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  • 10 Tips to Spice up your Sunday School lessons

    10 tips to spice up your Sunday School class sessions - 

    Spice up

    1. Create Interactive Lessons: Incorporate interactive activities like games, puzzles, and role-playing into your kids lessons. Interactive learning is more engaging and will help them understand complex biblical concepts better. By changing thing up they will keep excited and engaged.
    2. Do Creative Storytelling: Share Bible stories in a captivating and creative way. Use props, visuals, or storytelling techniques to make the narratives come alive. Risk being a little silly! Don’t forget to see if you have members of your congregation with acting skill. They just need to be asked.
    3. Add Music and Songs: Integrate music into your lessons. Teach children songs related to the lesson's theme, and consider playing Christian music that's suitable for their age group. Of course, action songs are still awesome!
    4. Arts and Crafts: Plan craft activities that connect to the lesson. Children can create art or crafts that reinforce the biblical teachings they've learned. When they take them home it also lets parents know what you have been teaching.
    5. Outdoor Activities: Take the class outside occasionally for lessons or activities. Jesus used nature to teach the disciples. Try nature walks, scavenger hunts, or outdoor games can provide a refreshing change of scenery.
    6. Guest Speakers: Invite guest speakers from the community or church to share their stories or expertise on certain topics. Hearing from different voices can be inspiring and, if they are interesting topics it will create a sense of anticipation.
    7. Use modern Technology: Incorporate age-appropriate technology like educational apps or multimedia presentations to make learning more interactive and relevant. That being said, don’t completely give up on the old flannel graph if it connects with the younger kids.
    8. Group Discussions: Encourage group discussions where children can express their thoughts and questions about the lesson. This promotes critical thinking and peer learning. The key here is to spend time creating engaging questions.
    9. Themed Lessons: Create themed lessons or series that cover specific topics or stories from the Bible. For example, focus on the parables of Jesus or the stories of heroes of faith.
    10. Field Trips: Organize occasional field trips to places like a local church, a museum, or a community service project. Experiencing faith in action can be inspiring. Do an internet search in your area to find the Christian ministries in your locality.

    PS – Do whatever you can to create a sense of surprise. Excitement and anticipation is vital.

  • Children's sermon on Interpreting the Times and Seasons

    Children’s Sermon on Interpreting the Times – Luke 12: 49-57

    Idea for the kids talk on Sunday morning:  Jesus talked about interpreting the weather and interpreting the times. Bring up various items related to different weather conditions. (ie Sun glasses, umbrella, rubber boots, sweater, etc)  Describe different weather conditions and ask the children tell you what item would be appropriate for each type of weather. Give a short overview of Luke 12:9-57 and explain that interpreting the weather is important but it is even more important to understand the times and seasons of life. Conclude by telling the children that it is always the right time and season to follow Jesus.

    Object lesson props:  Unbrella, sweater, rubber boots, sun glasses, sun tan lotion, jacket.

    Full Children’s sermon based on the Lectionary Gospel reading: Good morning Children! Look at some of these things I brought with me this morning. (Alternately, you could come out wearing some of the items!) Do you know what all these items are? Have you ever put on any of these items? Ok, now I want to see if you know when you would wear these items. What if it was a really sunny day with no clouds in the sky? What would be good to wear? That’s right. Putting on the suntan lotion would help prevent a sun burn. Yes, wearing the sun glasses would make it easier on your eyes. Now, what if it was a little bit of cloud with cold wind blowing? Yes, I think it would be a good idea to put on this sweater or wind breaker. Ok, what would I wear before going outside if I looked out and saw big, dark clouds? What should I wear with that type of weather? That’s right, it might be wise to put on a rain jacket because the dark clouds might be a sign that it is going to rain. Well done! You are all very good at interpreting the weather and knowing how to prepare.

    In our bible lesson from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus talked about the importance of “understanding the times”. He said that people can look at the weather and understand how to prepare and what to do.  But for some reason the people didn’t understand Jesus and the need to follow him! They could understand what to do when the sun came out but they didn’t know what to do when God sent His son Jesus! God sent his son Jesus so we could know Him and discover his love. And we know that Jesus is alive and wants us to follow him and to discover his wonderful life.

