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  • Children's Bible Lesson - The Real Jesus

    Children's Bible talk - Don’t be fooled. Follow the real Jesus.   - Bible Lesson: Don't be deceived! 

    Luke 21:5-19 “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name claiming, “I am He, “…do not follow them.”
    Children’s Sermon idea: Have three people hidden behind a partition. Have the children listen to various responses and have them pick the real Jesus. The real Jesus would respond with well know bible texts and the other two imposters would answer with “worldly wisdom.” (Have fun with the answers.)
     dont be led astray
    Object Lesson preparation: Three individuals seated behind a partition or other barrier out of site from the children. Prepare a simple script for each individual. Have the real Jesus answer the question with scripture. You may need to ask the children to hide their eyes as your actors get into place.
    Children’s Sermon / Sunday school lesson introduction:
    Good morning children! In the bible reading that we have for today Jesus warned his disciples that there would be many people that would pretend to be Jesus. He warned his disciples not to be fooled by them. I’ve made a little game to see if you are good at telling the difference between the real Jesus and people just pretending to be Jesus. I’m going to ask some questions to the people behind that barrier over there and I want you to guess which one sounds like the real Jesus. (Of course we don’t have Jesus actually behind the curtain but I want you to pick out which one sound closest to the real Jesus.)
    Jesus number 1. If I’m feeling worried and upset what should I do?
    ANS: “Sorry Bud. I can’t do much for you there. Life’s just like that sometimes. Just take some pills or something.”
    Jesus number 2. If I’m feeling worried and upset what should I do?
    Good question. The key is making more money. If you make more money you’ll be happy and then you won’t worry so much.
    Jesus number 3. If I’m worried and upset what do you think I should do?
    Trust in me. Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest
    Well children. You’ve heard the responses. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 1 was the real Jesus. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 2 sounded like the real Jesus. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 3 sounds like the real Jesus.
    Let ask one more question…. (You get the idea)
    Conclusion: You were pretty good at picking out the real Jesus. Let’s have the congregation give you a cheer! Jesus warned his followers that there would be people that would claim to be a saviour but were really just fooling people. We need to be careful not to believe everyone who claims to be sent from God. On way to help us recognize the voice of the real Jesus is to read the bible. As we read about the real Jesus in the Bible we will be able to recognize people that are trying to fool us and lead us astray.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to know your son Jesus more and more each day as we read your Word, the bible and fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we would have your wisdom and understanding. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Children's sermon for Lent

    Children's sermon for Lent -
    Themes: Lent, reflect, prayer, spiritual danger, listening to God   

    Bible Texts: Phil.4:6, Col.4:2, Eph. 6 :18

    Children's Sermon idea: When crossing a street to get to where we want to go it is best to Stop, Look and Listen before crossing. The season of Lent(a time of prayer and self examination) is about taking time to Stop, Look and Listen on our life journey.
    Full Children's Story: Good morning boys and girls. In about 40 days we will be celebrating Easter. That’s the time we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead. In our church we call this 40 day preparation period Lent. It’s a special season of prayer where we take a look at our own lives and make sure we are doing what God wants us to do and becoming the people God wants us to be. Now, everyone stand up and follow me. I want you to pretend someone has asked us to come and play in the park. Let’s go! (Make a little trip around the pulpit, past some chairs and get them to stop up front) Ok, there is park; it looks like they are having fun there. But first let’s pretend there is a road right in front of us here. What should we do? Should we just go straight across? (Let the children respond.) That’s right. We need to STOP. (Have the children join you as if you were all lined up on the edge of a road ready to cross.) Then what should we do after stopping? That’s right we need to LOOK to see if a car is coming. (Get them to look both ways.) Then what? That’s right we need to LISTEN. (Put you hands up and cup your ears.) OK, we took time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. It looks safe so now we can cross. Great! (To the congregation:) Let’s give the children a cheer for helping me out so well here. (I’m always getting the congregation to clap and cheer in order for the kids to feel build up and affirmed.)
    Children, what you have just done is very important. If we are going to keep safe while going to all the exciting places we want to go to we need to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing streets. In life it is important to do the same thing. We get so busy and we are often in a rush. It’s very important that we take time to STOP, to LOOK around and think about what we are doing. Are we doing what God wants us to do? Are we becoming the sort of person that God wants us to be? And we need to LISTEN to God, by reading the Bible and taking time to pray. This season of Lent that I mentioned before is a great time to do just that. If we do take time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN we can make sure our lives our lined up with God, that we are safe and that we will enjoy all the wonderful adventures that God has for us.

