Good Samaritan

Children's sermon - The Good Samaritan


Children's sermon on the Good Samaritan -

Love means getting your hands dirty   
Luke 10:25-37
Good Samaritan kids sermon
Children’s sermon idea:

(Option 1) One idea would be to assign children to various roles and produce a spontaneous drama as you read out a paraphrase of the parable. This could be a lot of fun but it takes a bit more time.
(Option 2 Focus on the idea of practical love. Show the children a heart and a rose and discuss how these are often used to remind us (or are symbols) of love. Then hold up a dirty glove. Explain to them that this might also be a symbol or reminder of love. Yes, love is beautiful like a rose but showing true love will mean that we have to “get our hands dirty.” Tell the children about the parable of the Good Samaritan. Some individuals who were very religious didn’t want to get too involved in helping another in need. The Samaritan showed true love when he was willing to take some risks and get his hands dirty by helping out the dying man. 
Object needed (option 2) A red paper “heart.”  A rose (or something symbolizing romance). A dirty work glove
Complete Children’s Sermon:
Good morning children! Look at these two items I brought in this morning. (Hold up the heart and the flower.) What do these things remind you of? Yes. They usually remind us of LOVE. On Valentines Day we might show our love to someone by giving them a card with a pretty heart painted on it. We might also give someone a flower to show them we love them. But this morning I brought in something else that reminds me of love. (Hold up the dirty work glove.) Now, you might not want to give this to someone on Valentines Day but I will tell you why I think it reminds me of love. Love is indeed a beautiful thing like this rose but showing true love to another person often means “getting our hands dirty.” What are some ways that we might need to wear work gloves in order to show our love is real. (Let the children respond.) That’s right. If they needed help in the garden we could help them by pulling out some weeds. If they needed help cleaning up their house we might put on some gloves and get our hands dirty that way. In our bible reading this morning Jesus told a story called the “good Samaritan.” In this story there was a man who had been beaten up, robbed and was left dying on the side of the road. Some people who were supposed to love walked right around the man. He was dirty and was covered in blood and they didn’t want to get their hands dirty. Then another person came along. He showed real love by bending down, cleaning of the dirt and blood, and by giving him a safe place to spend the night. Jesus said that this man was the real loving neighbour. He was willing to get his hands dirty and show real love.
As I said before, love is a wonderful and beautiful thing. But real love sometimes means we get dirty or help out in a way that is hard to do. Let’s ask God to help us have that type of real love.
Children’s prayer: Dear God, we know that it not always easy to show real love. Help us, through your Holy Spirit to be willing to “get our hands dirty” by helping others out even when it’s hard to do. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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