• Jesus the bread of Life

    Children's Story on Jesus the bread of Life

    Object Lesson for Sunday School or Children's Church: John 6:24-35        Bread of Life

    Children's Sermon Idea: Jesus is the bread of life.
    Objects needed: Staff of bread or bread buns, several random household items.
    Something to symbolize Jesus (Picture of Jesus or a cross)
    Basic idea: Show the children that there is a “stomach” hunger that food can satisfy but there is also a “life” hunger that only Jesus (the bread of life) can satisfy.
    Full Story: Good morning Children! This morning I want you to imagine that you are really hungry. Imagine that you haven’t had any food for two days. What would that be like? How would your stomach feel? I’m going to show you some things and I want you to respond by all saying YES and nodding, or all saying NO and shaking your head. Ready? Here we go. Now, what if I gave you this (pull out an object – a wrench). Would that help you? No it wouldn’t. What about this (pull out another object – a hat). Would this satisfy you? No! It wouldn’t. (Continue on with some toys or other objects). Then pull out the bread. What about this bread? YES! You’re right! When we are hungry in our stomachs we need food, like this bread. Only food will satisfy that type of  hunger.
    This morning children I want to tell you about another type of hunger. It is a hunger for LIFE – a hunger for meaning, for peace, for love. This hunger for real LIFE, the life God gives cannot be filled with things (hold up some items, toys, etc.) The bible says that only Jesus can satisfy that type of hunger. The bible says that Jesus is the Bread of Life. We need this type of bread (hold up the rolls or buns) or food to fill our stomachs and make us healthy. We also need Jesus (hold a picture of Jesus or a cross) who is the bread or food for the true, wonderful, true LIFE that God has for us.
    Pray:Thank you God for provide a way that both types of hunger can be satisfied. We have food, such as bread, to fill our stomachs and to make our bodies work properly. Thank you God for also sending Jesus. He is the Bread of Life. Thank you that he is the one who can satisfy our hunger for a life of joy, love, peace and purpose. Help us to trust him, follow him and know him as our friend. We ask this in the name of Jesus – the Bread of Life! Amen.

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  • Jesus the Bread of Life children's video

    Jesus the Bread of Life video object lesson (Less than 5 minutes, fun and interactive)

  • Jesus the Gate - I am the Good Shepherd

     I am the Gate and I am the Good Shepherd   

    Kids sermon idea:  John 10:1 - 10
    Involve the children in acting out aspects of John 10:1- 10. Use the children to hold hands and make a sheep pen and have them experience going in and out through the gate to find pasture and to find security at night. Explain how Jesus is the gate into the Kingdom of God. You could explain how Jesus said he was like the gate and that he was also like the shepherd. (The text from John 10 includes both these ideas)
    Object lesson props:  None / However, a makeshift shepherds crook might help identity the shepherd.
    Children’s Sermon:  God morning children! In our bible reading this morning we read how Jesus said he was a like a Gate to a sheep pen. I want you to help me act this out so we can understand what Jesus was talking about. Now, I need some of you to make a sheep pen. (Get the children to join hands and form a square or circle.) Now, I also need to make a Gate that can open and close so that the sheep can go in and out. Thank you. Let’s open and close the gate to see how it works. (Get 2 of the children to swing their arms open and closed.) Now, we need a few of you to be sheep. I’ll pretend I am a shepherd and I will lead you in and out of the sheep pen by going through the gate. Since you are sheep, I think you should make some sheep sounds! (bah bah etc.) Let’s open the gate and go inside the sheep pen. Now I’ll close the gate so it’s safe and no wolves can come in and hurt you. Of course, in the morning you need to follow the shepherd out through the gate in order to find pasture and good grass to eat. (Open the gate and lead them out.) Then when night comes they go back in through the gate to safety.
    Note: My understanding is that sometimes the shepherd would lie down across the sheep pen entrance make himself be a literal Gate. You could act this out too.
    Thank the children and have them sit down. Explain how Jesus said he was the Gate to the sheep pen.
    We have to go through Him. To be a part of God’s family and Kingdom we have to go through Jesus. (We believe in Him, and trust Him to be our saviour and friend.) We can’t be a part of God’s family and God’s Kingdom any other way. We have to come through Jesus the gate. (You could also explain how Jesus said he was also like the shepherd who would protect the sheep and lead them out into good pasture.)
    Children’s prayer: Thank you God that through Jesus the Gate we can enter your wonderful Kingdom and family. Thank you that Jesus is also a good shepherd who will watch over us and lead us into good pasture. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Jesus the Good Shepherd