    Dear God. Help us always remember to take time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when we are crossing a street. Help us also to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN especially during this time of year called Lent.
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  • Children's sermon for Pentecost - Holy Spirit

    Sunday school / Children's Chapel idea for the Day of Pentecost

    The power of the Holy Spirit        

     Holy Spirit Flashlight

    Idea for Children’s sermon: Show the children a flashlight and demonstrate how important it is to have batteries inside. The flashlight needs the power from the batteries to make the light shine and do its job. In the same way, the Holy Spirit in us gives us power to shine the light of Jesus Christand do what God wants us to do.
    Object lesson items: A flashlight and batteries.
    Complete children’s talk:  Good Morning Children. Do you know what special day it is this Sunday? This is Pentecost Sunday. It’s the time when were remember that Jesus / the Father sent the Holy Spirit to live inside believers. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come into the lives of those who followed him. Many years ago followers of Jesus gathered together on a special day called Pentecost. Then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit of God came upon the people and they received new life and power to shine the light of Jesus in the world. That same Holy Spirit can give us power today to live for Jesus. This morning I want to show you how important the Holy Spirit is. Do you see this flashlight? How many of you have flashlights at home? What do you think will happen if I turn on this small switch? OK. Let’s try. Hmmm. Nothing is happening. Can you make it work? (Give the flashlight to the children.) What do you think is wrong? (Someone will mention that there are no batteries.) Open up the flashlight and look inside. You’re right. It’s empty inside. Do you think it is important for a flashlight to have batteries inside? Right. The batteries give power to the flashlight to make it shine. Without that power inside the flashlight just doesn’t work. Even though batteries are not a living person like the Holy Spirit, batteries still remind me of the power of the Holy Spirit. In the same way a battery gives power to make a flashlight shine, the Holy Spirit gives power to believers to shine the light of Jesus. The bible says that by ourselves we can’t love people very well and we can’t live the life that God has for us. By ourselves we are like this empty flashlight that has no power. But Jesus said he would send us the Holy Spirit who would give us power to live for God and to shine the light of Christ.
    Let’s see what happens when I put these batteries inside the flashlight. Yeah! It works! We want our lives to shine like this flashlight so let’s ask God to fill us with his Holy Spirit.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you have sent us the power of the Holy Spirit. Please fill us up each day with the Holy Spirit that we would have the power to live for Jesus and let his lightshine in our lives.

