Render Unto Caesar - Render unto God

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s – Matthew 22 21 -

 Giving to Caesar and Giving to God – Matthew 22 -


In this object lesson, use jars and coins to help children understand the concept of "Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's" from Matthew 22. The lesson aims to teach children about the importance of fulfilling their civic responsibilities while also remembering their spiritual duties. I believe it’s also important to include the idea that we are stewards of all that God entrust to us. Note: You could also include the idea that the religious leaders tried to trick Jesus.


  • Two clear jars or containers, labeled "Caesar" and "God."
  • Coins (real or play money).
  • Bible (Matthew 22:15-22).

Interactive Text for Children:

Teacher: Today, we're going to learn an important lesson from the Bible about giving to Caesar and giving to God. Do any of you know what "Caesar" means?

Child: (Responds)

Teacher: Great! Caesar was like a king or a leader in the Bible times, and he wanted people to give him money, just like our government collects money from us today. The government uses the money to build roads, provide drinking water and many other important things.

Now, I have two jars here. (Show the labeled jars) This one says "Caesar," and this one says "God." (Point to each jar as you say its name. Under the label “God” write; giving to our church, giving to missionaries, helping the poor etc. Under the label on the jar named “Caesar” write: building roads, providing for the leaders of our country, etc. Ask the children if they understand this.

Child: (Answers may vary)

Teacher: We're going to use these jars to learn a lesson about money and responsibilities. The Bible tells us that everything we have belongs to God. So, we should give a part of what we have to God to show our love and thankfulness and to support His church (Place some coins in the "God" jar)

Child: (Observe and engage)

Teacher: But, the Bible also says that we should give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. In our time, Caesar means our government, and we give them money to help our community and our country become a better place. (Place some coins in the "Caesar" jar)

Child: (Observe and engage)

Teacher: Now, let's try something fun! I'm going to give each of you some coins. (Distribute coins) You can decide whether you want to put your coins in the "Caesar" jar or the "God" jar. If you put it in the "Caesar" jar, it's like paying taxes to help our country. If you put it in the "God" jar, it's like showing love and thanks to God. Perhaps you want to give some to each.

Child: (Children place their coins in the jars)

Teacher: Great job, everyone! Just like we've learned, it's essential to give to both Caesar and God. By paying our taxes, we help make our community better, and by showing love and thanks to God, we strengthen our faith, help the family of God (our church) and our missionaries.

Child: (Engage in a short discussion or questions, if time permits)

Teacher: Let's close with a simple prayer. Dear God, thank you for all the blessings you give us. You are the owner of everything and everything we have is yours. Help us to be responsible and caring citizens by giving to Caesar and giving to you. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.