    Children's Story on the Good Shepherd

    Easter 3: Jesus the Good Shepherd     
    Bible Text:John 10:11-18 Jesus, the Good Shepherd
    Objects: A Shepherds staff (made with a wooden pole, coat hanger, and duct tape)
    Basic Children's Sermon idea: Dramatically demonstrate the role of a good shepherd and then explain how Jesus loves us and looks after us like a good shepherd. (Note: This could be done with a shepherd’s staff as an object lesson. However, there is more impact if you involve the children in some drama as well.)
    Full Object Lesson / Children's sermon: (Start by reading a short section from John 10 about Jesus being the good shepherd.)
    Good Morning Children. Do you see what I made here? What do you think it is? Right. It’s a shepherd’s staff. A shepherd is a person who looks after sheep and in many parts of the world they carry a staff like this. OK. You pretend you are sheep and follow me over here. Do you know what sound sheep make? Right! Make some “bahhhing” as we go. Like a good shepherd I’ll lead you to some good pasture. This looks like a good spot. Pretend you are eating some grass children. OK. I’ll continue to lead you on. Sometimes one of the sheep gets lost. (Lean over and whisper to one of the children to pretend to wander off – you could preplan this but it works fine to do it this way.) Oh my. One of the sheep has wandered off and is lost. I’ve got to go find it in order to bring it back to the fold. Sometimes the little sheep get stuck over a ledge. Then the shepherd gets his staff like this and reaches out to it like this and brings it safely back. (Use the hook end of the staff to pull the child back to the group) Continue on. Now children, sometimes the shepherd must protect the sheep from an animal like a wolf. (Quickly ask an adult nearby to show their teeth and growl like an angry wolf) Whoa! There’s a scary wolf! (Quickly move between the children and the wolf with your protective staff) I won’t run away from my sheep. As a good shepherd I use my staff to protect them. “Take that you nasty wolf, and stay away from my sheep.” That was a little scary but I’m glad I was able to protect you from that wolf. (Lead the children back up to the front of the church or some place where you can sit down and debrief)
    Thanks for helping me with my story children; you were good at pretending to be sheep. (Get the congregation to give them a round of applause.) The Bible reading today tells us that we are like sheepand Jesus is like a good shepherd. If we follow Jesus, like a good shepherd he will lead us to good pasture – he will feed us and nourish us. Like a good shepherd he will search after us if we are lost and rescue us. He will never run away from us in scary times but will protect us. I’m so thankful that Jesus is a good shepherd who loves us and watches over us. (At another time you could discuss how he feeds us, protects us, leads us, etc.)
    Prayer: Thank you God that Jesus is a good shepherd, who loves us, leads us, feeds us and protects us. Help us always to stay close to him and to follow him. In Jesus’ name. Amen
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  • John 3;16 For God so loved the world

    Kids Sermon: For God so Loved the World   John 3:16    valentine heart

    John 3:16  (2nd Sunday in Lent – for those who follow the revised common lectionary)
    John 3 16 Gods love
    Children’s gospel message idea:
    Bring in a large cardboard sign with JOHN 3:16 in big letters. Get a helper to hold it up and wave it around like the common sight in a football stadium. Discuss the verse and why Christians hope that they can be seen on TV.
    Object lesson items.  Large cardboard sign with the words “JOHN 3:16.” You could also where a toque, scarf, noisemaker and football jersey if you want to really look like a fan in the bleachers.
    Children’s Sermon:
    Good morning children! Tell me if this reminds you of anything you have ever seen. (Hold up and wave around the John 3:16 sign.) That’s right. If you have ever been to a football game or seen one on TV you have probably seen someone in the crowd waving this sign. Do you know what it means? John 3:16 is a bible verse. It says (show them in the bible), “for God so love the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” It is a wonderful bible verse because it tells us of God’s wonderful love for the world and that Jesus has opened the way for us to have eternal life! By trusting in Jesus we can have a wonderful life now and that goes on for ever and ever! That is a wonderful message that needs to get out to the whole world. Some Christians came up with the idea that by holding up the sign at football games where there are many people. They are hoping that people at the game might become curious and look up John 3:16 in the bible. They are also hoping that it might get on the TV camera and go out to the whole world!
    I think it is a wonderful way of helping others discover the wonderful message of God’s in Jesus Christ. However, that may not be our way of telling others about Jesus. Each of us can tell others about Jesus and his love. If we are Christ followers, each of us is a “sign” to the rest of the world of the life and love of Jesus Christ.
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for your amazing love that we read about in John 3:16. Help us to get that message out to the rest of the world. That way they can believe in Jesus and discover his wonderful life that goes on for ever and ever. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • John the Baptist

    Advent - John the Baptist          Lectionary: Luke 3:1-6

    Object lessonand children's Advent sermon: John the Baptist sounds the alarm – be prepared  
    Prepare the way
    john the baptist alarm warning