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    Holy Spirit Dove

  • Children's Sermon on Blind Bartimaeus



    Short Children's Sermon on Blind Bartimaeus - passionately seeking Jesus

       Passionately seeking Jesus   Blind Bartimaeus

    Children’s sermon idea

    This Children’s sermon on Blind Bartimaeus emphasizes the importance of passionately calling out to Jesus. Bartimaeus was not content to let Jesus pass by. We should never approach Jesus with a “ho-hum, take it our leave it” attitude. Rather we should passionately seek after Jesus.
    Object Lesson Props: Glass of water, 3 people (2 minute prep required) You could also do this spontaneously with members of the congregation. They will automatically get the feel of what is going on. In fact they will try to “out-plead” one another which should be fun
     Children’s Sermon
    Good morning children. This morning I want to tell you about a blind man named Bartimaeus. His name means “Son of Timaeus” and he used to beg for money outside the city of Jericho. His story is recorded in chapter 10 of Mark’s gospel. (Read out the passage to the children – it is fairly short.) This is a wonderful story about how Jesus had the power to heal even someone who was blind. However, what I really like about this story is how this blind man Bartimaeus was so determined to get Jesus’ attention.
    (Have three individuals who have been prepped come forward. Ask the children to watch closely.) Now children, I found out that these three people from our congregation are thirsty for some water. I’m sure they would love to have this nice cold cup of water that I have in my hand. Let start with you (1) Mr. Jones. Would you like some of this water? (Mr. Jones looks down at the ground and says in a barely audible voice, “I guess so...if you have some…that would be nice.” (He is very shy, tentative and speaks very softly.) Hmmm. O.K. Let also hear from (2)Mr. Smith. Would you like some of this water? (Mr. Smith is very ambivalent, “Well I think it would be good but I’m not really sure. I also have some other juice at home…maybe I can wait. I guess I could have some now or maybe have some later etc.”) Hmmm. O.K. Let also hear from Mr. Green. Hello (3)Mr. Green would you like some of this water?
    (Mr. Green is passionate and enthusiastic.) “Oh please, please. I am so thirsty. I desperately need that water. I won’t make it home without it. It’s so important that I have some of this cool water…”
    Well children. Who do you think I should give this water to? (Let the children make a decision. They will no doubt pick Mr. Green. Discuss with the children why Mr. Green should get the water.)
    I agree with you children. Let’s give the water to Mr. Green. (Hand him the glass of water) I’ll give it to him because it seemed like he really needed it while the other two people didn’t really care. Mr. Green reminds me of the blind man Bartimaeus in our bible story today. When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was coming he believed could help him and he kept calling out loudly. Even when others were telling him to be quite he kept on calling out to Jesus. When Jesus heart him calling out he came over and healed him so that he could see.
    We don’t know exactly why Jesus healed some people and passed others by. But I do think it is important for us to boldly call out to Jesus when we are in need – even if other people are telling us to not bother. If we are deeply concerned about something we don’t want to be like these other two men over here who were saying “oh well…maybe I’d like some water…whatever.” We want to be like Mr. Green who boldly asked me to meet his need. Jesus wants us to be true seekers and not casual enquirers.
    Children’s Prayer: (Pray boldly and passionately) Lord God. Please give us boldness and courage to seek after you. We know that you love us and that you have good things for us. Help us never to miss out on your wonderful life because we don’t care. Through the power of your Holy Spirit help us to do great things for you and your Kingdom. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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  • Children's sermon on Humility - Hidden from the wise -revealed to children

     Hidden from the wise and learned and revealed to children:  Matthew 11: 25-30

    Interactive object lesson for Sunday School, Children’s Church or Jr. Youth Group  

    Children’s sermon /object lesson idea:

    The basic idea is to have something that young children can see easily see but is difficult for older (wiser) adults to see. Find a very small table. Using duct tape or a hook with string and hang a fun object (perhaps faith related) under the table. The children can easily see it. Have a tall adult come forward. As they look down from on high they won’t be able to see the object. Explain that some things (like God’s amazing love) seem to be easily understood by young children. To understand and see older and wiser people need to humble themselves and get down on their knees (Making themselves like small children).

    Object lesson items needed:

    -A small children’s table (preferably with legs shorter than a card table)
    - A Christian symbol, toy, or picture on a string that you can hang down underneath the table
    (I would recommend prepping your (older, wise) adult so they work with you well.)

    Complete Children's sermon on Humility

    Good morning children! 
    In our gospel reading this morning from Matthew chapter 11 Jesus says that some things (like the amazing love of Jesus) are “Hidden from the wise and learned but revealed to children.” I thought I would bring someone forward this morning who I think is very wise and learned. Mr. Johnson, would you come forward this morning? Now Mr. Johnson, I think you are pretty smart. You are a scientist who works at the university. How many years did you go to school / university? Wow! That is a long time. Well, this morning I’m going to show you something and I want to know what you see. Ask the children not to say anything and bring out the table with the object hidden underneath. Now Mr. Johnson, I’d like you to look down at this and tell me what you see. (He will just see a blank table top. Encourage him to use all his highly scientific brainpower!) (Now ask the children, who can see under the table, if they see anything that tall and wise Mr. Johnson can’t see.) That’s right! There is a wonderful picture of Jesus with his arms outstretched in love. You could see it because you are not too tall. Mr. Johnson, you still can’t see what they see. Children, what would he need to do if he wanted to see what you see? (They will suggest that he bends down.) That’s right. If he wants to see he is going to have to get down on his knees and make himself small. Encourage Mr. Johnson to do this. (He can moan and groan a bit for effect.)
    Jesus said that his teaching was sometimes hidden from the wise and learned but revealed to little children. Going to school and learning is important. However, you could go to school for 20 years and be the smartest person in the world and still not understand Jesus and God’s wonderful love. God will show his love to anybody who simply opens up his or her heart and turns to him. Young children sometimes understand God’s great love more than adults do!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that we don’t have to be really old or really smart to understand Jesus and his wonderful love. In Jesus’ name – Amen! 

