Rich Young Ruler

Jesus and the rich young ruler

5 minute Children's Sermon: Rich young ruler    

Children’s sermon idea: It has been said that you can catch a monkey by putting a penny in a jar that is fastened to a cord. The monkey will reach in to get the penny but his clenched fist cannot fit out through the small opening. He just cannot let go of the money so he stays stuck. This is just like the account of the rich young ruler in Mark chapter 10.

Objects: vase or jar with a small opening, a penny or some other coin, small piece of string
Full children’s sermon:
Good morning children.  Our bible reading this morning is about a young rich man that loved his money so much that he couldn’t let go of it in order to follow Jesus. The bible says that this man just couldn’t let go of his money and that he went away very sad. This bible story reminds me of something else I head a while ago. It is about a way to catch a monkey. I’ve never done this before but I will tell you how it is supposed to work. First of all you get a small jar like this one here and you tie a piece of string around it. Then you get a penny or other coin like this one here and you put it inside. You then hold onto the string and hide around the corner so that you can’t be seen. I show you what then happens. I’ve been told that if a monkey comes by and sees the penny in the jar it will reach inside to get it. When it clenches its fist to hold onto the penny he can’t get his arm outside. It’s stuck because the clenched fist with the penny won’t fit through the opening of the jar. Now you might think that it would be easy to get away. The monkey could simply let go of the coin and then his hand could come out easily. However, most monkeys love holding on to the money and don’t want to let go – and they are trapped. Then you can pull the rope and you have caught the monkey. Now children, I have never done this before but it seems like it might work. Humans can be a little bit like this monkey too. The rich young man in today’s bible story could not let go of his money. Jesus said that he had to let go of his money if he was going to be a disciple. Jesus loved him and wanted him to experience his wonderful new life but unfortunately he just could not let go of his money.
Children’s prayer: Dear God, help us to always to remember that following you and knowing your love is so much greater than all the money in the world. Thank you that we have money for buying the things we need. Yet, may money never trap us and keep us from following you. Amen!