    Children’s sermon idea: Show the children a small battery operated smoke detector. (These are very common) Push the test button to catch their attention. Discuss the role of a smoke detector and then explain the role of John the Baptist. Wake up! It’s dangerous to be ill prepared for Jesus.
    As a Sunday School lesson: Demonstrate the smoke detector’s loud beep.
    -Discuss what sort of things John could do to warn the people that Jesus was coming.
    -Discuss the things the children might do if they knew Jesus was coming tomorrow.
    -Discuss what they can do now to get ready for welcoming Jesus at Christmas and being ready for his return at any time. (What does it mean to “repent” and “wake up.”?)
    Object lesson items: Small battery operated smoke detector. If you don’t have one a friend or neighbor will. They can usually be released by pressing up and turning a ¼ turn counterclockwise.
    Full Children’s Sermon for Advent:
    Good morning children. Today, in this season of Advent our bible reading is about John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a messenger sent to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. He knew Jesus was coming and that the people needed to get ready. This morning I brought something from home that is designed to wake us up and get us ready. (Hold up the smoke detector). Do you know what this is? It’s a smoke detector. It’s designed to make a loud beep if it detects smoke from a fire. That way, if a fire started in your house late at night it would beep loudly, wake you up, and then you could get to safety. Listen to the loud beep. (Push the center test button to sound the alarm. Or, you could hold a match underneath, blow it out, and let the smoke trigger the sound. You could ask them to pretend to be asleep before sounding the alarm. ) That really woke you up didn’t it!
    The smoke detector wakes us up and warns us that we’d better get ready and go to safety. John the Baptist was a bit like this smoke detector. A long time ago many of the people living in Israel were not thinking about being right with God. John the Baptist sounded the alarm, by saying “wake up,” “repent” and get ready for the Savior. This took place many years ago in Israel but John’s message is important for us today. If we are being asleep to God it’s important that we wake up. I think it is especially important at this time of year when we are getting ready for Christmas. At Christmas time it is especially important that we are living in such a way that our hearts are open to Jesus Christ. We certainly couldn’t have Christmas without Jesus Christ. Also, if we wake up to God and live lives pleasing to him we will be ready when Jesus returns.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for these smoke detectors that wake us up and warn us when there is a fire. Thank you for sending John the Baptist to prepare the way and wake people up in preparation for Jesus. We know that if we have our hearts right before you we will be ready to welcome Jesus this Christmas and we’ll also be ready to see him when he returns to earth again. In Jesus Name – Amen!

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  • Kids gospel message -The man born blind

    Kids object lesson on Spiritual Blindness (John 9:1-41)

     Jesus in the snow

    Idea overview: Show the children an ambiguous picture of a person or thing (Consider the cryptic picture of Jesus (see above). Ask them if they can see the picture of a person (or whatever object you use that is not obvious to all). Show them where the person is in the picture. Discuss how we can sometimes miss what seems to be in plain sight. Explain how Jesus did many wonderful things but some people just couldn’t see that Jesus was the promised savior.

    Objects needed: Some ambiguous picture that people might need help to truly see and understand. (If you want to find the picture above, simply do an internet search for “Jesus in the snow”)

    (Note: Make sure that some children are not left with the idea that they are spiritually blind. Highlight that this illustrates that we can sometimes miss what is right before us. I would emphasize that many people seem to be blind to Jesus, but thankfully they can see and understand he really is a wonderful Savior.)

    Children’s sermon: Good morning, Children! Today I would like you to look at this interesting picture. What do you see? Can you see a person in the picture? (If someone sees the image of a person, have them get up and help explain it to others) Yes, some people see the picture of a person. I think it looks like how I picture Jesus – although no one knows for sure exactly what he looked like. See, here are the person’s eyes, there is his nose etc.

    When Jesus walked on this earth many years ago there were some people who couldn’t really understand Jesus. It was like they were “spiritually blind”. In our bible reading today Jesus healed a blind man. Many people saw and believed in Jesus and his wonderful healing power. However, some people were right there but refused to believe in Him. Even when they could see that the blind man had been wonderfully healed! It was like they were blind to understanding that Jesus was the Savior.

    I am so thankful that we know Jesus is really the savior of the world. It is sad that many people just can’t “see” what a wonderful savior he is. My prayer is that, as we follow Jesus, others can come to understand and see that he really is the savior of the world.

    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for opening our eyes and hearts so that we can believe and know that Jesus really is the savior of the world. Help us to live in such a way that others who seem to be blind to him will come to know him, and his amazing love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Kids lesson on the Cost of Following Jesus

    Children’s sermon idea teaching about the cost of following Jesus Luke 14 25-33   

    (Ministry idea - work in progress!)

    Here is an idea for a children sermon or Bible lesson on the cost of following Jesus: It’s not a perfect analogy (and maybe a little convoluted) but it will allow the children to “see” visually the process of counting the cost of following Jesus. I think it can work. (Of course, the text says we need to give up everything, but this is a tangible way of considering some personal costs Christian kids face)

    Count the cost

    Object lesson idea: I’m thinking of using some balance scales or improvising a balance scale with a balance board sitting on a pivot point. Explain how weigh scales were used to measure the weight of money or something of worth. Load up on one side items representing the cost of following Jesus. Then on the other side place a big heavy item representing the value of following Jesus and being a child of God.

    Object lesson props: Some small dark stones representing the costly weight of following Jesus. A big colorful rock representing the amazing love and life of Jesus. A board balance in the middle as a weigh scale.

    Good morning children! Do you see this homemade balance weigh scale here? Many years ago they used to use these to weigh out gold, silver or perhaps some fool like wheat or corn. (Give a simple demonstration). Sometimes it’s very important to know the cost of things. In fact, Jesus said that if we want to follow him (be a Christian disciple) we need to count the cost. Following Jesus is wonderful but there is a cost, things we need to give up.

    What are some costs of following Jesus – things we need to consider if we want to follow Jesus? Do you see these small items or stones? Let’s pretend they remind us of the “costs” of following Jesus.