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  • Children's Story for Trinity Sunday

    Children's Story for Trinity Sunday           trinitysymbol

     God is a Trinity (Tri – Unity) Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- (Note: This can also be used as an introduction to a Sunday school lesson.

    Bible text: John 3:1-17 (especially John 3:16-17) (This is a general text that speaks of the ministry of all 3 persons of the Trinity. Any “trinity” text could be used with this story.
    Objects needed: 3 volunteer children
    Basic Children's Sermon Idea: Show some of the classic “three in one” Trinity objects such as an apple, egg, ice etc. and discuss how they are “three” yet still “one.” Then get three children to link arms and stand together so close that they appear to be one unit. Explain how this might be a better picture of the triune God because it involves three living persons. Stress the fact that God is not just a doctrine or an idea. God is a community (little family?) of three living persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    (Theological note: This image may stress the “threeness” more than the “oneness” of the Trinity, but I still think it is a far better picture than what is conveyed with any of the classic inanimate objects- apple, egg, ice, etc.)    or go here --> more IDEAS for teaching kids about the TRINITY
    Full Children's Sermon:
    Good morning children. Today in our church we call this day Trinity Sunday. It’s a day we celebrate the truth that God is made up of the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. You’ve probably heard all three of those names in some of our prayers and especially when we baptize someone. It’s a bit hard to understand. The bible reveals that there is only one God but that this God is made up of three parts, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The word we use to describe this 3 in 1 God is “Trinity.” That is a word made up of the word “Tri” which mean 3 (EG A tricycle has 3 wheels) and the word “Unity,” which means “One” or being unified together. It is a bit of a mystery that there can be one God yet three parts or persons to God. That’s OK. It makes sense that we humans might not be able to completely understand God. But here are some things that might help us understand how something can be “one” and “three” at the same time. See this egg. It is only one egg yet it is made up of three parts. Do you know what those three parts are? (Let the children respond – Discuss some other things that are both 3 and 1 at the same time) That’s very good children. This morning I want to give you one other example of how God might be 3 in 1. I need three of you children to stand up here on this bench. Now stand as close as you can to each other and link arms like you are joined together. That’s great. You are so close you are one group. You look like you are a little community or family. You are made up of three parts but you are so close together you are really one unit. Maybe this is a little like the Trinity. The nice thing about this picture of God is that it is made up of living persons (unlike the egg, ice, or apple). The wonderful thing about the real God is that he is alive. (Suggestion: You could get your group of 3 persons to give someone a hug) That is so wonderful. Jesus can be our savior and friend, the Holy Spirit can live inside of us and give us life, and we can know the deep love the Father has for us. I’m so glad that the God we serve is known to us in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    Children's Prayer: Dear God. We know that we cannot fully understand how great and wonderful you really are. But we thank you for revealing yourself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit(a Trinity of persons) even though you are still one. Help us to learn more about you and the great love you have for each one of us. We ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!
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  • Children's story on the Holy Spirit

