Church Teamwork

Part of God's Team

 We are all part of a team - God's Team -     

(for use as a Children's Sermon or as a Sunday School lesson)

Children's story themes: Community, Church, teamwork, unity


Children's sermon summary:
 Involve the children in doing a team cheer standing in a huddle. Explain what it means to be a part of a team. Involve the kids in doing a cheer unique to your church and explain how they are an important part of a team serving Jesus Christ.
(Note: I don’t mention it here below but I used this story to welcome a new youth pastor. After doing our cheer I invited the new member to come up join in the cheer to signify being a part of the team)
Full Story:
How are you this morning boys and girls? How many of you are on a team of some kind? (Let the children share) Did any of you have a team cheer that you would do before the game? When I was at college I played soccer for the “Wycliffe Fighting Saints.” (add your own details) Before the game we would stand around in a circle, reach our hands into the center and then give our cheer: “…razzle dazzle sis boom bah Wycliffe Wycliffe Rah Rah Rah!” and we would raise our hands as we cheered. (Ask the kids if they had a cheer) Our soccer team many different players. We played different positions but we each had an important role to play. In doing the cheer we reminded ourselves that we were all working together on the team. Now it’s important to know that if we are followers of Jesus we are all part of his church. The Church is God’s team that he uses for reaching out in love to the world. Each one of use may have a different role to play (give some examples) but we are all part of the church – we are all members of the team. Because we are a team I thought it would be good to do a church team cheer. First I’d like us all to stand in a circle here and I’d like some other adults representing our congregation to come and join us to. (This encourages the kids and adds a little more energy). Ok. Everyone put your hands into the center and repeat after me the cheer that I made up for our church (In our case St. Mary’s Open Gate Church). “Open Gate, Open Gate, Rah Rah Rah – Building God’s Kingdom, Halleluiah!” (Do it again and invite the whole congregation to join in the cheer.) That was great kids. Remember you are an important member of God’s team, the church.

Children's Prayer: Lord, thank you that as followers of Jesus we are members of a team – the Church. Help us to know the joy of working and worshiping together as a team. Amen.  (After the prayer I explained that after our college cheer we would give each other a “high five” with our hands. As the children walked down the isle to church school I had asked the adult team members in the congregation to give the kids a “high five.”

copyright 2009     Andrew Hewlett
(Feel free to use this story at your Sunday service but please give credit to and consider adding a link on your church web page. Thank you! A.H.)





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