    1 Let’s pretend this stone reminds us of money. (or just use coins) If we want to follow Jesus he may want us to give some of our money to help the poor. (Place the stone of the left side of the balance – tipping it down.

    2 What are some other costs of following Jesus? Let’s pretend this stone represents some people that might make fun of us because we go to church. (place the stone beside the other stone or money)

    3 Instead of a rock, this time let’s put my watch on the scales. It reminds us that following Jesus means letting him plan out how we spend our time.

    4. (Keep going – you get the idea)

    Now children, it might seem that there are a lot of reasons that make following Jesus difficult. There are a lot of “costs” weighing down this side of the balance. However, compared to following Jesus and knowing his wonderful love these things are worth letting go of. (Reach over and pick up a large gold colored rock) This rock looks like a huge piece of Gold. It reminds me of the wonderful love and life of Jesus. Let’s place it on the other side of the balance. Wow! It outweighs all those other things. Knowing and following Jesus so important.

    Kids, following Jesus is often hard. Showing love to our enemies, giving our money, sometime being made fun of, (point to the stones / items on the left) is difficult and costly. But it’s truly worth it! Jesus’ love is so amazing, precious, wonderful, and valuable. It’s of far more value than these things.

    Kids closing prayer: Dear God, thankyou that knowing you and your son Jesus is the greatest thing in all the world. When we are finding it difficult following Jesus, remind us that your love and life is worth more than anything in the whole world. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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  • Kids object lesson - I stand at the door and knock

    Children's sermon - Behold I stand at the door and knock - Rev 3:20 -

    Basic idea: Use a door knocker (or knock on a small door or piece of wood) and explain how Jesus said he was standing at the  door of our hearts, knocking, and wanting to come in. 

    Advent door

    Full children's sermon: Good morning children! I'm so happy to see all your smiling faces today. Today, we're going to talk about something really special—a door knocker! Have you ever seen a door knocker before? It's that cool thing on doors that you can knock to let someone inside know that you're there! Many houses just have a button and buzzer or bell, but many houses still have a knocker like this.

    Now, I want to tell you about an amazing Bible verse. It's from the book of Revelation, which is kind of like the last part of the Bible. The verse is Revelation 3:20, and it says something very interesting. It says that Jesus is like a friend who knocks on the door of our hearts. Isn't that awesome?

    Let me show you this door knocker I brought. (Show them the door knocker) See, just like this door knocker, Jesus is always knocking on the door of our hearts. He wants to come into our lives. But here's the thing—he doesn't force his way in. No way! Jesus is like the best friend ever, and he waits for us to open the door and invite him into our lives.

    You see, Jesus wants to be a part of everything we do—when we play, when we learn, when we're happy, and even when we're a bit sad. He loves us so much that he wants to be with us all the time. He loves us so much. How amazing is that?

    Now, let's imagine our lives are like houses, and Jesus is standing at the door, knocking. Can you pretend to knock on a door with me? Knock, knock, knock! Great job!

    So, when we share love with our friends, when we're kind to others, when open our lives to Jesus in prayer, and when we do what we know God wants us to do, it's like we're opening the door to Jesus. We're saying, "Come on in, Jesus! Be a part of my day!" Lets go through this day together!

    And you know what? Jesus is always there, ready to join us. He loves us so much, and being with us makes him really happy.

    So, my friends, let's always be sensitive to Jesus knocking on the door of our hearts. We may not hear a sound like this (bang on the door knocker) but we can sense that Jesus is wanting to come in and be a big part of our lives. Let's welcome him in every part of our lives—when we play, when we eat, when we learn, and when we rest, when we are happy and when we are sad. Jesus is the best friend we could ever have, and having him with us makes everything even more wonderful!

    I hope you remember this the next time you see a door knocker or hear a knock on the door. Jesus is always ready to come in and be a part of our lives because he loves us so, so much!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God – thankyou that Jesus loves us so and wants to be a central part of our lives. Help us always to “open the door” of our hearts and welcome him in. That way we can know that he will guide us and lead us into the wonderful life that he has for us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

  • Kids Object lesson ideas John 10:1-10 Shepherd and the Gate

    Sunday School ideas for teaching that Jesus is the Shepherd and the Gate - John 10:1-10

    In the account of John 10:1-10   Jesus is both the shepherd and the gate to the sheep pen. The latter part of the text focuses on Jesus being the gate.

    Jesus the Good Shepherd

    A. Illustrate the Sheepfold and Gate: You can create a homemade sheepfold and toy sheep to illustrate the concept of Jesus being the gate of the sheep. (A miniature sand box would work too) Show the children how the shepherd would lead the sheep into the sheepfold at night for protection. Often the Shepherd would lie across the opening to the pen making himself literally a “gate”. Explain how Jesus is the gate, and that only through Him can we enter the Kingdom of God.

    B. Blindfolded Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course and have the children take turns navigating it while blindfolded. At the end of the obstacle course you could have a sheep pen. Then, remove the blindfolds and guide the children through the course to illustrate how Jesus is the good shepherd who can lead his sheep. He is also the gate into the sheep pen. We must enter through this gate (Jesus) to enter the sheep pen.

