• Encouragement for Sunday School Teachers - Advent

    Encouragement for the Season of Advent -

    lantern Advent

    Dear friends in ministry: As we stand on the threshold of the Advent season,  take a moment to reflect on the valuable work you do in nurturing the spiritual growth of your community's children. Your dedication and passion for sharing the teachings of Christ make a profound impact in your own fellowship and beyond. What a great honour to be able to serve the King of Kings!

    Advent, a season of anticipation and preparation, offers us a special opportunity to delve into the meaning of Christmas—the miraculous birth of our Savior. It is a time when we reflect on the profound significance of Christ's coming and prepare our hearts to celebrate the extraordinary gift of love and salvation.

    In the midst of lesson planning, storytelling, and guiding young hearts, remember that you are planting seeds of faith that have the potential to blossom into a lifetime of love for Christ. As you navigate the challenges and joys of teaching, let the Holy Spirit guide and direct you. Just as the wise men journeyed to meet the newborn King with gifts and hearts filled with hope, may you approach this season with the same anticipation and devotion knowing that the Lord will use you your gifts.

    In the coming weeks, may you find inspiration in the story of Mary and Joseph, who embraced their roles in the divine plan with humility and trust. May the warmth of the Advent candles remind you that even in the darkest moments, the light of Christ shines brightly, illuminating our paths and guiding us towards the love, hope, and peace  that has been made flesh in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for being the stewards of Christ's teachings, molding the hearts and minds of the next generation. Your labor of love is a priceless gift to your community, and I encourage you to take moments for personal reflection, prayer, and rejuvenation during this busy season. This is a wonderful time to “abide in Christ” and find new strength for service.

    May your Advent journey be filled with the joy of anticipation, and may the light of Christ's love shine brightly through your teachings, inspiring the hearts of the young ones you guide.

    Blessings to you and your Sunday School class as we joyfully prepare for the celebration of the birth of our Savior.    – A.H

  • Encouragement in stressful times

    A Word of Encouragment for Sunday School Teachers -

    Fellow Pastors, Christian Educators and Sunday School Teachers,

    Keep going

    In these turbulent and stressful times, with wars in our biblical homeland, political tensions, and troubling headlines dominating the news, your role as a Sunday School teacher becomes even more vital. While it's easy to become overwhelmed by size of this worlds problems, remember that your faithfulness in teaching has a profound impact on the lives of the children you serve. Your role is vital!

    You may not have the power to solve all the world's conflicts or put an end to political strife, but in Jesus’s name (and through the power of the Holy Spirit) you possess the ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the young minds entrusted to your care. Here are a few reasons why your faithfulness in the Gospel matters, now more than ever:

    1. Nurturing Faith in Jesus: In a world filled with uncertainty, feer and discord, Sunday Schooll provides a haven where children can explore their faith, ask questions, and find support in their faith. Your steady presence and guidance (not to mention prayers) instill values, empathy, and a strong Christ- Centred moral compass in the hearts of these young souls.
    2. Building Resilience: As a former military chaplain I’ve seen the importance of spiritual resilience. As the world grapples with challenges, teaching the lessons of faith and hope equips children with the resilience they need to face life's difficulties. Your steadfast commitment demonstrates the enduring nature of faith, which can be a source of strength even in troubled times (In their personal lives or in this troubled world).
    3. Fostering Community: Sunday School is more than a classroom; it's a “family” and a community of support and care. You create a safe and nurturing environment where children can build relationships, experience love, and learn the importance of unity and cooperation. This sense of belonging is invaluable when the world feels like it going off the rails!
    4. Leading by Example: Your faithfulness sets a powerful example for your students. When they witness your dedication to teaching, they learn the importance of commitment and reliability in their own lives.
    5. Planting “Gospel” Seeds of Change: The children you teach today are the future leaders, thinkers, and decision-makers of tomorrow. By sowing the seeds of Christ’s love, kindness, and faith, you contribute to a better future, one child at a time.

    Remember that even amidst the chaos and challenges of the world, your role as a Sunday School teacher is a beacon of hope. Your commitment to nurturing young hearts and minds is a profound service to both the children and the broader community. You might not have all the answers, but you have the ability to foster a positive and enduring impact on the lives of those you teach. Even more, you have the opportunity to introduce them to a life long (and even longer!) friend – Jesus!

    A.H. Oct 2023

  • Thanksgiving Encouragement

    Thanksgiving - Dear Pastor / Sunday School Teacher, -

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to take a moment to express gratitude for your dedication and unwavering commitment to serving Christ and the children in your fellowship and of course, the wider Kingdom of God.

    Your high calling as a Christian educator carries immense importance in nurturing young hearts and minds, sowing the seeds of faith, and helping our children grow in their knowledge and love of God. Your patience, love, and steadfast guidance make a lasting impact on the lives of young people. And don’t forget the “ripple effect” that one child can bring about at home, at school, etc

    This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to reflect on the vital work you do. Just as we gather around the table to give thanks for our blessings, let us also gather in our hearts to thank God for what he has done in and through our ministry to youth.

    May this Thanksgiving be a time of renewal for you, a time to rest as you reflect on the seeds you've sown, and a time to find strength in knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of these young souls.

    Thank you for answering the call to serve, for showing God's love, and for helping children( ”the least of these”) to grow in faith. You are cherished, appreciated, and loved.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and may your hearts be filled with the joy and gratitude.

    A.H. SundayChildrensFocus