• Children's sermon for Pentecost - Holy Spirit

    Sunday school / Children's Chapel idea for the Day of Pentecost

    The power of the Holy Spirit        

     Holy Spirit Flashlight

    Idea for Children’s sermon: Show the children a flashlight and demonstrate how important it is to have batteries inside. The flashlight needs the power from the batteries to make the light shine and do its job. In the same way, the Holy Spirit in us gives us power to shine the light of Jesus Christand do what God wants us to do.
    Object lesson items: A flashlight and batteries.
    Complete children’s talk:  Good Morning Children. Do you know what special day it is this Sunday? This is Pentecost Sunday. It’s the time when were remember that Jesus / the Father sent the Holy Spirit to live inside believers. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come into the lives of those who followed him. Many years ago followers of Jesus gathered together on a special day called Pentecost. Then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit of God came upon the people and they received new life and power to shine the light of Jesus in the world. That same Holy Spirit can give us power today to live for Jesus. This morning I want to show you how important the Holy Spirit is. Do you see this flashlight? How many of you have flashlights at home? What do you think will happen if I turn on this small switch? OK. Let’s try. Hmmm. Nothing is happening. Can you make it work? (Give the flashlight to the children.) What do you think is wrong? (Someone will mention that there are no batteries.) Open up the flashlight and look inside. You’re right. It’s empty inside. Do you think it is important for a flashlight to have batteries inside? Right. The batteries give power to the flashlight to make it shine. Without that power inside the flashlight just doesn’t work. Even though batteries are not a living person like the Holy Spirit, batteries still remind me of the power of the Holy Spirit. In the same way a battery gives power to make a flashlight shine, the Holy Spirit gives power to believers to shine the light of Jesus. The bible says that by ourselves we can’t love people very well and we can’t live the life that God has for us. By ourselves we are like this empty flashlight that has no power. But Jesus said he would send us the Holy Spirit who would give us power to live for God and to shine the light of Christ.
    Let’s see what happens when I put these batteries inside the flashlight. Yeah! It works! We want our lives to shine like this flashlight so let’s ask God to fill us with his Holy Spirit.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you have sent us the power of the Holy Spirit. Please fill us up each day with the Holy Spirit that we would have the power to live for Jesus and let his lightshine in our lives.

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    Holy Spirit Dove

  • Children's story on the Holy Spirit

     Guided by the Spirit

    Objects: none
    Children's Sermon idea: John 16 speaks of the Holy Spirit as a guide who will lead us. Like the Holy Spirit, lead (guide) the children around the church sanctuary to minister in various situations. Explain that the Holy Spirit will guide and lead them each day of their lives as they are sensitive to his leading.
    Full Children's Sermon: Good morning children. In the Gospel of John Jesus says that he will send the Holy Spirit to lead us and be our guide. I want to show you how that works. Now we know that the Holy Spirit is invisible and often speaks to us in a still small voice but this morning I want you to pretend that I’m like the Holy Spirit guiding your life. Please stand up and follow close beside me. I’ll be your guide for the next few minutes. Let’s go. (Weave around various items at the front of the church. Be a good guide by giving directives to turn left or right. Include “ministry items”- people in the congregation who are in need) Now children, I think we should go down here. Now everybody, lets keep away from those wires – they are a bit dangerous. (Show that the Holy Spirit will often lead us away from dangerous situations) Now here is Mr. Jones. He’s just come off night shift at the factory. He’s probably tired and needs some encouragement. Let’s all say “good morning” and give him a nice smile. That’s great. The Holy Spirit will lead us to do things like that. Now, let’s go over here and then in this direction. Just like the Holy Spirit I’ll continue to guide you. That’s right, keep coming. I sense that we should pray for Mrs. Smith here. I think she has been going through some hard times. This time let’s not even say anything we’ll just stand behind her quietly and pray (Bow your head like you are praying). We don’t always have to pray out loud. OK. Follow me back to the front of the church.
    Let’s give the children some applause for following my leading so well (gesture to the congregation to clap) you we great kids. The way I was leading you is a bit like how the Holy Spirit leads us. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will be our guide every day of our life. He will lead us in God’s ways in a wonderful adventure of faith.
    Children's Prayer: Thank you God for sending the Holy Spirit to be our guide for us every day of our life. Help us to listen to his “still small voice” so that we can discover the wonderful and exciting life that you have for us. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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    Guided by the Holy Spirit 

  • kids sermon on the Holy Spirit Helper

     Pentecost 2013 John14:8-17 I will send you the Helper - the Holy Spirit  

    Kids Sermon idea:  When the children come up front ask one of the children to “be a helper” for some simple task. (Move a bench, rearrange some chairs, assist setting something up.)  Discuss how having a helper is a great benefit. Explain how Jesus said he would send us a Helper (the Holy Spirit) to live inside us and to be with us forever.


