object lesson Props: Magnet, various metallic and non metallic items, small cross you can hold up
Full Children's sermon: Good Morning Children. Does anyone know what this is? (Hold up magnet) Yes, it’s a magnet. Magnets attract or pull certain types of metal. Look at these items here. How many of you think that a magnet will attract this piece of wood? You’re right! It doesn’t. What about this piece of metal? Yes, it obviously attracts or draws this piece of metal to itself. What about this item? (Test various items as this is pretty fun and interesting) Does it work with people? Let’s see if this pulls you. No – it doesn’t seem to work with people.
TRANSITION: This magnet is a pretty amazing thing. Although you can’t see it there is some invisible force or power that pulls or draws metal objects to itself. (Now hold up a small cross) Do you see this cross? It doesn’t look like a magnet but Jesus said that if he gave his life for us on the cross it would be like a magnet pulling all people to himself.
(Read the words of Jesus in John 12) “If I be lifted up…” Somehow, Jesus giving his life for us on the cross would be like a magnet for people. Let’s act out how this works. I’d like all you children to spread out from me here. (If you are in the front of a church get them to disperse about 20 feet in all directions) Now, when I hold up the cross that reminds us of Jesus dying for us in love, come towards it like you are being pulled by a magnet. (Hold the cross up high for all to see). That’s right; pretend it’s a magnet pulling us in. That was great. (To the congregation) Let’s give the children a hand.  Now children, I’m going to keep holding up the cross but I’d like you to bow your heads and I will lead us in prayer.

Pray: God, thank you that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to give his life and die for us on the cross. Thank you for his amazing love. Thank you that when he died for us on the cross it was like a magnet drawing us and the whole world to you and your son Jesus.
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