    C. Sheep Costume: Dress up a child in a sheep costume and have the other children pretend to be wolves or thieves. (Note: This can get a little chaotic!) Explain how the sheep only follow the shepherd's voice and that Jesus is our Good Shepherd who protects us from harm. Use a homemade shepherds staff to protect the sheep from the wolves. It could be a lot of fun! That will help them remember.

    D. The Life / Maze Game: Create a maze on a large piece of paper and have the children take turns finding their way through it. Then, explain how life can often feel like a maze, but by following the Jesus (and his wisdom) we can find out way without getting lost.

    Note: You may have a ready made object lesson if there is any “gate” on your church property. Alternately you can use any door in your church as a gate.

  • Kids sermon a New Commandment to Love


    Kids sermon - A new commandment love (John 13)

    By this shall all know you are my disciples

    Children’s sermon: John 13:31-35 The commandment to love one another

    Children’s sermon idea: (Have on hand items of clothing, hats or badges that represent various occupations and people.) Discuss with the children how they can recognize various people by what they wear. Discuss how we might recognize a group of Christians. Jesus said “By this shall all know that you are my disciples.” It’s our love for one another that should show that we are Christians.

    Object lesson items: Clothing items worn by various people / professions. You might need to borrow some clothing items from members of your congregation.

    Children’s sermon: Good morning children. In this box I have various garments that people wear. (Bring out a hard hat.) What person might wear a hat like this? That’s right. If you saw someone wearing this they might be a workman or a carpenter. (Hold up a fireman’s coat and hat.) What kind of person would wear this clothing? Right – a firefighter. (Continue with some more items of clothing that are easily identifiable.) You did very well. I have one more question. How can you recognize that someone is a Christian? If you saw a group of people how would you know they were Christians?

    That’s right. Christians wear different kinds of clothing. It’s not that easy to tell right away. However, in our bible reading today from the gospel of John, Jesus said that there was one thing that would let others know we are Christians. Jesus said that if we had love for one another other people in the world would be able to tell that we are Christians. Others can’t tell that we follow Jesus by looking at what we wear. However, they should be able to tell that we follow Jesus by how we love each other. Jesus said, “by this shall all know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Let’s pray and ask God to help us love each other so that other would recognize us as Christians and want to know about Jesus and his love.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, please give us power through the Holy Spirit to grow in our love for each other. In that way others might be able to see that we follow Jesus and that they too might decide to follow him and know his wonderful love. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

  • Kids sermon Feed my Sheep (short video)

    Children's message Feed my Sheep (Short idea via video) Jesus is the good shepherd who looks after his sheep and feeds them

  • Kids sermon for after Christmas - Most important gift

    Children's sermon for after Christmas - object lesson - The Gift that lasts forever -

    Broken gifts

    This is an idea for a Children’s sermon soon after Christmas. Most kids will have received presents at Christmas and will soon find out that they break down, wear out and ultimately don’t bring lasting satisfaction. Perhaps it’s a good time to remind them of the greatest gift that lasts forever – Jesus.

    (This is based on a kid’s story posted on this site about “Treasures in Heaven”)

    Basic childrens sermon idea: Ask the children what gifts they received at Christmas. Ask them if any of these gifts have been broken. Show some items that you received that have been broken, worn out or didn’t really meet your expectations. Explain that material “things” bring happiness for a while, but they don’t bring lasting meaning or joy. Only the gift of Jesus will last forever. He will never leave us or forsake us.

    Object lesson items needed:  Old broken or worn-out gifts that you may have around the house. (You could have some fun with this)

    Full kids Bible talk: Good morning Children! How was your Christmas? Did you receive any gifts? What sort of things did you get? (Spend some time interacting) Did these items bring you a lot of joy?

    I want to show you some things I have in this box. (Pull various items out one by one) Look at this toy. I received this many years ago but it’s broken now. Look at this gift item I received. It looks nice but it doesn’t work. Look at this item…(You get the idea. You could also include items that still work but you are no longer interested in them. They don’t mean that much to you anymore. The happiness and excitement of getting the gifts doesn’t last long.)

    At Christmas you probably received lots of good things that made you happy. But don’t be surprised if one day soon you find out that they don’t bring lasting happiness. When I was young I would say to myself, “If I get that gift then I will be happy forever!” But before too long I discovered that those gifts didn’t bring happiness that lasts. Have you ever had that experience?

    Christmas is a great time of year. One nice thing about Christmas is that we get gifts. It’s always wonderful to receive new gifts and toys. However, one day we will discover that those toys don’t bring lasting happiness. There is one gift that will never break down and disappoint us. It’s the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus. Although we can’t see him with our eyes, he promises to be with us forever. He will always love us and will never leave us.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, we are thankful for all the gifts we received at Christmas. They are wonderful but we know that they won’t bring us lasting peace and joy. Thankyou for sending Jesus; the greatest gift of all. Thank you that he loves us, he guides us, he lives forever, and he will never forsake us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!  