    So…When you go outside I hope you will remember to check the weather and put on the right clothing. I also hope you will remember that it is always the right time to follow Jesus (to live the way he wants us to live) and discover all we were meant to do and be!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to be wise and understand that it is always the right time and season to follow Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Free Bible Story Coloring pages

    Free Coloring pages for Sunday School -

    Only a few here so far but there will be more coming!  (Thank you Echo for drawing these!)




    --> Acts-1624-Paul--Silas-in-Prison.pdf

     ---> In_the_Begining_coloring_page.pdf

    --> Childrens_Advent_Wreath.pdf
















    --> Check back later - more to come!



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  • Fund Raising Ideas for Youth Ministry

    Fundraising for Sunday school and Youth Group 

    Sunday school and youth group fund raising ideas   

    Raise money for
    - A mission trip
    - Sponsoring a child a 3rd world country (Ministry of Compassion)
    - Trip to Praise Fest
    - Raise money for a local food bank
    - Purchase equipment for Sunday School or to enhance Youth Ministry
    (NOTE: In the past I felt that all funding for youth events should come directly from fellowship. However, now I've seen how this can be such a posative learning experience for kids.Fund raising can teach initiative, financial stewarship, team buildingand many other important lessons of the Christian life.)

    Raise money with a Car Wash --  
       Have Fun!(If you want to be successful you have to have fun! If you have lots of water and youth you will have fun.)
    - Builds community
    - Great connections with church fellowship (Church members will be your number 1 customers.)
    - Great PR in the community (Make sure you have some big signs that can’t be missed.)
    - Lets members of the congregation know there are financial needs (You will often get donations.)
    - TIP: Make the car wash by donation. This really gives a sense of blessing your customers. It will be more profitable that if you charged a set fee.
    -- Raise money with Bake SalesEven young kids bake goodies. You might consider teaming up older members of the congregation to assist in preparation.
    -- Sponsor students to
          Run a marathon
          Fast or 24 hr famine
           Help paint the church
    -- Use youth group members skill to serve the community. Remuneration by donation.
        Prepare a list of young people available to use their gifts. This could also be done as a silent auction.
    -- Gift wrapping -- The local mall may donate space if the funds go to a good cause.
    -- Raise money with hot dog sales after churchOur youth group does this. They make tons of money by setting a BBQ just outside the back door of the church on Sunday.
    -- Professional fund raising companies: Not my first choice but they can be effective. You need plan well and make sure you keep good records.
    - Candy bars, chocolate almonds, cookie dough, etc.
    - Coupon booklets and scratch cards
    - Candle fundraising
    -- Talent Night Fund Raiser Showcase the gifts that your kids have. Sell tickets. Build up your kids self esteen, have fun, and raise money for a good cause!

  • Kids Object Lesson for Thanksgiving - Cornucopia

    Kids Object lesson for Thanksgiving – Cornucopia -

    Show the children a cornucopia or harvest basket full of fruits and vegetables. Hold up various items and discuss why we are thankful for God’s provision. Include in the bottom of the basket items remind you of other things that might be overlooked by some people (A picture of family or friends, medicine, money, a small bottle of rain water, a small bible, etc.

    Thanksgiving basket

    Object lesson items: A cornucopia basket (or something similar) with fruits and vegetables and various items that the children might not think of when we think of thanksgiving.

    Children’s Thanksgiving talk / object lesson:   Good morning Children! Today, I have something very special to share with you – a basket that overflows with the goodness of God. Some people call this basket a cornucopia? It's not just an ordinary basket; it's a symbol of God's amazing provision and the abundance of blessings in our lives.

    (Show the cornucopia and hold up different items one by one.)

    Look at these colorful fruits and vegetables! Which one is your favourite? Each one is like a little gift from God. The apples are crunchy and sweet, the grapes burst with juiciness, and the carrots are crisp and fresh. God provides us with delicious food to nourish our bodies and to keep us healthy.

    (Hold up a picture of family or friends.)

    Now, what do we have here? A picture of our loved ones! Families and friends are incredible blessings from God. They bring us joy, love, and support. Take a moment to think about someone you're thankful for.

    (Show a small bottle of rainwater.)

    This little bottle contains rainwater. Isn't it fascinating that even rain is a blessing from God? Now, sometimes we don’t like rain but it is very important. It waters the earth, helps plants grow and provides us with the water we need to live. Let's thank God for the rain!

    (Reveal a small Bible.)

