Memorial Day

  • Memorial Day Children's sermon - Remembrance

    Children sermon for Memorial Day or Veterans Day weekend – Who paid the price? - 

    - 5 minute talk

    Memorial Day Remembrance

    Object lesson idea: Bring in some items that you enjoy but were paid for by someone else. (a good book, a warm jacket, tickets to a movie, etc.) You could also ask a young child, “Who paid for your coat?” Help them to see that some things we enjoy were paid by someone else. Other people paid the price. Then discuss the freedom and peace we enjoy in our country. Explain that other people paid the price so we could be free. Explain that this Memorial Day / Remembrance Day we give thanks to God for those who paid the price for the freedom and peace we enjoy today. Also include those alive who are paying the price for our freedom.

    Object lesson items: Anything you value but was paid for by someone else

    Complete Children’s lesson: Good morning children! This morning I want to show you some things that are very important to me. Here is my favorite painting that is in our house. Isn’t it nice! The best thing about this painting is that it was a gift to me. I get to enjoy it, but someone else paid the price. Here is my favorite sweater that keeps me nice and warm. I was given this on my birthday, and I think it cost a lot of money. I get to enjoy it, but someone else paid the price. (You get the idea – Also, if the children are very young it’s safe to assume they have their items of clothing paid for by their parents. The main thing is to highlight the face that many things we value were paid for by someone else.)

    Kids, it’s wonderful that so many of the things we enjoy were paid for by someone else! There is also something else we that we have that was paid for by others. It’s the freedom and peace we enjoy in our country. Today we want to especially remember those paid for our freedom by giving their live in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. They paid the price for our freedom. Today we also give thanks for Veterans who are still alive, and also members of the armed forces who still serve our country today.

    Children's Prayer: Dear God, we thank you this day (or weekend) for those who gave their lives and paid the price for our freedom. Thank you also for all those who continue to pay the price for our freedom in their service for God and country. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • The Widows Mite and the Remembrance Day Poppy


    The  Widows Offering (Mite) Mark 12:38-44 including a message for Veterans  Day/ Memorial Sunday / Remembrance Day.   

     Remembrance day poppy
    Kids Sermon idea:  Hold up 2 small pennies and explain how they remind you of the widow in Mark chapter 12 who  “Gave everything she had.” Hold up a poppy and explain how this reminds you of soldiers who “gave everything they had.”   (Using the the Lectionary lesson for the day to lead into a Remembrance Day lesson.)
    Object lesson items:  2 pennies or cooper coins and a Remembrance Day poppy. (or other Veterans Day item)
    Childrens Sermon:
    Good morning children! Look what I have here this morning. In this hand you can see that I have 2 small pennies. In this other hand you can see that I have a red poppy.
    The two pennies here remind me of the poor widow mentioned by Jesus in the 12th chapter on Mark. People were giving large amount of money into the offering box at the temple (their “church”). A poor older widow then put in 2 small pennies. These two pennies were not worth very much but Jesus said that she gave more than everyone else. Jesus said that she gave the most because she gave everything she had! So this morning, these 2 pennies remind me of this poor widow who was so generous that she gave everything she had.
    This poppy also reminds me of some people who gave everything they had. This poppy reminds us of the men and women who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. The red colour of the poppy reminds us of soldiers’ blood. Today is Veterans Day (Remembrance Day) and we remember the many men and women who fought and died in the great wars. We thank God that they gave everything they had so that we could live in peace.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the faith of this elderly widow who was willing to give everything she had to God. We also thank you God for the men and women who died at war so that we could live in freedom and peace. 

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