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  • kids sermon ideas - John 14 I go to prepare a place for you

    Children's sermon ideas: “In my father’s house are many rooms (or KJV Mansions) if it were not so I would have told you…”-

     my fathers house

    Check out these children's Sunday school object lesson ideas for John 14:1-14, which talks about the many rooms in our Father's house: Stress that we don’t need to worry that it is short of space. Highlight that Jesus said he was going there ahead of us to prepare this wonderful place.


    Involve the kids in Building a house: Bring in some toy building blocks and ask the children to help you build a house. Talk about how just as we need many rooms in a house for different people to live in, there are many rooms in our Father's house for all of us. Stress the idea there is lots of room.


    Finding Our Way to our true home with God our father: Give each child a small compass and ask them to follow the direction of "home." (You may need to give a bit of an explanation about what a compass in and how it works) Talk about how just as a compass helps us find our way, Jesus is the way to our true home in heaven.


    "The Key to Heaven": Bring in a large key (have a wood working friend make one) and talk about how it represents the key to heaven. Ask the children what they think it takes to get the key and discuss how by believing in Jesus, we are given the key to eternal life. Discuss what might be the characteristics of “our our heaven father’s house”.


    Work with the children to produce a “Map to Heaven": Bring in (or make) a large map and talk about how it represents the journey to our Father's house. Discuss how by following Jesus, we can find our way to our ultimate destination and home.

  • Kids sermon Joy of the Lord is our Strength

    The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

    Nehemiah Chapter 8Lectionary

    Joy of the Lord Strength

    Children’s sermon idea: Involve the kids in some strength exercises. (Get them to join in with some sit-ups, push-ups, pretend to lift some weights etc. Make it fun!) We want our bodies strong, but God can help us to be strong on the inside. Explain how Ezra said that the “Joy of the Lord is our strength”. If we turn to Jesus, remember His promises and follow Him we can know this Joy and Strength on the inside. That will give us inner strength and help us through the hard times of life.

    Objects items needed: None. However, you could bring in some weights or other exercise devices.

    Children’s Sermon:

    Good morning, children! How many of you are feeling strong this morning? It’s important to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Let’s do some exercises. First, join with me in doing some jumping jacks… Now, lets do some running on the spot… Now let’s do some push-ups… Now let’s pretend to lift some weights… How did that feel? Join with me in flexing your muscles (like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rosie the Riveter.)

    Ok, let’s take a rest. Our bible lesson today is from a bible book call the Nehemiah. The bible reading is about a leader called Ezra. After God’s people returned to Jerusalem, they needed to rebuild the wall that was in need of repair. When they had finished, they had a great celebration and promised to stay close to God. They were feeling pretty week and tired, but Ezra told them to celebrate because the Joy of the Lord would keep them strong. (Read 8:10-12)

    From time to time all of us can get tired and discouraged. Sometimes life is hard and it’s not easy to keep going. But in those times, it’s important to remember all the good things that we have as followers of Jesus; children of God.

    We know that Jesus loves us.

    We know that He promises to be with us always.

    We know that one day he will “wipe away every tear from our eyes”.

    We know that nothing can separate us from His love.

    When remember things (from the bible) we can have a deep down Joy that will be like an inner strength. Every day we can spend some time remembering God’s wonderful promises so that the Joy of the Lord will be our strength.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for all the wonderful promises we have as children of God. Help us to remember these promises each day so that the Joy of the Lord would be our strength through the hard times of life. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • kids sermon on being Clothed with Christ

     Children’s sermon on Galatians 3:23-29   

    All those who have been baptized into Christ have clothed themselves with Christ.
    Idea for Children’s Sermon: Talk about (and act out) the importance of getting properly dressed in the morning. Explain how Paul encourages us to think as though we have clothed ourselves with Christ. (My first draft here is a bit choppy and needs proof reading. However, you’ll get the drift of things.)
    Object lesson items: Various items of (important) clothing. Consider using a big warm winter coat. You could also use a football or hockey jersey that shows who we indentify with.
    Full Kids sermon: Good morning children! What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? (interact). When I first get up I pull on my pants. Then I go to the cupboard and get some clean socks. I put those on. (Act out and consider asking the children to act this out with you.) Then I put on some shoes. Then I get a nice clean shirt. What do you think I put on if I’m going outside on a cold day? That’s right. I get a nice warm jacket and put that on too. On Saturdays, I put this team shirt on. It shows that I’m a member of my soccer club. It also shows others that this game is important to me.
    Putting on clothes is very important. Clothes protect us from getting scratched up. Clothes also keep us nice and warm. They also help us to look nice. When I put on my soccer shirt it shows others what my favourite sport is. One of our bible readings this morning is from Paul’s letter to the Galatians. In the 3rd chapter of his letter, Paul says that followers of Jesus (actually, the baptized) have clothed themselves with Jesus Christ. Paul liked to think of actually “wearing” Jesus Christ, somewhat like we wear a piece of clothing. (If you think it’s helpful you could also explain how Paul thought in terms of having Christ “in us” and walking “with us.”) Kids, perhaps this is one way that we can think about Jesus Christ as well. When I get up in the morning I put on my shirt like this. Perhaps we can imagine clothing ourselves with Christ. Let’s pretend that we are putting on Christ. (Pretend to put on a coat.) At the same time we could say a prayer asking God to help us live for Jesus and for others to know we are on his team!
    Children’s Prayer for clothing ourselves with Christ:  Dear God, help us clothe ourselves with Jesus Christ every day of our life. Fill us with your Holy Spirit and help others see that we really do belong to Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  • Kids sermon on Jesus calming the storm

