Sunday School ideas - Giving a cup of water in Jesus' name

Sunday School ideas - a cup of cold water in Jesus' name - Matthew 10:40-42

As a general introduction to any lesson on this topic begin by reading and discussing the story of Matthew 10:40-42, where Jesus teaches about the importance of hospitality and kindness. Although the giving of a cup of cold water here is focused on support for those serving Christ, I believe this can be applicable for supporting any in need.

Plan a “Water Drive”: Organize a water drive where children bring bottles of water to donate. Explain how clean water is a basic need for many people around the world and how their donations can make a difference. This of course could also be use to remind people of the story of the Woman at the Well and the spiritual thirst that Jesus can satisfy.

Hold a Water Relay: Set up a relay race where children pass cups of water from one end to another. This can be a lot of fun – especially on a hot day! Emphasize the importance of working together and supporting one another, just as Jesus taught.

Random Acts of Kindness: Encourage children to perform small acts of kindness, such as offering a glass of water to someone who is thirsty or helping someone in need. Discuss how these acts reflect Jesus' teachings. They won’t get paid in money but they will certainly be rewarded in significant ways by God. You might also have the children give examples of how others helped them out in times of need.

Water related Crafts: Engage children in water-themed crafts such as making friendship bracelets with water-related charms or designing their own water-themed bookmarks. During the craft activity, discuss how they can use these items as reminders to show kindness and help others.

Role-playing: Divide children into pairs and have them act out scenarios where they can demonstrate hospitality and kindness. Encourage them to think about how they would offer a cup of cold water in different situations. This exercise will be remembered by the children as it engages all the senses.

Guest Speaker / Missionary - Invite a guest speaker, such as a representative from a local charity or organization that provides clean water to communities in need. If you have a large congregation, you might even have a water well driller in the fellowship. Allow the children to ask questions and learn about the impact of their donations.

Art Project: Provide art supplies and have the children create artwork depicting acts of kindness and giving water to others. Display their artwork in the Sunday School classroom or the church to remind them of the importance of their acts of kindness and mercy.