Children's sermon on the Three Wise Men

Children's sermon on the Three Wise Men - Gifts for a King (Magi from the East following the star) 

Sorry - still haven't finished this but you will get the basic idea!)

To introduce this massage reference a manger scene (Including the three wise men) if you have one on display.

.Put on display various gift items that would be used by different professions. (A Briefcase, mechanical tools, soccer boots, hard hat etc. Include some fancy gold coloured items to be “Gold, frankincense and Myrrh.” One by one discuss what sort of people these gifts would be appropriate for. Finally, explain how the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh would a gifts for a King.

(Review the account of the Magi bringing gifts to Jesus in Bethlehem.) Although Jesus was just a baby, he was also a King. He grew up, lived among us, gave his life for us and rose again from the dead. Jesus is alive and is the King of all Kings!

We may not have much Gold and we probably don’t have any Frankincense or Myrrh. However we can still offer him our most important giftthe gift of our lives. We offer our lives as a gift back to Jesus when we live for him and serve in His Kingdom.

Note: There is significant discussion out there regarding the significance of the gifs:  Gold (Gift for a King), Frankincense (symbolic of Diety), Myrrh (Used for embalming /burial - Pointing to Christ's sacrificial death) You may or may not want to get into this detail. 

(That’s the basic idea I’m working with. Hope that will get you started. Hoping to get this finished sometime!)  -  A.H.