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FAQs  - I will be adding material to this site ASAP. Please consider making a small donation to keep this site going - Thank you! -

Can I use these stories on Sunday morning?  Yes.  Just give credit to  I'd really appreciate it if you could put a link to this site on your church web site - or any web site you have. Thank you!   I've come up 95% of these messages but some of them have been inspired elsewhere.

Are there more coming?   Yes.

Could these be arranged by the Revised Common Lectionary  Yes.  I've started posting them for each (or most) Sundays. 

Who is the site author?  My name is Andrew Hewlett (BA MDiv. -Wycliffe College, U. Of T.)  I am a retired pastor / minister in Canada. I live in Victoria B.C. with my wife and two children. I have served as a pastor at three churches here on Vancouver Island and am now retired (more or less).  When I'm not doing church stuff I enjoy spending time with my wife Lucy and our two children. I also volunteer at our church food distribution and downtown street ministry to the disadvantaged. 

Why this web site? Jesus said "let the children come unto me." That says it all.

I believe the most important part of doing kids sermons is to proclaim in word and example the tranforming love of Jesus Christ.  Even if the theology goes over their heads my prayer is that they will remember church as the place where they heard about Jesus and experienced a bit of his love and joy. That just might open them up to the unconditional love of God that reaches out to us all.

I'm trusting that this material can be used by a wide variety of churches. (I'm not wading into theological controversy here: I'm focusing on the main and plain teachings of Jesus Christ.) 

RevHewlett at Gmail dot com

Blessings, Andrew Hewlett

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