Father's Day ideas for church or Sunday school

Father’s Day ideas - Church and Children's Ministry

- Make sure all children are honored and included. Consider highlighting “Fathers” or those in a “Father-like” role to the children. Remember, this can be a difficult day for those who don’t have a dad around.

- Help the children make up a song that you can sing to all the dads in the congregation. Keep it simple and fun. You could also make actions to go along with the song.

- As a group write a poem or put together a skit highlighting and honoring dads.

- Give out special dad gifts: Cans of WD40, Coffee gift cards, root beer, golf balls…

- Interview some Dads.

- Interview kids about what their dad means to them.

- Have a Dad photo shoot. Dress them up as “Superdad” and take their picture with the children. Take some fun "Dad selfies". 

- Produce special craft gift items: Paint and decorate “my dad rocks” paperweights; produce a cut out tie with words that honor the dads; make thank you cards; make decorate father’s day mugs with dishwasher safe paints. This takes more work but my favorite dad mug actually has father / child pictures printed on the mugs. Produce “super dad” t-shirts.

- Discuss with the church pastor how you might set up a mentor program for kids that don’t have a dad around.

- Discuss with the church pastor about setting up special prayer support ministry for those who find this a painful day.

- Have fathers or father figures in the church pray a blessing over the children.