Jesus is the Vine

Children's story on Jesus the Vine


Children's Object Lesson on Jesus the Vine                                   

Bible Text: John 15:1-8
Theme: Jesus is the Vine. Stay connected to Him in order to live and produce fruit.
Children's Sermon Idea: Get a household potted plant or vine. The day before cut off a branch and let it wither in the sun. Stick the withered branch back in the soil just before presenting the children’s story. See if the children can guess which branch is truly connected to the vine. Discuss the difference and reflect on what Jesus said about being connected with him.
Full Children's Sermon /Object lesson: Good morning children! I’d like to read from the Bible something that Jesus said. (Read out the section where Jesus said he is the vine and we are the branches and that we must abide in him in order to produce fruit) To help us understand what Jesus was talking about I brought something with me this morning. Here it is. It is a vine (or plant) that I brought from my home. Look at it carefully there are two main branches here coming from the flower pot. How do they look to you? (Someone will probably comment on the fact that one is limp and withered up) Which one of these looks healthiest? Why do you think this branch here looks so dead? (The children will probably want to see if the branch is really connected to the rest of the vine and plant.) Well, let’s look carefully. This healthy branch is connected will to the plant vine. Let see how this branch is connected. Give a light pull in order to expose that the branch has been broken off and is just sticking in the soil without being connected. Ah ha! You were right! This branch wasn’t even connected to the vine. Why do you think it dries up when it is not connected? (Discuss how water and nutrients travel from the vine out to the individual branches.)
I think you understand how this works pretty well. Jesus said that he was like a Vine and we are like the Branches. He wanted us to see how important it to be connected to him and to understand how we would wither and dry up if we broke away from him – just like this poor little branch. (Hold up the withered branch.) I think we all want to be like this healthy branch that is getting water and nutrients from the vine making very healthy. If this was a grape vine it could then produce beautiful, delicious grapes. (Consider discussing how we can stay connected through prayer, obeying what Jesus wants us to do, and through our connection with the body of Christ - the Church. It would also be a great opportunity to discuss the Fruit of the Spirit that God wants us to produce).
Pray. Lord. Jesus said he is the Vine and we are the branches. Help us to be like this healthy branch by being connected closely to Jesus the Vine. Thank you that then our lives will produce good fruit as well.  In Jesus’ name – Amen.
Copyright 2009 Andrew Hewlett
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