Discipleship takes work

Title:   Discipleship takes work -        

Themes for the Children's Sermon: Discipleship, spiritual growth, determination, being spiritually fit
Props: A fitness book or outdoor ed magazine. A pillow.
Summary of Children's Lesson: You can’t get into shape by merely putting a fitness book under your pillow. That’s ridiculous. You need to actually do real exercises. To be a disciple of Jesus we need to do the things God wants – not just think about them.
Full StoryGood morning girls and boys. Are you wide awake this morning? You sound a little tired this morning so why don’t we all do some exercises. (Consider telling the congregation to join in if they look a little tired!) OK. Let’s put our hands in the air and stretch. Wiggle your fingers and give them some exercise. Now, touch you toes. Run on the spot. Jump up and down. (You get the picture) Whoa. That’s hard work. Let’s sit down and get some rest. I find exercise to be hard work. Here is an idea that I thought of that might make getting in shape a little easier. (Hold up your fitness or exercise book) See this book children. It’s a book that tells about all kinds of exercises that can help you get in shape. (Show some of the pictures) Now, here’s my idea. Instead of doing all these hard exercises why don’t I just get this exercise magazine and put it under my pillow at night when I go to bed. (Hold up the pillow and place the book underneath) That will be much easier than actually jogging, doing sit ups, etc. Do you think that is a good idea? Do you think that will help me get in shape? (Interact with the children). No? It won’t work? Why? That’s right boys and girls. If I really want to get in shape it’s not enough to put this book under my pillow or to simply think about doing exercises. I actually have to get out there and do the exercises if I want to get in shape or be an athlete.  Transition.
That’s what it’s like being a disciple of Jesus. Being a true follower of Jesus Christ (a disciple) is not just about thinking good things. To be a disciple of Jesus we need to do the things that he wants us to do. (Perhaps give some examples) We can’t get in shape by just thinking about exercise and we can’t be a disciple of Jesus by just thinking about it. We need to get out into the world and do what Jesus wants us to do. Then we will be a true disciple.
Children's Prayer: Lord. Help us, through your Holy Spirit, to be true disciples of your son Jesus Christ by following him and doing the things that he wants us to do. Amen.          

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