    And here we have the most precious book of all - the Bible! God's Word is a guide for our lives. It teaches us about His love, mercy, and the incredible gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed to have the Bible.

    (Hold up medicine and money.)

    These two items might seem ordinary, but they are extraordinary blessings from God. Medicine that our parents give us helps us when we're not feeling well, and money allows us to provide for our needs and help others. Let's thank God for His wisdom in providing these practical blessings.

    (Take a moment of silence for reflection.)

    So, kids, as we gather around this cornucopia of thanks, let's remember to appreciate the big and small blessings in our lives. Sometimes, it's easy to overlook the everyday miracles, like a sunny day, a warm hug, or the smell of fresh air. God's provision is all around us.

    Children’s Prayer:  Thank you, God, for your abundant provision. Thank you for the love of our families and friends, for the rain that nourishes the earth, for the wisdom in the Bible, and for the practical blessings of medicine and money. May we always have grateful hearts, recognizing and appreciating the many ways you care for us. In Jesus' name,  Amen!

    Copyright 2023 Sunday Children's Focus  - Feel free to use this or share this but please give credit to this web site. Blessings - A.H. 

  • Popular Sunday School Curriculums

    Here are some popular Sunday School / and family ministry curriculums:-  (I’m hoping to give a more detailed breakdown in the days to come – stay tuned -

    Sunday School Curriculum kids

    1. "The Gospel Project" this is by Lifeway Christian Resources - It is a Christ-centered Bible study that aims to help people of all ages see the big picture of God's story and how it applies to their lives. As the authors say, this material is focused on making sure the gospel really is "Good News".
    2. "Orange" by The reThink Group - This curriculum combines family and church resources to create a comprehensive program that helps children grow in their faith and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus.
    3. "Awana" by Awana Clubs International – Awana has been around for a long time. This is a global ministry that offers a Bible-centered program for children and youth, focusing on Scripture memorization, discipleship, and evangelism.
    4. "VBS" by Group Publishing – Our church and many other churches use this resource. This is a Vacation Bible School program that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and salvation. Great for ministry to children during the summer months. Tons of resources provided. 
    5. "DiscipleLand" by DiscipleLand - This is a Bible-based curriculum that aims to help children develop a lifelong passion for learning and living out God's Word.
    6. "Children Desiring God" by Desiring God Ministries (connected with well known pastor John Piper)- This is a curriculum that helps children and youth understand the importance of knowing and loving God, and it provides resources for parents and teachers to support that growth.
    7. "Hands-On Bible Curriculum" by Group Publishing - This curriculum uses a multisensory approach to help children engage with the Bible and apply its teachings to their lives. I find Group material to be very fun and engaging.
    8. "Bible Studies for Life" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a curriculum that offers practical, relevant Bible study for all ages, with the goal of helping people grow in their relationship with Christ and their understanding of the Bible.
    9. "D6 Family" by Randall House Publications - This curriculum focuses on helping families become more intentional about passing on their faith to their children and making disciples in the home.
    10. "Superbook Academy" by The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) - This is an online curriculum that provides animated Bible stories, quizzes, and other resources for children to learn about the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Worth checking out. 
    11. "Explore the Bible" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This curriculum provides a book-by-book Bible study that helps participants better understand and apply the Scriptures.
    12. "Sunday School Lessons" by Ministry-To-Children - This is a free online resource that offers a variety of Sunday school lessons for different age groups, covering a range of topics and themes.
    13. "Bible-in-Life" by David C Cook – They have been doing great children’s ministry for many years. This curriculum aims to help children and adults grow in their faith by exploring the Bible together in a holistic way, addressing spiritual, emotional, and social needs.
    14. "LifeWay Kids" by Lifeway Christian Resources - This is a comprehensive curriculum that includes Bible study, worship resources, and teaching aids for children of all ages.
    15. "FaithWeaver" by Group Publishing – (Again, I love “Group” material.) This curriculum provides a holistic approach to learning and applying the Bible, with lessons that focus on head, heart, and hands.
    16. "Godly Play" by Godly Play Foundation – Children learn best when the are using all the senses. This is a Montessori-inspired approach to teaching the Bible, using storytelling and hands-on activities to help children explore the wonder and mystery of God.
    17. "CrossWalk Kids" by Salem Church Products - This curriculum provides interactive Bible lessons that encourage children to ask questions, discover answers, and apply the teachings to their own lives.
    18. "My Awesome God Bible Storybook" by David C Cook - This is a storybook that provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about God's love and the stories of the Bible.
    19. "Tru Curriculum" by David C Cook - This curriculum aims to help children and youth develop their knowledge of God and His ways. My understanding is that this primarily a digital resource product.
  • Thanksgiving - Praising God