    Jesus can calm the wind and the waves

    Kids Sermon: Jesus Calms the Storm -- (He can also calm the storms of life)

    Mark  4:35- 41     Even the Wind and Waves obey him:     "Peace,  be still "

    Children’s sermon idea: Sunday School or Children's Church:  Demonstrate how Jesus was able to calm the storm. Get the congregation to violently wave their hands, making the sound of wind. Ask the children to imagine being in a boat at sea. In a loud voice call out “PEACE – BE STILL” showing how Jesus had power over the wind and the waves.
    Object lesson props: None   Jesus calms the storm
    Full Kids Sermon: Good morning children! In our bible reading today the disciples learned that Jesus had power over the wind and the waves. The disciples were out on the sea when a huge storm came up. There were terrified when they saw the big waves and heard the sound of the wind. Then they woke up Jesus. He told the wind and the waves to calm down and right away, the storm stopped. They were amazed at his power – the power of God!
    Let’s act this out to see what it was like. You can pretend you are the disciples sitting in the boat. The people out there in the congregation will be the wind and the waves. Let’s practice a bit. Members of the congregation, please make the sound of a violent wind. That’s great. Now let’s add some waves to that. We will do it again but wave your hands in the air like waves in a storm. Wow, that looks like a scary storm. Now kids, when you see the wind and the waves pretend to be very scared. I will pretend to be Jesus commanding the storm to be still. OK, we are about to start. Kids, pretend you are rowing a boat on the Sea of Galilee. Great! Now let’s have the storm start. Good. Louder still. Bigger waves. (Egg them on a bit). When the disciples saw the waves they were terrified. (Gesture to the children to look terrified.) Now just when the disciples thought they might drown they woke up Jesus. He stood up and said, “Peace, be still!” (The congregation will understand they are to stop.) As soon as Jesus said those words, the storm stopped and the disciples were relieved (whew!) They were so amazed that Jesus could command the wind and the waves. They were learning the Jesus was no ordinary person; he had the power of God!
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, it’s wonderful that Jesus had all the power in the world. Help us to trust Jesus and follow him so we can know his amazing power and his amazing love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
    Copyright 2012   Andrew Hewlett Feel free to use this story on Sunday but please give credit to SundayChildrensFocus and consider linking to this site. Thank you – A.H.
  • Kids sermon on Jesus' authority

    Short Fun Children's sermon - The Authority of Jesus questioned

    Children’s Sermon idea:
    After welcoming the children / youth arrange to be interrupted by “Jesus.” (Someone who might look like Jesus and wear a long robe. In order to make it clear they could wear a sign, “JESUS.”) After Jesus asks to speak to the children explain that this is YOUR time for teaching and that he will have to find something else to do. Have fun with the interaction. Then debrief with the children and explain how crazy it would be to tell Jesus that he is not allowed to teach. It’s His Church and he is God the Son! Give a short explanation of the Matt 21:23-28 and remind that children that he is the most important person in the church and in our lives.
    Object lesson items / props: This involves some dramatic preparation. Pick someone to be Jesus. They could wear a bathrobe with a sign that says “Jesus.”
    Full (Free!) Kids Sermon:
    Good morning children! This morning I would like to talk to you about our bible reading from Matthew chapter 21…(Make this the cue for JESUS to come up front and interrupt you by asking to speak to the children. ) “Excuse me, I’m Jesus and I would like to speak to the children this morning.” (Look startled and perplexed.) Wow. It’s great to have you hear Jesus but it is actually my job to speak to the children on Sunday mornings. “But I have something important to say to the children…” Well, you need to understand that I was hired to be the pastor (or youth group teacher) of this church so I don’t think you should be doing my job. “But I just want to tell my children about my love…” Hey! I think you should go now before you put me out of a job…(User Jesus off to the side.)
    (Let’s give Mr____ a big hand for helping me out with this little drama.)
    Children, that was just a fun little drama to remind us of how foolish it would be to tell Jesus that he couldn’t speak in our church. Of course we would want Jesus to speak to us. This is His church, He is our Saviour and we would always want to let him speak to us. Since He is the “Boss” it would be terrible if I didn’t let him speak in His church. However, that is what seemed to happen in our bible lesson today for Matthew chapter 21. The religious leaders got angry that Jesus was teaching the people. They said it was their job and not his. But we know that Jesus had been put in charge by God the Father. However, even though Jesus the most important person of all the leaders didn’t like him teaching the people.
    Our little drama and the reading from the Bible should remind us that Jesus is the most important person the whole world. He is our boss or leader and the most important teacher of all. We should always read our Bible and learn more about Jesus the wonderful teacher. The good news is that he is still alive and guides us, leads us, and teaches us through the Holy Spirit.

