• Build on a Rock

    Kids Gospel Sermon


    Build your house on a Rock – not sand (Matthew 7:21-29) 

    Children’s Sermon / object lesson idea: Demonstrate the difference between building on sand and building on rock.
    Get a cookie tray with high edges. Place a flat topped rock on one side and mound of damp sand on the other side. Place a small toy house on these two “foundations.” Pour water over each house. The house on sand will tip over and fall as the sand washes away. The house on the rock will stay upright.
    (When I did this I actually covered (hid) the rock with a small layer of sand.)
    Children’s sermon: Good Morning! Look what I brought in to church this morning. (Bring out your tray with the sand, the rock and the two toy houses.) Do you see these two houses? They both like nice sitting there. Wouldn’t if be fun if we could make ourselves very small and go inside…
    Look what I have here. It is a pitcher of water. Let’s pretend there is a big flood of water from a storm. I’ll pour this water over the houses and see what happens. Uh oh! One of these houses fell over and washed away. But this house is still standing. Why didn’t if wash away? That’s right. The first house here was build on top of sand and it washed away. But the second house here is sitting on a rock. It’s very strong and the water won’t wash it away.
    In our Bible lesson from Matthew chapter 7 Jesus said that some people listened to what he taught but never actually did it. They listened but didn’t live the way Jesus wanted them to life. Jesus said that those people were like this poor house here that was built on the sand. Jesus said that people who followed Jesus’ teaching would be like this house built on the rock. They would be strong and stand.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, with the Holy Spirit help us to learn about Jesus and also to do what he taught us to do. That way we can be strong like this house built on a rock. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Children's sermon - Prodigal son

    Simple Children's Bible Drama - The loving father

    Parable of the prodigal son    

    Basic Children’s Sermon idea: Show the children two pictures of God. Have one person stand up front holding a robe and some slippers. They should be looking into the distance with longing eyes. Have another person stand in front of the children with an angry look and holding a big stick. Explain the story of the prodigal son and discuss which of these two individuals is more like God the Father.
    Object Lesson items: A robe (a bath robe will do), some slippers, a big stick. Get two volunteers from the congregation.

    Children’s Sermon
    / Sunday School lessonintroduction
    Read out a simple paraphrase of the Prodigal Son:   Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
     Good morning children. This morning’s bible reading is from the Gospel of Luke in the bible and it is called the story (or parable) of the Prodigal Son. Many people think it’s best to call this story “The Loving Father.” Jesus told this story because many people didn’t understand what God was like. It’s actually the same today. There are many people who just don’t understand what God is like. I’ll show you what I mean. Mr. Jones, would you be willing to come up and help me act something out? Thank you. (Hand Mr. Jones the big stick) I’d like you to hold this big stick and make a face like you are very angry. Wow! That’s scary. Please hold that pose. Now, I need one more person to help me out. Yes. Mr. Smith. Please come up front here. I would like you to hold this robe in your hands and also these slippers. I would also like you to look longingly and lovingly into the distance. You might pretend you are looking for a lost child. Great. That looks just right. Children, Jesus knew that many people believed that God was like this angry person over here. If you knew that you were not living the way God wanted you to live would you want to come home to a God like this? No. You would be afraid that all he wanted to do was to hurt you with this big stick. If you were not living the way God wanted you to live would it be better to come home to someone like this person here? Of course it would. Look, he has love in his eyes and is holding a nice warm robe – ready to wrap it around you. He also has some nice warm slippers to keep feet warm. Jesus told a story to say that this person here is really most like God. He wanted them to know that if they ever did things very wrong and got into big trouble that God wanted to reach out in love to them more than he wanted to punish them. Jesus also wanted the people to know that it was important for him to be with “sinners” (the very bad people) because God loved them. He didn’t want to hurt them he wanted to save them from all the trouble and danger they were in. Jesus was telling us that God is like a very loving father.
    Children’s Prayer: God, we are so thankful that you are like a very loving father. We are so glad that Jesus showed his love to all kinds of people even those who didn’t know about God at all. Help us always to stay close to you and your wonderful love. In Jesus, Amen!
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  • Children's sermon on Jairus' daughter

    Children's Sermon on Jairus' Daughter (Mark 5: 21-43)

    Theme: Jesus can even wake up the dead   (Quick interactive drama involving the kids)

