Not of this World

Object Lesson -Not of this World


Kids sermon / object lesson Not of this World 

Object Lesson Text: John 17:6-19       
Objects: Toy duck, teddy bear or any stuffed animal (or a live animal if possible)
Children's Sermon idea: Jesus said that as Christians we are “not of this world.” Heaven is our true home. Place a bird, duck or some other animal (It could be a real animal.) on one of your church chairs beside other members of your congregation. Discuss with the children how this little animal would feel in this strange place away from the duck pond. Discuss with the children how heaven is our true home and the implications of being “not of this world.”
Full Children's Sermon : Good morning children. I want to read to you something that Jesus said. It’s found in the Gospel of John, chapter 17, vs 13-18. (Read the text). Jesus said that we are “not of this world” in the same way that he is “not of this world.” Isn’t that interesting? As Christians and followers of Jesus our true home is heaven and this world is just a place we are visiting. I’ll explain to you what that is like. Look what I brought to church this morning. (Hold up a little duck). Imagine someone brought a little duck to church – this is just a toy duck but we can pretend. We’ll put him / her right here beside Mr. Johnston with all the other people in our church. How do you think this little duck will feel? (Discuss the fact that he is away from his real home at the duck pond. Discuss how he might feel out of place. Discuss how the people might get upset with the bird quacking and flying around etc.) That’s right. It would be difficult because this church is not the duck’s real home. I’m sure he would sit here dreaming about his true family and friends at home in the duck pond. Jesus said that as Christians and followers of Jesus our true home is heaven and that we are only visitors in this world. Because heaven is our true home we might sometimes feel like this little duck here this morning. Sometimes other people will make fun of us because we follow Jesus. Sometimes others just won’t understand what being a Christian is all about. Sometimes we will feel like this world is not our home. But that’s ok. Our real home is with God in heaven. Even here our earth we are members of the Kingdom of God. One day we will be with God in heaven but in the meantime there is so much for us to do here. Jesus sends us into this strange world to show his love, his power and his life to the many people who are lost and don’t know him.
Kids Prayer: Dear God. Thank you that we have a wonderful home with you in heaven. While we are here on earth help us to share the love of Jesus in word and example. When we feel out of place and uncomfortable in this world help us to remember your son Jesus said he would always be with us. We ask this in the name of Jesus – Amen.
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