The Beatitudes

Childrens Sermon - Beatitudes - Blessed are you!

Children's Bible talk: The Beatitudes – Blessed are you!

 Matt 5: 1-12   
 Blessed are you hands
Children’s Message idea: Despite outward treatment and appearances disciples of Jesus are indeed “blessed” and wonderfully favored. Place some valuable jewelry in an old can. Mark the can up, bang it around and laugh at it. No matter what happens to the can it is wonderfully favored because of the precious gift inside. With Jesus in our life we are wonderfully favored and “Blessed” even if we face trouble or hardship.  (Note: I realize that even theologians interpret this passage differently. I’m doing my best to come up the easy to understand core truth.)
(This could easily be adapted to the theme: “We have this treasure in jars of clay.” 2 Cor.4:7)
Object lesson props: Old tin can, jewelry or precious item, felt marker.
Children’s sermon: God morning Children! This morning I want to read out some words of Jesus that we call the Beatitudes. In this passage from Matthew’s gospel Jesus said that his followers were “blessed.” It’s hard to understand what that word “blessed” means. You might think of it meaning “happy,” “favored” or “wonderfully special.” (Read out a section of this passage – Matt 5: 1-12.) Now that’s surprising isn’t it? Jesus said that his followers were specially “blessed” even when they had great troubles. That’s hard to understand isn’t it? I’ll try to explain how that might be.
Do you see this tin old tin can? It doesn’t look very important does it? But look what’s inside. (Open the lid so the children can see inside.) Look at these. This is very valuable gold jewelry. This looks like an ordinary tin can but its holding something very special inside. What if I knocked the tin can over like this. Would this can be any less special? What if I messed it up with this felt pen? What if we all laughed the tin can and made fun of it. (Point at the can and laugh.)Would it be less special or less important? Of course not. This tin can is wonderfully blessed because it has such a wonderful treasure inside.
As followers of Jesus we are greatly blessed. People may make fun of us and even hurt us but no matter what happens to us we are greatly blessed because Jesus’ love and his life is right inside us; just like the treasure in the old tin can.  We have been greatly blessed because of Jesus. We also know that that we will be in his love and care for ever and ever!
Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the life that Jesus gives. We have indeed been greatly blessed because we have the greatest treasure living in us. In Jesus’ name – Amen
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