     Guided by the Spirit

    Objects: none
    Children's Sermon idea: John 16 speaks of the Holy Spirit as a guide who will lead us. Like the Holy Spirit, lead (guide) the children around the church sanctuary to minister in various situations. Explain that the Holy Spirit will guide and lead them each day of their lives as they are sensitive to his leading.
    Full Children's Sermon: Good morning children. In the Gospel of John Jesus says that he will send the Holy Spirit to lead us and be our guide. I want to show you how that works. Now we know that the Holy Spirit is invisible and often speaks to us in a still small voice but this morning I want you to pretend that I’m like the Holy Spirit guiding your life. Please stand up and follow close beside me. I’ll be your guide for the next few minutes. Let’s go. (Weave around various items at the front of the church. Be a good guide by giving directives to turn left or right. Include “ministry items”- people in the congregation who are in need) Now children, I think we should go down here. Now everybody, lets keep away from those wires – they are a bit dangerous. (Show that the Holy Spirit will often lead us away from dangerous situations) Now here is Mr. Jones. He’s just come off night shift at the factory. He’s probably tired and needs some encouragement. Let’s all say “good morning” and give him a nice smile. That’s great. The Holy Spirit will lead us to do things like that. Now, let’s go over here and then in this direction. Just like the Holy Spirit I’ll continue to guide you. That’s right, keep coming. I sense that we should pray for Mrs. Smith here. I think she has been going through some hard times. This time let’s not even say anything we’ll just stand behind her quietly and pray (Bow your head like you are praying). We don’t always have to pray out loud. OK. Follow me back to the front of the church.
    Let’s give the children some applause for following my leading so well (gesture to the congregation to clap) you we great kids. The way I was leading you is a bit like how the Holy Spirit leads us. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will be our guide every day of our life. He will lead us in God’s ways in a wonderful adventure of faith.
    Children's Prayer: Thank you God for sending the Holy Spirit to be our guide for us every day of our life. Help us to listen to his “still small voice” so that we can discover the wonderful and exciting life that you have for us. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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    Guided by the Holy Spirit 

  • God gives good gifts - The Holy Spirit

    Good gifts from God – The Holy Spirit Luke 11:1-13 Ask, Seek, Knock

    “How much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him”

    Children’s message / object lesson idea:  Show the children some possible gift items (toys, books, flowers) and include some bad gifts items (dead spider, rotten apple, broken item). Ask the kids to help you decide what gifts are the best gifts to give you children or friends. Drive home the point that you love your children and want to give them good gifts. As well, God our heavenly Father loves us and wants to give good gifts to us. Explain that one of the best gifts God gives to us is the Holy Spirit.

    Object lesson items needed: Some good gifts and some bad gifts (Have some fun with this!)

    Full Children’s message: Good morning children! This morning I want you to help me choose some gifts to give my children (or friends). (Hold up the gift items one by one or display them on a table in front of the kids.) How about this new adventure book, do you think that would make a good gift? (Let them respond) How about this apple? You can see that it is a bit rotten. Do you think they would like this as a gift? How about this item? (You get the idea. When you have chosen the best gifts that you might give you children explain how you were having some fun and would never give a bad gift to the children you love.) Thank you for helping me but I was just having some fun. I love my children and want to give good gifts to them. If they asked me for a new toy, I wouldn’t give them a dead spider or a rotten apple! In the same way, God our heavenly father wants to give us good gifts. When we pray, we should ask good for the things we need knowing that he will give us good gifts and not bad gifts. One of the best gifts of all that he wants to give us is the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like a part or “person” of God that can live right inside us. When we ask him to fill us with the Holy Spirit, we can know that he will give us this wonderfully good gift.

    You could share a section of Luke 11 11 “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for[f] a fish, will give him a snake instead? 12 Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13 If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!

    (Note: Be prepared to answer some difficult questions here. I believe all good gifts are from God. However, we don’t always get exactly what we want. He may give us something far better that we ask for. God knows what is best for us and we can trust him. Even bad things, that are not from God, will be ultimately used for his good purposes. That being said, don’t be surprised if they come up with some good questions!)

    Pray for the children: “Dear God, our heavenly Father, thank you that you love us so much and you give good gifts to us, your children. Please fill us up each day with the Holy Spirit so we can know your life living inside us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Hearing the voice of Jesus


