Resources for the Sunday Morning Children's Story

My prayer is the someday soon this web site would be a great, FREE resourse for children's sermons and Sunday school - Coming up: Object lessons and talks for Christmas - Jesus is the reason for the season! He is the greatest gift of all. 

Whether one is Anglican (Episcopal), Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox or Penticostal - children need to hear the gospel presented in a lively and biblical way

 Jesus with children

As a pastor I love doing the Kids sermon / object lesson on Sunday mornings.  I'd love to share these ideas on the web. - Andrew Hewlett       I'll put some sample stories below:

Free Children's Sermon: Going against the flow ( -> go back to main page to see Christmas Message / talks for Children)

Bible Themes: courage, living differently than others, taking a stand for Jesus

Props:  Members of the congregation  / Time 5-7 minutes

Summary:  Get the children to experience what it is like to follow Jesus and “go against the flow.”  Gather members of the congregation into the center isle where they stand close together facing one direction.  Get the children to experience the difficulty of pushing through the crowd to get to where they are going.

Full Children's Sermon:  Good morning girls and boys.  We all wish it would be easy following Jesus and doing the things he wants us to do.  But did you know the Bible says that following Jesus can be very hard.  Sometimes we know what Jesus wants us to do but other people want us to do what everybody else is doing.  If Jesus is leading us one way in life and other people are going the opposite way we can feel very alone and it can be very hard for us.  I'll show you now a little bit what it is like.  (At this point ask members of the congregation nearest the isle to stand up and gather in the center isle.  It's best to have at least 20 or 30 people and get them to stand 4 or 5 abreast.  Ask them to stand in one direction and pack in tightly.) Now children, lets see what it's like going against a crowd when they are headed in the opposite direction that we are.  (Ask children to follow you as you push your way through the crowd.  If you are afraid the adults in the isle might giggle too much ask them to be a little grumpy as you're going through). Push your way through the crowd with the kids coming out the other side.  Ask the congregation to give them a round of applause for coming through victoriously!  Ask the congregation to quickly sit down.  (TRANSITION)  How did you find that?  Was it a little hard going through?  (Take time to listen to a few responses) Well, as I said before, that is what it is like following Jesus sometimes.  Sometimes it can be hard going in the right direction when so many others are going in the wrong direction.  The Good News is that we are never really alone because Jesus promises to be with us always.

Children's Prayer:  God, we know that it sometimes very lonely following Jesus especially when many others don't care.  Through your Holy Spirit help us to have the power and courage to stand up and follow Jesus even when it's lonely or hard.  Thank you that Jesus said he would be with us no matter what.  In Jesus name. Amen

--Odds and ends:  You could also discuss how it was helpful having some others with you as you pushed your way through the crowd.  Or perhaps how some of the bigger kids helped the smaller ones go through.  You could also flesh this out by giving specific “playground” scenarios of what it means to follow Jesus.

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