• Kingdom is like a Mustard Seed Children's sermon

    Children's Sermon / Object lesson    Mark 4: 26-34 The Kingdom of God and the mustard seed

    A tiny mustard seed is held between the index finger and the thumb. A perfect illustration of Jesus' teaching in the Bible.       Faith of Mustard Seed

    This parable emphasizes the small, humble beginnings of the Kingdom. (Not what many people expected)

    Basic Children’s sermon idea: Hold up a small seed and then show the sort of large bush that it can grow into. Explain that this is how the Kingdom of God and /or the Church of God grows. It starts with small beginnings.

    Props needed: A small seed and a large bush in a pot.

    Children’s sermon / object lesson: Good morning children! Can you see what I have in my hand? It’s very hard to see. Look closely and you will see a very small seed. It doesn’t look very important. It doesn’t look very powerful. It looks like it would never get any bigger.

    However, if left a seed like this in the ground, and watered it, and left it grow, it would slowly grow into a large bush like this one over here. That is amazing that such a large bush could come from such a small seed.

    Jesus said that this is how his Kingdom would grow. Some people expected that it would start with an amazing show of power. But Jesus said it would start very small way – like this little seed. Jesus started telling people about God and his wonderful love. Later his followers told others of how Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die for us. It did not seem like a powerful beginning. However, just like a little seed in the ground his kingdom grew bigger and bigger. At first there were just a few believers in Jesus. Now, many years later his kingdom family stretches all around the world. There are followers of Jesus in every country of the world.

    Kid’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for the good news message of Jesus and his love. Thank you that even though this good news message started with just a few people that it now has grown to be a huge church family all around the world. In Jesus name – Amen!

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  • Children's Sermon - Seek first the Kingdom of God

    Bible Lesson talk: "Seek first the kingdom of God" Matthew 6:33 - Fun and interactive about 5 minutes

     Kingdom of God

    Sermon for kids idea overview:  Show the children various activities that need to be done in the correct order (Highlight what needs to come first) Example – Brush your teeth first and then put the toothpaste on after! – Have some fun. Imagine getting up in the morning, going to school and then putting your clothes on! Letting go of the balloon and then trying to tie a string on. Put butter and jam on bread and then put it in the toaster? You get the idea.) There are things that need to come first. Then explain that there is something that needs to come first in life – seeking God’s Kingdom and putting Jesus first.

    Object lesson props: Whatever works best. Toothbrush and toothpaste, a toaster, bread and jam, schoolbooks and clothes, a balloon and string.

    Complete children’s sermon: Good morning children! Jesus said that we should “Seek first the Kingdom of God” Matthew 6:33) Let me show you what I think Jesus was trying to teach us. Do you see this toothbrush? What if I tried to brush my teeth like this and then afterwards put on the toothpaste? Would that work very well? No, it wouldn’t. The toothpaste needs to go on before brushing my teeth.

    Look at these clothes and these schoolbooks. Would it make sense to take my schoolbooks and head off to school and then put on my clothes later? No!  What about this toaster and this piece of bread. I’m going to put some butter on like this, add some strawberry jam and then I will put it in the toaster. Is this a good idea? No. We need to put the butter and jam on first!

    It’s important that we do things in the right order. In our bible verse today, Jesus said that all of us need to “seek first the kingdom of God.” If we want to find the wonderful life that God has for us, we need to put Him first. Jesus is a king, and we need to put His Kingdom first. We wouldn’t put butter and jam on our bread and then put it in the toaster! It would make a mess. Likewise, we might make a mess of our lives if we don’t make God first in our life. We can put God first by keeping in touch with God in prayer and by seeking to live the way he wants us to live. When we do that, we can trust that he will look after us and provide what we need.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Help us to always put you and your kingdom first in life. Help us to entrust our lives to you, knowing that you will be with us, you will guide us, and look after our basic needs. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's sermon for Palm Sunday


    Palm Sunday Children’s sermon     Luke 19:28-40   Sunday of the Passion 

     For Sunday School or Children's Church -


    Palm Sunday Kids
    Children’s Sermon Idea: Talk about the excitement around the recent Olympic Games land show how many people waved flags in the air when the athletes entered the stadium. Explain how Jesus came down into Jerusalem and all the people waved Palm branches in celebration. (You could also use the idea of players entering as stadium at the superbowl or an NHL hockey game playoff) 
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    Objects lesson props: 1. Some flags or banners you can wave. (Use an Olympic flag if you have one or make one out of paper.) 2. A palm branch or some facsimile.
    Children’s Sermon for Palm Sunday: Good morning children. How many of you watched the Olympic Games on T.V.? Great. Our whole family watched them on T.V. What was your favourite event? (Interact with the children) Do you know what my favourite part was? It was the opening ceremonies when the athletes entered into the stadium with all the people cheering. Many of the people waved flags as they cheered the athletes. (Give a demonstration or ask some of the children to help you out.)
    It was a great celebration. The people were so excited that the athletes were getting reading to compete in all the events. There was so much excitement.
    In our bible reading today we are remembering a very special event in the life of Jesus. Today is called Palm Sunday and we remember the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people were so excited that King Jesus was coming to the city. They didn’t have flags but they cut down palm branches and waved them in the air. They shouted out “Hosanna in the highest” as Jesus rode into the city. It was so exciting. Today (Palm Sunday) we remember that special when all the people celebrated and cheered on Jesus with Palm branches in the air.
    (Consider placing a robe on one of the children (as Jesus) and have the other children wave palm branches as you process down the church isle. At our church we also sing the song “Hosanna in the highest” as we process.)
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, as we celebrate on this Palm Sunday help us to remember that day when all the adults and children waved palm branches and cheered as Jesus entered Jerusalem as King. We know Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. Help us to remember that he is our wonderful King and that we can praise him everyday! In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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  • Children's story - Woman at the Well


