Children's Story for Father's Day

Children's Story for Father's Day

Children's story for Father's Day

: Give thanks for Fathers and give thanks to God our heavenly Father   

Daddy Judith smiling
(That's me with my daughter Judith many years ago)

(Special note: Sadly, there are so many children that don’t have a dad around. Although I have been tempted to simply avoid mentioning father’s day I think it is important to affirm the role of fathers while being sensitive to all those present in the congregation. This day can be also be used to drive home the truth that all of us (even if we are in a single parent family) have a heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally.  --> Here are some ideas that are sensative to the fact that many kids don't have a dad around -> More Father's Day Ideas
Objects needed: (Perhaps I'm "gender typing" here - adjust as necessary)
Wrench  (or electric razor, necktie etc)
Some money (paper or coin)
Baseball mitt
Small toy car
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Good morning children! Today is Father's day and we want to give thanks the many important things that dads do. I brought some things in this morning that remind me of some of the things that dads do.
(Hold up the wrench) Do you know what this is and what it is used for? Yes, it’s a wrench that is used for fixing things. Many dads are good at fixing things that are broken around the house.
(Hold up a baseball mitt) Do you know what this is? That’s right, it’s a baseball mitt. Some dads like to help play different sports or games around the house.
(Hold up some money) Yes, you know what this is. It’s money. Although some dads work at home, many dads have a job that they work at that helps provide money for the family. That money can be used to buy food, clothing and many other good things.
(Hold up a toy car) What’s this? Yes, it’s a toy car. I couldn’t bring in a real car because it would be too big but this small car reminds me that often dads help drive us to different places in the car.
That is just a few of the things that dads often like to do, but each dad has their own special way of helping us out. Since this is father's day it is the perfect time to remember all that they do and to take time to say “thank you” to them. If you don’t have a dad living with you make sure you say “thank you” to the people that help look after you. The bible says that all of us have God as a father as well. Although we can’t see him he is real. He knows us, he watches over us, and he loves us so much. So I hope that you can take time today to say “thank you” to your dad or whoever looks after you. Also, take time to say thank you to God our heavenly Father because he is looking after us too.

(Idea: End your talk with a cheer. "Give me an F, Give me a A, Give me a T... What do you get? FATHER Yeah!

Or - Ask all the father's in the congregation to stand up and ask the children to go down and give a "High Five" to at least 3 or 4 fathers.
This affirms the fathers and allows all the kids (including the fatherless) to be involved)
Pray: Thank you God for dads. They are very important and we are grateful for all they do. Also, thank you for all the people that look after us and care for us. We also want to thank you God because all of us have you as a wonderful heavenly Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen
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 PS: If you are not going with the Lectionary text you could look at some interesting "Father stories." Consider:
-- The Story of Jarius and his care for his daugher (Mark chap. 5, Luke chap. 8)
-- Joseph and his care for Mary in the nativity narratives
-- The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15)  Many prefer to call this the "parable of the Loving Father."