    Objects for the kids lesson: A table or chairs or anything at the front of the church that needs to be set up.
    Children’s Church talk:  Good morning children! How are you this morning? Do you know what special day it is this Sunday? Today is called the day of Pentecost. It’s the day we remember when the Holy Spirit came to fill believers up with the presence of God. In John 14:8-17 the bible says that Jesus promised that his true followers would receive a special helper. That special helper that Jesus gives is called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like an invisible part of God that lives right inside us and helps us live the life that Jesus wants us to live. We can’t see the Holy Spirit helper, but Jesus promised that if we obeyed him he would give us that wonderful helper to live inside us. In the same way Betty was my helper this morning, the Holy Spirit will help each one of us do the things that Jesus wants us to do. (You could give some examples: The Holy Spirit helper will help us love others when it’s hard to do. The Holy Spirit Helper will give us power to forgive those who have hurt us. Etc.) I am so that Jesus didn’t leave us alone when he went to heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper and to be with us forever!
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit helper to live right inside us and to be with us forever. In Jesus´ name, Amen.

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  • Kids sermon on the power source of the Holy Spirit

    Children's lesson on the Power Source of the Holy Spirit -

    Gather the children and display various electrical devices on a table, such as a lamp, a fan, a radio, and a smartphone. Begin by asking the children if they know how these devices work. Explain that these devices require a power source to function properly. Transition into discussing how we, as Christians, also need a power source to live our lives effectively—this power source is the Holy Spirit (God’s presence and power)

    Holy Spirit Power outlet

    Materials / object lesson items needed: Various electrical devices (lamp, fan, radio, smartphone or any other fun items you have on hand)

    Power outlet prop (can be a visual representation or a real power outlet – check with your electrician friend) Note: Please include a warning about never putting something in the outlet without checking with your parents first.

    The Children’s sermon Concept: Hold up the power outlet prop or point to a real power outlet in the room. Explain that just as these electrical devices need to be plugged into a power outlet to work, we also need to be "plugged in" to the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Discuss Our needs for power to live the Christian life: Hold up each electrical device / item and ask the kids what would happen if you tried to use them without plugging them into the power outlet. Guide the discussion to the idea that without power, the devices would be useless and unable to fulfill their purposes.

    Make the connection to Our Lives: Transition to explaining that we are like these devices, and without the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot fully live out our purpose as followers of Jesus. Without the Holy Spirit we would be powerless! Ask the children what they think our purposes are as followers of Jesus (e.g., to love others, share the good news, be kind, help those in need). Emphasize that to fulfill these purposes, we need the power of the Holy Spirit. You might also explain that we cannot see this power (like we can’t see electricity) but the Holy Spirit is real.

    Give a short demonstration so the kids can visualize this: Invite a volunteer to come forward and hold an unplugged electrical device. Show them how it doesn't work when not connected to the power outlet. Then, ask another volunteer to "plug in" the device by pretending to connect it to the power outlet.

    Discuss the Holy Spirit as the Power Source: Explain that the power outlet represents the Holy Spirit, and just as the electrical device needs to be connected to the power outlet, we need to be connected to (and filled with) the Holy Spirit. Discuss how the Holy Spirit empowers us to live out our faith, guides us, gives us spiritual gifts, and provides strength and comfort. You can also remind them that God is tri-personal: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Application: Ask the children to think about areas in their lives where they need the power of the Holy Spirit. Prompt them to consider situations at home, school, with friends, or when facing challenges. Encourage them to share their thoughts.

    Prayer /Connection:   Lead the class in a prayer, thanking God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and asking for His power and guidance in their lives. Encourage the children to "plug in" to the Holy Spirit every day through prayer, reading the Bible, fellowship, and seeking His help and guidance. -> “Dear God, thank you that you call us to follow your son Jesus. Please help us to be filled up with your Holy Spirit each day of our lives so that we have to power to follow and serve Him – In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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