    Text: Mark 5:21-43 Jairus’ daughter (Trinity 2)
    Props: none    Jairus daughter sleeping 1
    Basic idea: Start by having the children show how they wake up in the morning and tell them this is a “wake up” story. Have the children dramatize the various emotions mentioned as you read through the text (concern, grief, laughter, amazement, joy)
    (Note: You could have the children pretend that they are Jairus daughter. However, my wife told me she felt parents might be uneasy about then acting out that they had died!)
    For this to be most effective it needs to be fairly fast paced with lots of energy and emotion.
    Full Story: Good morning children. Do you find it easy to wake up in the morning? How do you parents wake you up? Do you yawn or stretch? Show me. Close you eyes like you are asleep. Now show me what you do. “Time to wake up. It’s morning time.” (Let the children show you how they get up.) Well today our Bible reading is story about Jesus waking a child up. But what is amazing about this “wake up story” is that Jesus woke her up after she died! We can wake up people when they are asleep but Jesus proved that he could wake up people even when they are dead. That is truly amazing.
    I’m going to tell you the story and I would like you to act out how the people were feeling. This story is found in Chapter 5 of Mark’s Gospel
    (Read through the Bible text or create your own paraphrase: Stop and gesture to the children at the appropriate times. They’ll pick up the idea quickly.)
    (vs 22) A man named Jairus fell at Jesus’ feet and pleaded with him, “My daughter is dying please come and put you hands on her so that she will be healed and live.”
        ---What do you think Jairus felt like? Show me how might feel. Yes, he was very worried. (Look worried, bit your nails, put your hands on your forehead, etc
    (vs 24)Jesus started to go to Jairus’ house to see his daughter but it was taking a long time because he stopped to talk to another person who needed healing. How do you think Jairus was feeling then? Yes. He was very anxious.
    (vs 35)Then all of a sudden some people came from Jairus’ home and said. Your daughter has died. Don’t bother bringing Jesus. (Throw you hands up in the air)
    (vs 36)Jesus kept on going and when he came to the house where the girl was he saw all the people crying (
    When he came to the girl he said that she was only sleeping. Since the people knew she had died they laughed at Jesus (
    (vs 41) Then Jesus took her by the hand and said “Little girl, I say to you get up!”
    (vs42)   Immediately the girl stood up and walked around. The people were astonished!
    (vs 38) Now one more thing. It doesn’t say this in the bible story but what do you think Jairus, the girls father, was feeling? Yes. I think he was celebrating!(jump for joy)
    That was great acting children. It was almost like being there! Isn’t that wonderful. Even though the girl died and it seemed too late, it wasn’t too late for Jesus. He was able to wake people up even when they were dead. That’s how wonderful Jesus is.
    Pray:Thank you God for this wonderful miracle of Jesus bringing this girl back to life.
    Thank you for his amazing love and his amazing power. Help us, through your Holy Spirit to follow him and know him more and more each day - In Jesus’ name, Amen!
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  • Come away - Resting in Jesus

    Sundaychildrensfocus Mark6 - Come away with Jesus to a quiet place  - Spending time with Jesus

    In Mark 6:31 Jesus said: “Come away with me to a quite place and get some rest.”   (Rough Draft)

    Summary: Gather the children up front and tell them you have some important things to tell them / read to them. Prearrange to have a number of people interrupt you with various distractions. (Prayer requests, your cell phone going off, people asking for various things. Have some fun with this.) Explain how it’s not working very well with all the noise and distractions. Tell the children about the Mark chapter 6 where Jesus was tired and exhausted by all the people in need and how he asked his disciple get away with him to a quiet place. Explain how we all need time to withdraw from the crowds and spend some quiet time with Jesus.

    Full children’s message for the text this week: (Pre-arrange to have various people interrupt you and distract you.) Good morning children! I want you to gather around me while I read out a very important words from the bible (I’m going to read out some special Jesus sayings from the gospel of John). Begin reading in a soft voice as the interrupting people come forward with various requests. Be friendly but make it clear that your quiet time with the children is not working very well with all the disruptions.

    Debrief: Well children, I’m not sure if you heard those important words from the bible with all the people bothering us. In the Gospel of Mark (chapter 6) it says that Jesus and the disciples were healing people and doing wonderful things. However, there were so many people in need they were getting exhausted. Jesus encouraged the disciples to come away with him to a quiet place where they could get some rest.