    Helping Children Recognize the Voice of Jesus -

    John 10:27 “My Sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”
    Chidren's Sermon Theme: Learning to recognize the voice of Jesus
    Props: None
    Basic Children's sermon / Sunday school lesson summary: See if children can recognize their parent’s voice. As Christians they will learn to recognize the voice of Jesus too.
    Short Children's Sermon: Good morning boys and girls. Listen to this passage in the Bible. (Read John 10:27) Jesus says that he knows us (his sheep) he will lead us and we can recognize his voice. That’s amazing! How do you think we could recognize the voice of Jesus? Let’s do a little experiment this morning. I’ll pick of few of you to come over here near the front of the church. Now, turn your back to the congregation so that you cannot see the people. Do you think that you can recognize your parent’s voice? Let’s see. (I use a cordless mike so I can walk down into the congregation) Now (child’s name) I want you to listen very carefully to these voices and put your hand up in the air when you hear the real voice of your parent. (Go down into the congregation and ask a few people to say a short phrase such as “Hello Janet it’s me.” When you come to their parent they will recognize their voice (trust me) and put up their hand in the air. When they pick out the voice of their parent get the congregation to give them a cheer. Do this for 2 or 3 children. Gather the children together. You are pretty good at recognizing the voice of your mom or dad. In the same way Jesus said that we would be able to recognize the voice of Jesus. Hearing the voice of Jesus is not always easy. Sometimes it’s like a very still small voice. But Jesus says that if we follow him we will learn to recognize his voice. That is very good news because Jesus is like a shepherd who will lead us into good pasture. If we follow him we will discover the wonderful adventures he has for us as his children.
    Children's Prayer: Thank you God for sending Jesus who is like a good shepherd. Thank you that he knows us and that we can learn to recognize his voice and his leading. Help us always to follow Him. Amen
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  • kids sermon on the Holy Spirit Helper

     Pentecost 2013 John14:8-17 I will send you the Helper - the Holy Spirit  

    Kids Sermon idea:  When the children come up front ask one of the children to “be a helper” for some simple task. (Move a bench, rearrange some chairs, assist setting something up.)  Discuss how having a helper is a great benefit. Explain how Jesus said he would send us a Helper (the Holy Spirit) to live inside us and to be with us forever.


    Objects for the kids lesson: A table or chairs or anything at the front of the church that needs to be set up.
    Children’s Church talk:  Good morning children! How are you this morning? Do you know what special day it is this Sunday? Today is called the day of Pentecost. It’s the day we remember when the Holy Spirit came to fill believers up with the presence of God. In John 14:8-17 the bible says that Jesus promised that his true followers would receive a special helper. That special helper that Jesus gives is called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like an invisible part of God that lives right inside us and helps us live the life that Jesus wants us to live. We can’t see the Holy Spirit helper, but Jesus promised that if we obeyed him he would give us that wonderful helper to live inside us. In the same way Betty was my helper this morning, the Holy Spirit will help each one of us do the things that Jesus wants us to do. (You could give some examples: The Holy Spirit helper will help us love others when it’s hard to do. The Holy Spirit Helper will give us power to forgive those who have hurt us. Etc.) I am so that Jesus didn’t leave us alone when he went to heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper and to be with us forever!
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit helper to live right inside us and to be with us forever. In Jesus´ name, Amen.

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  • Kids sermon on the power source of the Holy Spirit

    Children's lesson on the Power Source of the Holy Spirit -

    Gather the children and display various electrical devices on a table, such as a lamp, a fan, a radio, and a smartphone. Begin by asking the children if they know how these devices work. Explain that these devices require a power source to function properly. Transition into discussing how we, as Christians, also need a power source to live our lives effectively—this power source is the Holy Spirit (God’s presence and power)

    Holy Spirit Power outlet

    Materials / object lesson items needed: Various electrical devices (lamp, fan, radio, smartphone or any other fun items you have on hand)

    Power outlet prop (can be a visual representation or a real power outlet – check with your electrician friend) Note: Please include a warning about never putting something in the outlet without checking with your parents first.

    The Children’s sermon Concept: Hold up the power outlet prop or point to a real power outlet in the room. Explain that just as these electrical devices need to be plugged into a power outlet to work, we also need to be "plugged in" to the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Discuss Our needs for power to live the Christian life: Hold up each electrical device / item and ask the kids what would happen if you tried to use them without plugging them into the power outlet. Guide the discussion to the idea that without power, the devices would be useless and unable to fulfill their purposes.

    Make the connection to Our Lives: Transition to explaining that we are like these devices, and without the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot fully live out our purpose as followers of Jesus. Without the Holy Spirit we would be powerless! Ask the children what they think our purposes are as followers of Jesus (e.g., to love others, share the good news, be kind, help those in need). Emphasize that to fulfill these purposes, we need the power of the Holy Spirit. You might also explain that we cannot see this power (like we can’t see electricity) but the Holy Spirit is real.

    Give a short demonstration so the kids can visualize this: Invite a volunteer to come forward and hold an unplugged electrical device. Show them how it doesn't work when not connected to the power outlet. Then, ask another volunteer to "plug in" the device by pretending to connect it to the power outlet.

