You are a Saint

We are Saints

Children's sermon for All Saints Day: Followers of Jesus are Saints        (Season of Halloween)

Idea for the Children’s Sermon: All Saints’ Day
Show the children some large pictures of well known Saints. After discussing these saints, hold up pictures of other saints, pictures of people in your congregation. Finally, tell the children that you want to show them one last picture of a saint. Hand the children a mirror and ask them to look at it. Emphasize that according to the bible’s definition of a saint (Holy ones –set apart for God’s purposes) we are all saints.
Illustration objects: (1) Some pictures of classic biblical Saints. (2) Pictures of various people in the congregation (3) a small mirror.
Children’s Sermon:
Good morning children! Did you know that many churches celebrate the Christian saints at this time of year? Do you know what a saint is? I brought some pictures of saints. Look at this picture. This is a picture of Saint Paul. They didn’t have cameras then so this is just a picture of what Paul might have looked like. Paul was a great teacher and he is pictured here holding a book that represents the scriptures. Look at this picture here. It’s a picture of Saint Luke. This drawing of Luke has him holding some medicine in his hand. The bible says he was a doctor. Now I want to show you some other pictures of saints. (Hold up pictures of members of your congregation) Do you recognize any of these saints? You’re right. This is a picture of Mrs. Jones. She is a follower of Jesus and she makes the coffee for us every Sunday morning. This is Mr. Smith. He is also a follower Jesus. You probably know him pretty well because he operates the sound system at our church. These people didn’t live hundreds of years ago, and they are not portrayed in any stained glass windows. However, the bible refers to all believers as saints. A saint is a “holy one.” That means someone who is “set apart” for God’s special purposes. And all believers have been set apart for God’s special purposes. That brings me to this last picture I have. (Pull out the mirror and hand it to the children to look at.) Look at this. Who do you see? That’s right. You can see yourself! You are followers of Jesus so that makes you a saint too. You might not be as well known as Peter, Paul or Luke but you are still a saint. As followers of Jesus we have been set apart to as God’s own children. We have also been set apart for serving God in the church and in His Kingdom.
Children’s Prayer: Thank you God for all the saints that have followed Jesus Christ. Thank you for the wonderful things they have done and for the wonderful example they are to us. Thank you also for the saints in our own congregation who serve you in so many different ways. Thank you God that we are also saints. We have been called by you and we have been set apart for serving you. What a great honour that is. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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