Back to School

Back to School object lesson

Children’s Sermon: Back to School

A sermon / object lesson on going back to school. At Sunday school or Children’s church bring out typical new school supplies that children take to school. Show the children the importance of putting their names on the items to show who they belong to. Remind the children we belong to God. As followers of Jesus, God has placed his seal of ownership on us. That’s important to remember when we go back to school.
Objects: Various school supplies, masking tape and felt pen for writing your name on the items.
Children’s Object Lesson:
Good Morning Children. I hope you are all pretty excited about going back to school. One of the best things about going back to school is having new school supplies. Look at the wonderful new school items I have here. (Show various items to the children) I’ve got some pens. I’ve got a ruler for measuring and making straight lines. I have some nice new crayons for drawing. Do you know what this item is for? Etc.
Did you notice anything that is on these items? Yes, you’re right. I’ve put a piece of tape with my name written on it. That way if I share it with someone else I can know it belongs to me and I can get it back when they are finished with it. It’s important for me to know what items belong to me and what items don’t belong to me. That’s petty important but here is something that is also important. When we head off to school it’s important for us to know that WE belong to God. In much the same way that we mark things that belong to us, God has marked us (his children) with the Holy Spirit. Now we can’t see the Holy Spirit but the bible makes it clear that God has placed his mark of ownership on us. If we are followers of Jesus we belong to God and are a part of his family. So children, I hope you remember to put your name on all the new school supplies that belong to you. I hope you will also remember that you belong to Jesus Christ and God has marked you with his Holy Spirit.
Pray: Lord God, thank you for the many things (especially our new school supplies) that belong to us. Thank you too for the fact that we belong to you and you have marked us with your Holy Spirit. Thank you that you will watch over us and help us live for you during this new school year – In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Copyright 2009 Andrew Hewlett    Feel free to use this object lesson on Sunday morning but please give credit to and consider linking to this site. Blessings, A.H.