    In our lives we can become so busy and bothered that we need to get away and spend time alone with Jesus. In fact, I think we should find some time ever day just to be alone with Jesus. We don’t need to go far. It might be in a quiet room in the house or your favourite spot outside in the yard.(Just make sure you tell your parents where you are.) It just needs to be some place that is quiet. We could read our bible, pray or just be rest quietly. You might think of Jesus and the wonderful things he did or listen for his still small voice of love and assurance. Jesus wanted to spend time alone with the disciples and he also wants to spend quiet time with us as well.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus wanted his disciples to come away with him to be together and find rest. Please help us to set aside some time in our busy day) to rest with you and your Son Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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    Jesus with children


  • God looks at the heart

    Theme: God looks at the Heart

    Text: 1 Samuel 15          God and Samuel select a King                 

    Props: Various plastic containers (such as juice bottles) filled with dirty water. One of the more “humble” containers should be filled with fresh clean water. A bowl the water can be poured into. (Note: you could use different types of juice or colored water. This would emphasize “different” as opposed to “good vs. bad.”)
    Basic idea: Line up various containers (different sizes and shapes) in front of the children. Give them the difficult task of trying to pick which one has the fresh drinking water. It is hard for us to do this because we can only see the outside of the container. Make reference to the O.T. passage where God (and Samuel) anoints David as King. Explain how God is able to see everything about us including the inside. God is able to see the heart.
    Full Story: Fill various containers with dirty colored water. Have one container with clean water. Place them in front of the children)
    Good morning children! Look at all these different sizes and shapes of bottles (or cups) that I have here this morning. All of them contain liquid but only one of them has clean drinking water. Which one do you think has the best water? (Let the children respond with various guesses. Let the children respond together so you are not forced (by chance) to reveal the clean water container at first guess) OK, let’s see if it’s this one. (pour out the contents onto a catching bowl) Does that look like the good water? Yuk! No. Let’s try another one. How about this big bright colored container. It looks like it would hold nice fresh water. (Pour it out) No, that’s not it. (Continue until you pick the right container)
    Transition: That was hard to do! Why was it so hard to choose the right one? (Let the children respond. Agree that we can’t tell what’s inside by just looking at the outside.)
    It’s the same with people. We can only see what people are like on the outside. However, the Bible says that God sees the real “us” on the inside – the heart. That’s what God said to the prophet Samuel. Samuel had to pick a new king for Israel. When Samuel saw a big and tall son of Jesse he was sure that this was the one God had chosen to be king. But God said no. God was looking at the heart (our innermost being) and not the outside. He actually chose the young shepherd boy David to be the king. Nobody thought he would be chosen. But God knew he had a heart after God. We always want to stand tall, brush our hair and look nice. But what is even more important to God is what we can’t see. What’s most important to God is the kind of person we are becoming on the inside. God sees the heart.
    Pray: God, although others can only see our “outside” appearance we know that you see everything about us. Through your son Jesus, help us to be transformed into the people you created us to be on the inside – in our very heart.
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    Another story option:   Theme: God looks at the heart (Option #2 Spontaneous Drama)

    Text: RCL Old Testament 1Sam 15:34-16:13

    Props: 7 adults and one teen or younger child brought up from the congregation

    Basic idea: A short spontaneous drama of Samuel choosing a King. Highlight how God picked the young boy David because he “looked at the heart” and not just the outward appearance. (This is designed to be short, sweet and simple – about 5 minutes max. No prep needed for the helpers)

    Full Story: Good morning children! This morning I want to tell you about one of the bible readings that we have for today. It’s the story of the prophet Samuel choosing a new king for Israel. A person named Jesse brought seven of his sons to Samuel to see if one of them would be chosen as the new king. I need 7 volunteer men to help me. (Pick them quickly and get them to line up at the front of the church near the children.) Now, I need one other younger person to help with this story. (This will be David the shepherd. Ask this person to stand further off to the side but in view. – You could get them to hold a home-made shepherd staff.)
    (Stand in front of the 7 adults. Stand in front of each one as you consider who is to be chosen. Think out loud as if you were Samuel) First of all Samuel saw one of the tallest and impressive sons and thought to himself “This must be the one who is to be king!” But God spoke to Samuel and said, “No – he is not the one I have chosen.” Then Samuel went to the next son. (Continue down the line letting the children hear Samuel’s thoughts and also God’s direction. Show some disappointment when you come to the end of the line.) So there are no other sons? What! There is the youngest son who is tending the sheep out in the fields? Go get him and bring him to me. (Send one of the “sons” to go get the shepherd boy David. )
    When David was brought in front of Samuel God said “This is the one I want to be King.” (Get young “David” to step forward. You might “anoint” David or place a crown cut out of paper on his head. Get the congregation to give him a cheer!)
    Isn’t that amazing children. All these other people looked like they might be the one God was going to pick – but God picked young David. God told Samuel why he picked David over the others. God said that people can only see the outside but God looks at the heart. God saw something special in David’s heart that others couldn’t see. That’s important for us to know. We want to wash ourselves, wear nice clothes, and comb our hair so it looks nice, but these good things are still not as important to God as what we are on the inside – in our heart.

