• Syrophoenician Woman

    Short kids sermon - The Faith of Syrophoenician woman: What does a Christian look like?       Mark 7:24ff  Trinity 13

    Children’s sermon idea: Who can be a true believer in Jesus? We might be surprised where Jesus would find faith.  Show children various pictures of people (obviously different races / color) and ask them to guess who the Christian is. They may be surprised to find out that the black man from Ethiopia / Iran (or where ever) is the person with faith in Jesus.  -- I’ve got a picture from Time magazine of an Iranian Christian that I will use.
    Objects Lessonprops: Pictures of various people (different races and nationalities)
    On the back of the pictures put a blank piece of paper. Mark the one least expected foreigner with a big cross to symbolize they are a Christian
    Children’s sermon on prejudice and faith:
    Good Morning Children. This morning I have some “people” pictures that I would like to show you. (Hold up the various pictures so the children can see them clearly.) Look at this person here. Where do you think they come from? Do they look rich or poor? Etc.
    Look at these other pictures here.
    Which person might come from Japan?
    Which person do you think is the youngest?
    Which of these people lives in the desert in Africa?
    Who do you think looks the wealthiest?
    Now here is a harder question. Which of these people looks like a believer in Jesus?
    (Let the children respond. I’m guessing that most children in Canada and the United States will pick the white / Caucasian as the Christian.)
    Those are some good guesses. Most people would pick this person. It’s probably because many of our friends who are Christians have white skin like most of us do. (You could take a vote on which is the picture of the Christian)
    On the back of the person who is the Christian I’ve put a big cross.
    Is it this one? (Turn over the picture) – No.
    Is it this one? (Turn over the picture) – No.
    (Continue on until you hold up the picture of foreigner)
    Is it this one? (Turn over the picture) – Yes!

    Most of you didn’t pick this person from Iran as the believer in Jesus. It surprised me too. When I first saw this picture I was surprised to find out they were a Christian. This man from Iran was ever willing to go to jail for his trust in Jesus.
    Main point: We might be very surprised at who has faith in Jesus Christ. We certainly can’t tell by the color of people’s skin or where they come from. In today’s bible reading Jesus met a woman who was considered by others to be an outsider who couldn’t possibly be drawn to God. But it turned out that she had great faith in Jesus. In response to her faith Jesus heard her prayer and healed her daughter.
    Pray: Lord God, Thank you for the many different people all around the world who are followers of your son Jesus. These believers are our brothers and sisters in God’s family.
    Help us to fully trust in you like this Christian from Iran, and like this foreign women that Jesus met. – We ask this in Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Ten Lepers

    kids ministry  bible talk - Thanksgiving: The story of the Ten Lepers

    – Luke 17:11-19     Thank You God placard
    Children’s Story idea: Discuss with the children the importance of saying thank you. With a helper demonstrate various ways we do that; giving pat on the back, shaking a hand, giving a hug, and giving a thank you card. Explain that it is important to give thanks to God. (Give a short paraphrased account of the ten lepers mentioned in Luke’s gospel.) Suggest that the easiest way to give thanks to God is to simple say “Thank you” in prayer.
    Object lesson items: Have another person help you so you can demonstration the ways of saying “thank you.” Bring a thank you card.
    Full Children’s Story / Sunday School lesson starter:
    Good morning children! Do you know what special time of year it is? That’s right. It’s thanksgiving. Although we always want to give thanks to God this is a special time of remembering all the wonderful things God has provided for us. (You could ask the children to suggest things they are thankful for.) There are many ways we give thanks to other people. Jonathan, please come up front with me. If I was very thankful to Jonathan I could give him a slap or pat on the back. (Give a demonstration as you say thank you.) You could say thank you and give a big hug (Demonstrate). You could shake their hand and say thank you (Demonstrate). Or, you could give then a card or a little gift as a way of saying thank you. (Demonstrate).  But how do we give thanks to God? (Let the children suggest some creative ways of giving thanks.) Those are some wonderful ideas. I’ll tell you what I think is the easiest say to give thanks to God. I think the easiest way is simply to say “Thank you God.” We can’t actually shake God’s hand or send him a card. However, we know God hears our prayers so we can always say “thank you” in prayer. In the Bible the gospel of Luke tells us that one day Jesus healed 10 lepers (people who were very sick). He did a wonderful miracle and healed them all. But do you know how many came back and said thank you to Jesus? (Let them guess.) That’s right, there was only one!
    You would have thought the other nine would have at least said “thank you” to Jesus.
    Boy and girls, God has provided so many things for us in life. We have friends, family, food to eat, houses to live and a wonderful country to live in. We have so much to be thankful for. Let’s take the time right now to thank God for all that we have.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, we have so many good things in our life. Thank you for food, friends, our families, sunshine, flowers, and good things like chocolate cookies. But most of all, thank you for your Son Jesus. He loves us so much and has done so much for us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

  • Trusting God to lead us

    Children’s Sermon on Faith and Trust  Lectionary Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16

    Abraham obeyed God and went, even though he did not know where he was going

    Quick overview: Have one of the children volunteer and have then put a blind fold over their eyes. Tell them you are going to take them on a short journey (around the church sanctuary) but they won’t be able to see where they are going. Explain that because you are a friend and can be trusted, they won’t get lost. Debrief with the children by explaining that we can trust that God will lead us if we seek to follow Him. We won’t always know where we are going but God loves us and will be our sure guide through the journey of life.

    Objects needed:  a blind fold or tea towel to cover a child’s eyes

    Children’s Sermon:  Good morning kids! One of our bible readings today is about Abraham following God, even though he didn’t know exactly where he was going. Many years ago in the land of the Bible God called a man named Abraham to go to a land far away. God sent him off on a journey without a map or a GPS. Abraham didn’t know exactly where he was going but God promised that he would guide him to a very special land and through him create a great nation. It would have been pretty scary not knowing where he would end up making his home. But Abraham knew it would all work out because God promised to be with him and to guide him to just the right place.

    Perhaps I will show you what it was like for Abraham to head off trusting God. I need a volunteer to help me. Yes Janet, come up here and I’m going to put this blind fold over your eyes so you can’t see. Now, I’m going to quickly lead you by the hand around the inside of this church. The rest of you children can follow along for fun. (Lead the blindfolded individual down the aisle, around the back of the church to various places and come back up to another area up near the front. If you have a traveling mic you can ask them various questions: What are you feeling?  Is this scary? Is this fun? etc.) When you get back to the front of the church explain that this little trip was like Abraham heading off to an unknown land.) Well done! Thank you for helping Janet! Many years ago Abrahams adventure was a bit scary but he trusted (had faith) that God would watch over him and lead him.  What is wonderful about this bible story is that the same God who was with Abraham promises to lead us in our lives if we trust and obey him. In life we don’t always know where we are going, and sometimes life just doesn’t make sense! However, if we seek to live the way God wants us to live he will bring us to just the right place where he wants us to be. We will also discover that life is a wonderful adventure when we follow God and his Son Jesus Christ. Jesus promised that he would never leave us so we know we can always trust (have faith) that he will be there as our guide and friend.

    Children’s prayer:  Dear God, thank you that you and your Son Jesus promise to be with us always. Help us, through the power of your Holy Spirit to follow you and obey you wherever you lead us. Thank you that you have a wonderful adventure in store for us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!


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