    Children’s Prayer: Thank you God for sending Jesus. Help us to learn from Him and follow him each day of our life. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

    Copyright  2011 Andrew Hewlett   Feel free to use this on Sunday morning but please give credit to Sundaychildrensfocus  

  • kids sermon when two or more are gathered in my name


    Children’s Sermon: Teaching Children about Jesus and his church


    Text - Matthew 18:15-20 “Where two or three are gathered in my name…there I am with them.” 

    Basic bible story idea:
    I’m going with the idea that there is actually a way that 1 plus 1 equals 3! Where there are two or more Christians gathered Jesus is there too. Show two pieces of coloured glass. Bring them together and show them how there is a third colour where they overlap. Show the children 4 small cut out triangle. Piece them together and show how pieced together the 4 triangles make a 5th large triangle. (Like all analogies this is does not describe perfectly how Jesus is present in our midst.) Explain how when believers gather there is actually an extra person present – Jesus.
    Complete Children’s sermon:
    Good morning children!  I have a question for you. What does one plus one equal? Right. However, I’m going to show you a way that one plus one equals three! This morning I have two colourful pieces of glass with me. I have this pretty piece of blue glass (hold it up for them to see), and I have this piece of yellow glass. Therefore, you can see that I have two colours in total, blue and yellow. Watch carefully. I’m going to put there two colours together. Look what happens when I put the two colours together. What colour do you see here in between? Right. There is a third new colour, green! Two pieces of coloured glass and a third new colour. I’m going to show you something else. Look at these 4 small triangles. (It might be easiest to place these on a felt board or stick them one by one on cardboard. Show them how you can fit them together in the shape of one big triangle.) There, I have 4 small triangles here but look carefully. These 4 actually make another big triangle when they are all together. When they are all together, there are actually 5 triangles. That’s pretty amazing. This reminds me of something that Jesus taught his disciples. In Matthew 18 Jesus said that where two or more believers gathered that he was there too. Now, we know that Jesus is with us always, but in some special way Jesus is right here with us when we come together. We can’t see Jesus but he said he would be right here with us. Let’s count how many children are up here now. (Count together) Great! There are ten of us. However, we know that there are really 11 of us because Jesus is here too. Let’s pray.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for this wonderful miracle that when we gather Jesus is right here with us too. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Kingdom Priorities

    -Seek first the Kingdom of God -   
    Matt. 6: 25-34 also Worry, Ministry, self seeking, seek ye first the Kingdom of God   -

    (For use as a Children's Sermonor as an introduction to a creative Sunday School lesson)

    Props: None (Spontaneous drama this morning)
    Time:5 Minutes
    Basic Children's sermon Idea: Set up a “static” dramatic contrast to show the kids what it means to “seek first the kingdom” and not to worry too much about food and clothing etc.
    Full Children's Story  Good morning children. This morning in our Bible reading Jesus says that we shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about food and clothing. We should focus most of our attention on doing the work of Kingdom of God. This morning I’ll show you the difference. Now, I need some people over on this side of the children. Betty, John and Karen. Would you come forward here and show us some of the kingdom ministry that God wants us to do. John, you sit in this chair with your hands over your face as if you are very sad and discouraged. Betty, would you knell down beside him with your hand on his shoulder like you are trying comfort him. Karen, why don’t you stand here ….(-do some ministry task: bandage a wound, read the bible, share some food, etc.) Now I want you to just stay there holding that position. Now, I need some more volunteers to help me over on this side. (Ask a few members of the congregation to come forward to the other side of the children.) Bill, Frank, George and Tom, please come forward and stand right here. Now I want you to be very worried about your clothes this morning. Bill, look at Frank’s nice sweater. I want you to be look very worried that his sweater is nicer than yours. George, I want you to look very worried about the color of your hair. Hold your hands like this pretending to look into a mirror. Don’t forget to look very worried! (Keep assigning tasks.) Keep looking at each other up and down and worry about your clothing. (I had to keep reminding the congregation that this was serious and not to laugh too much. However, a little snickering simply adds to the obvious ridiculousness of the picture.)
    (Speak to the children) Now kids, I want you to look at these two pictures. I want you to point to the group that is doing God’s Kingdom work. That’s right! This is the work of the Kingdom of God. Jesus, who is our King, would certainly want us to be spending our time doing this sort of thing. But look at this group over here. Look at how worried they are. They are spending all their time worried about what they are wearing and what other people are thinking about them. Of course we want to look nice, and have nice clothes. That’s fine. But some people spend so much time worrying about clothes and the latest fashions (point actors on the left) that they never get around to doing God’s Kingdom work! (Point to your other group). Listen to what Jesus said…(read Matt 6:25-34) He said for us to seek first the Kingdom of God. Let’s take Jesus seriously and always live our lives putting the Kingdom first and worries about what style of clothes we wear second.

     (before praying you could get the “worriers” to come over and join the group doing the work of the Kingdom of God.) “Lord. Thank you that you have provided for our needs. Most of us here have a place to live, nice clothes and good food. Help us not to worry too much about these things, but rather to seek first your kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen”

    (Option: Get the kids to do the acting)

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