    Pray. God, you know everything about us. You know what we look like on the outside and the kind of person we are on the inside. Lord, through your son Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to be transformed into people that have a heart that is truly after your own heart. We ask this is the name of Jesus, Amen

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  • Jesus the Gate - I am the Good Shepherd

     I am the Gate and I am the Good Shepherd   

    Kids sermon idea:  John 10:1 - 10
    Involve the children in acting out aspects of John 10:1- 10. Use the children to hold hands and make a sheep pen and have them experience going in and out through the gate to find pasture and to find security at night. Explain how Jesus is the gate into the Kingdom of God. You could explain how Jesus said he was like the gate and that he was also like the shepherd. (The text from John 10 includes both these ideas)
    Object lesson props:  None / However, a makeshift shepherds crook might help identity the shepherd.
    Children’s Sermon:  God morning children! In our bible reading this morning we read how Jesus said he was a like a Gate to a sheep pen. I want you to help me act this out so we can understand what Jesus was talking about. Now, I need some of you to make a sheep pen. (Get the children to join hands and form a square or circle.) Now, I also need to make a Gate that can open and close so that the sheep can go in and out. Thank you. Let’s open and close the gate to see how it works. (Get 2 of the children to swing their arms open and closed.) Now, we need a few of you to be sheep. I’ll pretend I am a shepherd and I will lead you in and out of the sheep pen by going through the gate. Since you are sheep, I think you should make some sheep sounds! (bah bah etc.) Let’s open the gate and go inside the sheep pen. Now I’ll close the gate so it’s safe and no wolves can come in and hurt you. Of course, in the morning you need to follow the shepherd out through the gate in order to find pasture and good grass to eat. (Open the gate and lead them out.) Then when night comes they go back in through the gate to safety.
    Note: My understanding is that sometimes the shepherd would lie down across the sheep pen entrance make himself be a literal Gate. You could act this out too.
    Thank the children and have them sit down. Explain how Jesus said he was the Gate to the sheep pen.
    We have to go through Him. To be a part of God’s family and Kingdom we have to go through Jesus. (We believe in Him, and trust Him to be our saviour and friend.) We can’t be a part of God’s family and God’s Kingdom any other way. We have to come through Jesus the gate. (You could also explain how Jesus said he was also like the shepherd who would protect the sheep and lead them out into good pasture.)
    Children’s prayer: Thank you God that through Jesus the Gate we can enter your wonderful Kingdom and family. Thank you that Jesus is also a good shepherd who will watch over us and lead us into good pasture. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Many Rooms in my father's house

     Idea for the Children’s Sermon: My Father's House 

    John 14: 1-14 In my father’s house are many rooms   (mansions KJV)
    Let not your hearts be troubled.

    Kids story idea: Make a very small fort out of a card table and blanket (or other small space). Get into the fort and explain that you want them all to come inside to be with you. There won’t be enough room and some will be left outside. Use this as a lead in to explain how Jesus said that in his father’s house (heaven) there was lots of room. They didn’t need to worry. No follower of Jesus would be left out.
    Object lesson props:  A card table and a blanket to make a small fort.
    Full Children’s Sermon: Good morning Children! I put this blanket over this card table to make a little fort. It looks like a fun place doesn’t it? Would you like to come inside? (Go inside and then invite them all in. Wait to see if they protest that there is not enough room for everyone.) Is everybody inside? Uh oh! I guess there is not enough room. I wanted everybody to come inside but I guess this place is a little too small. Let’s all go back outside. (Ask the kids to sit down.) Who wasn’t able to make it inside? That’s too bad. I guess I need a bigger fort. In today’s bible reading from John 14:1-14 Jesus told his disciples that he was going away to be with his heavenly father. He also said that one day they would come and be with him. However, it seems that some of his followers (the disciples) were afraid that there might not be enough room in heaven (his father’s house). I think they felt there might not be enough room for everybody. But Jesus told them not to worry. He said that in his father’s house there was plenty of room (or rooms). If they were follows of Jesus they wouldn’t get left out. He also said that he was going to prepare that place for us. Isn’t that wonderful! Jesus is actually preparing a  wonderful place in heaven for us. I don’t know exactly what that will be like but because Jesus will be there it will be an amazing place!
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God. Thank you that in your house of heaven there is plenty of room for all who follow of Jesus. Thank you that we don’t have to worry but can look forward to that wonderful place that Jesus is preparing for us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • No one can snatch then from my hand