    Thanksgiving – saying Thank You to God in Praise -

    Basic idea:

    Bring in a basket of Thankyou cards (Used or blank) along with some items representing worship ( Hymn book, guitar, microphone) Ask the children a tricky question: What do these cards and your worship item(s) have in common? Have some fun discussion and then explain that the cards are used to say “thank you” to someone who gave us something and the worship item is also used to say thank you – to God!

    Object lesson items: 1.Thank you cards 2. Item used in your church representing worship

    Children’s Object lesson:

    Good morning Children! Look inside this basket. What do you see? Yes, they are cards. What kind of cards are they? That’s correct. They are Thank You cards. When might you send a thank you card to someone? (Discuss) Now, I want to show you something else. Look at this Book (or guitar etc.). What kind of book is it? Yes, it’s a hymn book. Now, here is a really hard question. Why are these cards like this hymn book? (Depending on the age of the kids you might want to ask some prodding questions.

    You are correct! We can use both of these to say thank you! We sometimes give a thank you card to show our appreciation to another person who has given us something or has been kind to us. Now, it’s very hard to send a thank you card to God. I don’t know how to send it to him. However, we can say thank you to God by singing songs and praises. God has provided for our needs in so many ways (You could have the kids suggest some ways) and although we can’t send a card to God we know that he hears us when we say thank you in our songs and praises.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us always to show our appreciation and say thank you to peo A.ple that have blessed us. Help us also to remember to say thank you to you in our hymns, songs and praises for all the blessings we have received. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children

    Ideas and tips for supporting parents of Sunday School children - - 

     Sunday School Parents

    1 Work with your church pastor to get his or her ideas. Children’s ministry can be a wonderful doorway to ministry with families – young and old.

    2 Provide faith resources, such as books or articles, that can help parents deepen their own faith.

    3 Organize fun events or activities that allow parents and children to connect and build community with one another.

    4 Create a network of support where parents can talk to one another about their experiences and challenges. This has a benefit for the whole church fellowship.

    5 Provide childcare during Sunday school classes so parents can attend worship services or participate in other church activities. Sadly, I know many parents who have dropped out of church because it was simply too much stress and worry to attend.

    6 Encourage parents to volunteer in Sunday school, which can give them a deeper understanding of their child's experience and also provide support for the Sunday school teacher. (They could assist with lesson presentations or help provides snacks for the snack time.

    7 Offer opportunities for parents to serve in the wider community, such as organizing a service project or participating in a local charity event. Many church have community fun raising projects to support Sunday School ministry.

    8 Provide opportunities for parents to receive training or education on topics related to parenting, such as discipline, communication, or spiritual growth. Although parents are older, they may be still grappling with keep questions about the Christian faith.

    9 Provide resources and support for parents who are dealing with difficult family situations, such as divorce, illness, or financial hardship. Their needs provide an opportunity to show love in action.

    10 Be available to listen and offer support to parents who are struggling with the challenges of raising children in a Christian context. The culture has shifted so much and there certainly is hostility to the good news of Jesus.

    - Andrew Hewlett

  • Word of Encouragement for Sunday Oct 1 2023

    Encouragement for Sunday School teacher - Matthew 21:23-32 (Oct 1, 2023) - A Great Day

    Good morning Sunday School teachers!

    Get ready for a lively and fun Sunday ahead! In Matthew 21:23-32, Jesus tells a parable aboutt two sons. One son initially refuses to obey but later changes his mind, while the other son agrees to obey but doesn't follow through. It's a fantastic story that reminds us all about the importance of not just saying we'll do good things but actually following through with our actions. (That’s always a challenge for me!) Let's bring this lesson to life with some role-playing, maybe even a little "switcheroo" game where we see if the kids can switch from saying "no" to "yes" just like the first son did. It's going to be a Sunday full of surprises and valuable lessons, so be ready to have a blast while teaching the Word of God! Oh yes…and don’t forget to cover everything in prayer. Blessings A.H.