    Discuss the Holy Spirit as the Power Source: Explain that the power outlet represents the Holy Spirit, and just as the electrical device needs to be connected to the power outlet, we need to be connected to (and filled with) the Holy Spirit. Discuss how the Holy Spirit empowers us to live out our faith, guides us, gives us spiritual gifts, and provides strength and comfort. You can also remind them that God is tri-personal: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Application: Ask the children to think about areas in their lives where they need the power of the Holy Spirit. Prompt them to consider situations at home, school, with friends, or when facing challenges. Encourage them to share their thoughts.

    Prayer /Connection:   Lead the class in a prayer, thanking God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and asking for His power and guidance in their lives. Encourage the children to "plug in" to the Holy Spirit every day through prayer, reading the Bible, fellowship, and seeking His help and guidance. -> “Dear God, thank you that you call us to follow your son Jesus. Please help us to be filled up with your Holy Spirit each day of our lives so that we have to power to follow and serve Him – In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    I hope you find this helpful. Please consider sharing this and linking to this site. Thank you - A.H.

  • Object lesson ideas for teaching the Trinity

    Object lesson ideas for the Trinity -

    (Please note: You might want to check with you pastor before presenting these to the congregation. The Trinity (or Tri – Unity of God) is a mystery. All these illustrations fall short on some aspect of our understanding of God. That being said, these ideas can still be helpful for helping kids understand complex issues.

    Trinity Ideas

    The Egg: (This has been often used by churches) Use a hard-boiled egg to represent the Trinity. Explain that the egg has three parts: the shell, the white, and the yolk, but it is still one egg. Similarly, the Trinity is one God in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.

    Water: Fill three clear glasses with water. Add red food coloring to one glass, blue to another, and yellow to the third. Explain that although the glasses have different colors, they are all still water, just as the Trinity is one God in three distinct persons. (This illustration emphasizes that like God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have the same “essence” or “stuff” of God.

    Puzzle Pieces: Bring a jigsaw puzzle, preferably a large children’s puzzle, with three pieces that fit together to form a whole picture. Discuss how each piece is different but necessary to complete the puzzle. Relate this to the Trinity, where each person is distinct but essential to the fullness of God.

    Light and Colors: Use a prism to demonstrate how white light is made up of different colors. Explain that although the colors are distinct, they are all part of the same light, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct but part of the same God.

    Use an Apple: Cut an apple in half horizontally to reveal the star shape in the core. Explain that the star shape represents the Trinity. The core symbolizes God, and the three visible parts represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    Water: Discuss how water can exist in three forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (vapor). Relate this to the Trinity, where God exists as three distinct persons. (Please note – in some traditions this may be considered “modalism” – Again – check with your pastor!

    Three-Leaf Clover: Use a three-leaf clover to explain the Trinity. Discuss how each leaf is separate but part of the same clover, just as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are separate but part of the same God.

    Please do stress that these object lessons are limited. Our real God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is a living and loving relationship. And the good news is that we are invited into that relationship.

    Feel free to share this page and / or link to this web site. Thank you – A. H.

  • Part of God's Team

     We are all part of a team - God's Team -     

    (for use as a Children's Sermon or as a Sunday School lesson)

    Children's story themes: Community, Church, teamwork, unity


    Children's sermon summary:
     Involve the children in doing a team cheer standing in a huddle. Explain what it means to be a part of a team. Involve the kids in doing a cheer unique to your church and explain how they are an important part of a team serving Jesus Christ.
    (Note: I don’t mention it here below but I used this story to welcome a new youth pastor. After doing our cheer I invited the new member to come up join in the cheer to signify being a part of the team)
    Full Story:
    How are you this morning boys and girls? How many of you are on a team of some kind? (Let the children share) Did any of you have a team cheer that you would do before the game? When I was at college I played soccer for the “Wycliffe Fighting Saints.” (add your own details) Before the game we would stand around in a circle, reach our hands into the center and then give our cheer: “…razzle dazzle sis boom bah Wycliffe Wycliffe Rah Rah Rah!” and we would raise our hands as we cheered. (Ask the kids if they had a cheer) Our soccer team many different players. We played different positions but we each had an important role to play. In doing the cheer we reminded ourselves that we were all working together on the team. Now it’s important to know that if we are followers of Jesus we are all part of his church. The Church is God’s teamthat he uses for reaching out in love to the world. Each one of use may have a different role to play (give some examples) but we are all part of the church – we are all members of the team. Because we are a team I thought it would be good to do a church team cheer. First I’d like us all to stand in a circle here and I’d like some other adults representing our congregation to come and join us to. (This encourages the kids and adds a little more energy). Ok. Everyone put your hands into the center and repeat after me the cheer that I made up for our church (In our case St. Mary’s Open Gate Church). “Open Gate, Open Gate, Rah Rah Rah – Building God’s Kingdom, Halleluiah!” (Do it again and invite the whole congregation to join in the cheer.) That was great kids. Remember you are an important member of God’s team, the church.