    Kids sermon “No one can snatch them out of my hand”        John 10:22-30


    Safe in God’s hands       

    Kid’s sermon idea: Show the children a silver dollar or a Gold coin that is valuable to you. Put the object in your hand holding it tight in your fist. Let the young children see if they can get it out of your hand. They won’t be able to. Explain how we are precious to God and that Jesus said “no one can take us out of his hand.” (John 10:22-30)
    Objects needed: Some small valuable object such as a ring, a coin, or precious stone. If you have a locket with a picture of your children that would be even better.
    Children’s Sermon: Good Morning children. I want to show you something that is very valuable to me. This is gold coin that my grandmother gave me. It’s worth a lot of money and it also has special value to me because it was a gift from my dear grandmother Gertrude. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to take it from me. Who here thinks they are pretty strong? (A number of the children will put up their hands.) Do you want to see if you can get this out of my hand? O.K. Here you go. Try your best! Hmmm. You couldn’t do it. Is there someone else that would like to try? Fine. Here you go. (Note: Make sure they don’t have extra help. When I did this one of the older children took out a sharp pencil to help.) Well, it looks like you tried pretty hard but you still couldn’t do it. In our bible reading today from the Gospel of John Jesus said that he would keep his followers safe in his hand and that no one could take them from him. (Hold up your clenched hand with the object inside.) You couldn’t take the coin out of my hand because I’m much older and stronger than you. But think of how Jesus is much more powerful that all of us. He has all the power of God and the bible says that no one can take us away from him. That is very good news. No one has the power to take us out of the love and care of Jesus Christ.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, as your children we are so thankful that you and your son Jesus have us safe in your care and love. Help us to remember that even when we are going through hard times we are always held safe and secure in your love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • The hairs of your head are numbered

    kids sermon idea - Matthew10:24-39  "Even the hairs of your head are numbered " 

    Kids talk idea: God knows everything about us. Get a few volunteers to come forward (Choose people with various amounts of hair.) Ask the children to guess how many hairs each person has. Have some fun with this. Discuss how difficult this is to know. Discuss the bible verse and tell them how God knows everything about us. He knows how many hairs are on head and he cares about everything in our life.

    Props needed: Just a few willing people from the congregation
    Complete Children’s message:
    Good morning children! This morning I’m going to ask some people to come forward to help me with my message. Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith and Mr. Graham, would you please come forward and sit in these chairs. Thank you. Please sit down right here. Now children, which one of these men has the most hair? Yes, I would agree! Here is a harder question. How many hairs are on Mr. Jones’ head? You don’t know? Should we count them? Yes, it would take a very long time. How about Mr. Graham? How many hairs does he have on his head? You are right. Even though he doesn’t have much hair here it would still take a long time to count them all.
    We don’t even know how many hairs are on our own head! But, believe it or not, there is someone who knows exactly how many hairs are on our head. Do you know who that is? Right! God knows everything about us and he even knows how many hairs are on our head. In the bible (Matthew 10:20) Jesus said that “even the hairs of our head are numbered.” That’s petty amazing. God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows everything about us. The good news is that he loves us too. There may times when we feel alone. There may be times when we feel like nobody knows what we are feeling. However, God is knows everything we are going through and his love is always reaching out to us.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you love us and know everything about us. Help us to remember that we are never really alone and that you understand us when we are happy and when we are sad. Thank you that your great love will always give us strength and hope. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • We are precious to God

    Short video on the fact that we are precious to God

    Highlights the fact that we are valuable to him - no matter who we are.