Valentines Day

Valentines Day & Cross


Children's Sermon for Valentines Day     

Children’s Sermon idea: When we give a valentine it reminds the person of our love for them. We have a cross in our church and that reminds us of God’s love for us.
Objects: A valentine heart, a large visible cross in the church that you can point to and/ or a small cross you can hold up.
Children Sermon: Good morning children. Do you know what special day it is? Here is a hint. (Hold up your valentine heart.) That’s correct. It’s Saint Valentines day. Saint Valentine was a Christian bishop who lived a very long time ago. He was well known throughout his country for the great love that he had for people in need. When we think of St. Valentine and Valentines day we are reminded about love. When we give a Valentines day heart to someone it reminds them of our friendship and love that we have for them. God doesn’t send out Valentines cards to people but did you know that there is something that always reminds us of God’s great love for us? If you look around you can see that reminder right here in this church. Do you know what it is? Look right over there. It’s the cross. The cross is a symbol / reminder that Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to suffer and die for us. Where ever we see a cross it should be a reminder that Jesus loves us so very much. He suffered and died on the cross which might make us sad. However, the good news is that he rose again and he is alive. If you are ever tempted to doubt how much God the Father and Jesus love you, look at a cross. It reminds us that we are deeply loved and very precious to God.

Children’s Prayer: Heavenly Father. We pray that when we give Valentine cards to our family and friends they would know that we really do care about them and love them. We also thank you so much for sending Jesus to save us. We know that he loved us so much he was willing to suffer and die for us. That is amazing. Whenever we see a cross help us to remember your great love. Amen!