    Children's Prayer: Lord, thank you that as followers of Jesus we are members of a team – the Church. Help us to know the joy of working and worshiping together as a team. Amen.  (After the prayer I explained that after our college cheer we would give each other a “high five” with our hands. As the children walked down the isle to church school I had asked the adult team members in the congregation to give the kids a “high five.”

    copyright 2009     Andrew Hewlett
    (Feel free to use this story at your Sunday service but please give credit to and consider adding a link on your church web page. Thank you! A.H.)





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  • Safe in the hands of Jesus - John 10:28 Children's message

    Children's sermon - John 10:28 No one can snatch them from my hand -  The security we have in Jesus 

  • Sermon for Kids about the Earthquake in Nepal

     Children's Sermon about the Earthquake in Nepal  


    Showing the compassion of Jesus


    Object lesson idea:(Overview -Adapted from a story I used when there was an earthquake in Haiti) 

    Display two “houses” made of small blocks of wood or perhaps marshmallows. Have one house represent a typical house in Canada or United States. This “house” could be glued together if made by wood and if made with marshmallows it could be sewed together or held together with nails or toothpicks. The other “house” would look the same but have nothing binding the blocks together. Shake the structure like an earthquake and let the children observe what happens. Explain how poor countries like Nepal can’t afford to build houses with expensive reinforcing and other safety features. Pray for the people of Nepal and involve the children in some relief or development project.
    Objects: Two small houses made with building blocks or marshmallows (see above). Reinforce one of the structures with tape, thread, toothpicks etc. (You could also drive reinforcing nail up through the piece of plywood and place marshmallows over the nails. Place the “houses” on a tray ready for an “earthquake.” A small world map or globe.
    Full Children’s Sermon: Good morning Children. In our church this morning we are praying for the people who live in a country called Nepal. It is a small country and most of the people who live there are very poor. It’s this small country here on this map. (Use a globe or projected map)  Do you know what happened there recently? Yes. That’s right. There was a very big earthquake that destroyed many buildings and homes. It may be hard to understand how this happened. I want to show you one reason so many people were hurt or killed. Do you see this tray here? I made two little houses out of marshmallows. I’m pretending the marshmallows are like building blocks of cements. This house on the left will represent a typical house in the Canada / USA/ etc. I’m pretending that this house on the left is a house in Kathmandu, the main city of Nepal.
    Let’s see what might happen if there was an earthquake. (Shake the try up a down, back and forth until the unsecured “building blocks” of the Nepal house fall down.) What happened here? Yes, this house that has a steel nail through the centre is standing strong. However, this house here fell completely down. This building was not nearly as strong as this building. This building is like many of the buildings in Kathmandu. The people are strong and hard working but they are very poor and they cannot afford to build houses as strong as our houses. When an earthquake shakes the country many of the houses fall down and many people are injured our killed. It’s very sad. As followers of Jesus we need to think of ways that we can help the people in Nepal as they try to recover from this tragedy. How could we possibly help out and support them in this time of need? (Let the children respond.) Those are all very good ideas. We can send doctors to help, we can send food and clothing, and we can send money so they can buy the things they don’t have. Later on we might be able to be involved in helping them rebuild some to the homes that have been destroyed. (Consider presenting a specific project that the church is involved with.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God. We know that there are many people who need help in the country of Nepal. Please send many doctors and other helpers to support the people. And show us what we can do to put the love of Jesus into action and help these people in need. In Jesus’ name – Amen!