    Kids interactive sermon: The Woman at the Well- John 4:5-42  Streams of living water  

    Woman at Well

    Children’s sermon idea:

    We get thirsty and need to keep filling up with water. God’s love / life in Jesus is like refreshing water that never runs out. Pretend to go on a hike and explain how you have to keep filling up your bottle with water when you drink it all and get thirsty. Tell them about the life and love of Jesus that never runs out. Give a short overview of the woman at the well story.
    Object lesson items: A backpack, water bottle and cup. (Option: a second container to “hold” God’s love)
    Full interactive lesson:
    Good morning children! This morning our bible reading is about a woman at the well who met Jesus and discovered his love. However, before talking about that I want you to join me on a pretend hiking trip. (You could just stand there and explain things but I think it’s more fun to get the kids to join you on a hike around the inside of the church.) Ok. Here is my back pack. One of the most important things inside is this camping cup and this bottle of water. You need water to live and if you are on a long hot hike you need to keep filling up your cup and filling up your bottle of water when it runs out. (Hike around a bit, ask the kids to pretend they are getting really hot and thirsty. Pour them some pretend water to quench their thirst and then keep going. Stress the idea that you need to find a stream or lake to keep filling up the water bottle when you run out.) When you come to a pretend rest spot pull out another container and ask them if they need to keep filling it up with the love and life of Jesus. Well, we don’t really need to keep filling up a bottle with the love and life of Jesus because his love is always with us and it never runs out. We need to keep getting more water when we are thirty but the love of Jesus never runs out. It is always there with us so we can always enjoy his refreshing life. Today’s bible verse is about a woman who met Jesus at a well where thy used to get their water. Jesus introduced himself and said that she could know his life and love. It would be like a wonderful stream of living water that that would make her life refreshing, full and complete. It would be like a stream of love and life that would never run out.
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus’ life and love never run out. It’s like an invisible living water this is always there for us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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    woman at the well
  • Kingdom Priorities

    -Seek first the Kingdom of God -   
    Matt. 6: 25-34 also Worry, Ministry, self seeking, seek ye first the Kingdom of God   -

    (For use as a Children's Sermonor as an introduction to a creative Sunday School lesson)

    Props: None (Spontaneous drama this morning)
    Time:5 Minutes
    Basic Children's sermon Idea: Set up a “static” dramatic contrast to show the kids what it means to “seek first the kingdom” and not to worry too much about food and clothing etc.
    Full Children's Story  Good morning children. This morning in our Bible reading Jesus says that we shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about food and clothing. We should focus most of our attention on doing the work of Kingdom of God. This morning I’ll show you the difference. Now, I need some people over on this side of the children. Betty, John and Karen. Would you come forward here and show us some of the kingdom ministry that God wants us to do. John, you sit in this chair with your hands over your face as if you are very sad and discouraged. Betty, would you knell down beside him with your hand on his shoulder like you are trying comfort him. Karen, why don’t you stand here ….(-do some ministry task: bandage a wound, read the bible, share some food, etc.) Now I want you to just stay there holding that position. Now, I need some more volunteers to help me over on this side. (Ask a few members of the congregation to come forward to the other side of the children.) Bill, Frank, George and Tom, please come forward and stand right here. Now I want you to be very worried about your clothes this morning. Bill, look at Frank’s nice sweater. I want you to be look very worried that his sweater is nicer than yours. George, I want you to look very worried about the color of your hair. Hold your hands like this pretending to look into a mirror. Don’t forget to look very worried! (Keep assigning tasks.) Keep looking at each other up and down and worry about your clothing. (I had to keep reminding the congregation that this was serious and not to laugh too much. However, a little snickering simply adds to the obvious ridiculousness of the picture.)
    (Speak to the children) Now kids, I want you to look at these two pictures. I want you to point to the group that is doing God’s Kingdom work. That’s right! This is the work of the Kingdom of God. Jesus, who is our King, would certainly want us to be spending our time doing this sort of thing. But look at this group over here. Look at how worried they are. They are spending all their time worried about what they are wearing and what other people are thinking about them. Of course we want to look nice, and have nice clothes. That’s fine. But some people spend so much time worrying about clothes and the latest fashions (point actors on the left) that they never get around to doing God’s Kingdom work! (Point to your other group). Listen to what Jesus said…(read Matt 6:25-34) He said for us to seek first the Kingdom of God. Let’s take Jesus seriously and always live our lives putting the Kingdom first and worries about what style of clothes we wear second.

     (before praying you could get the “worriers” to come over and join the group doing the work of the Kingdom of God.) “Lord. Thank you that you have provided for our needs. Most of us here have a place to live, nice clothes and good food. Help us not to worry too much about these things, but rather to seek first your kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen”

    (Option: Get the kids to do the acting)

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  • Parable of the Ten Virgins

    Parable of the Ten Virgins – Always be ready -

    Children’s sermon overview:

    This is an object lesson that will help your kids and congregation understand the important message of the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt 25) while highlighting the importance of being prepared in times of need. Use oil lamps or flashlights to make the lesson interactive and relatable. If you use flashlight you could always start by showing of what an “old fashioned flashlight” (ie a oil lamp) looked like.

    Note: If you are doing this in front of the whole congregation you could have someone turn out the lights. Then pretend to be in a fluster until you pull out your flashlight – only to discover the batteries are dead! Then relate this to being prepared for the coming of Christ.

    Object lesson items:(if you are doing this in a separate room apart from the congregation)

    1. Ten lamps or flashlights (five should have fully charged batteries, while the other five should be out of power). Adjust the numbers if you don’t have too many children.
    2. A darkened room or space where lights can be dimmed.
    3. A copy of Matthew 25:1-13 or rehearse a paraphrased version.

    Object Lesson:

    Start by briefly introducing the Parable of the Ten Virgins and its message of preparedness. Mention that we'll be using lamps or flashlights to illustrate this lesson. To keep things simple (and depending on the age of the children) you could retell the parable by referring to wise and foolish “people”.

    a. Set the Scene: Dim the lights in the room to simulate a power outage. Explain to the participants that we will pretend that there is a sudden blackout, and you need their help to find a solution.

    b. Divide the Lamps: Hand out the ten lamps or flashlights to the participants, five with working batteries or oil, and five that are out of power. (You could hand them out before too)

    c. Role Play: In the darkened room, have five participants with working lamps act as the "wise virgins /people," and five with non-working lamps act as the "foolish virgins." Encourage the "wise virgins" to help and share their light with the "foolish virgins."

    d. Light of Preparedness: Discuss with the participants how being prepared helps us not only in power outages but also in life's unexpected challenges. Link this to the parable and the importance of being ready to meet / serve Jesus at any time.

    Invite participants to think about situations in their lives where being prepared is crucial. Encourage them to share their thoughts and discuss how they can apply the lesson from the parable to their daily lives as followers of Jesus.

    Emphasize the importance of being prepared spiritually, not just for power outages, but for life's trials and challenges.

    Summarize the main points of the lesson, reiterating the importance of being spiritually prepared for Christ's return and being a source of light to others in times of darkness.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Help us always to be prepared and ready for when the power might go out in out our homes. Also, help us also to be living in such a way that we will be ready to meet Jesus when he returns – In Jesus’ name – Amen!


  • Parable of the Wedding Banquet

    Children’s sermon on the Parable of the Wedding Banquet / Feast -

    Matthew 22: 1-14

    Kids talk idea: Ask the children to use their imagination to pretend they invited their friends to a party and ask them how they would feel if everybody was busy. Play to them a series of (pre-recorded) excuses on a phone answering machine (with the standard “beep” after each excuse). Read out a paraphrase of the parable of the Wedding Banquet and explain how God would feel if we never had time for him. (You could flesh this out by saying in the end you might invite others you didn’t know quite as well.)

    Prepare: Arrange to have 4 or 5 friends to phone in a short excuse to your home answering machine (Best to do this all at one time). You could have some fun with the excuses. Then record the series of answers on your cell phone or a voice recorder so that you can play it back to the children on Sunday morning. (Use well known people in the congregation and make sure the excuses are pretty pathetic!)

    Full Children’s Sermon:

    Good morning Children! How many of you have ever had a party and invited friends and family to come? (Allow time for response) Did you send out invitations or phone people to see if they could come? How would you feel if you were planning a really special party and when you invited them to come they all had an excuse why they couldn’t come! How would you feel? Would you be sad? Would you be angry? Now, I have something I would like you to listen to. Imagine I was planning on getting married and was going to have a big party to celebrate. Imagine I sent out messages to all my friends to come and celebrate at my party.  Imagine how I would feel if I heard responses like this on my answering machine: (Play the fun responses you have recorded.)

    How would you feel? (Interact with the children) That’s right, I would feel very sad and I might even feel mad!

    In our bible reading this morning from Matthew chapter 22 Jesus tells a parable about how God wants us to come to Him and be a part of his wonderful family and Kingdom. Jesus tells us that this is like a wonderful party! (Read a simple paraphrase of the parable) Isn’t that sad. Jesus is telling us that God wants us to follow him and join him in a wonderful celebration but most people are too busy with other things! Children, I know you have many important things to do in life. However, I hope and pray that you always have time for God (the Father) and Jesus His Son! If we miss out on following God and being a friend of Jesus it would be like missing out on the best party of all!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Thank you that you love us and want us to be a part of your great family and family celebration. Help us to never be so busy that we put other things before you or your son, King Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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