• Palm Sunday Walk with Jesus

    Children's drama for Palm Sunday / Holy Week      

    (Different denominations approach this day in a variety of ways. As young children often don’t come to Good Fridayservices I’m trying to highlight the importance of the cross)

     kids sermon for Palm Sunday
    Theme: Journey to the Cross, Holy Week
    Children's object lesson Props: “Palm” branches, Bread and Wine symbols, towel and basin, Cross
    Children's sermon idea: Consider each of the above items that signify events during the final week of Jesus physical ministry on earth. Physically walking to each of these helps the children (and adults if they are watching) get a feel for the sequence of these important events.
    Time:The idea is that this would move quite quickly. It can probably be done in about 6 minutes unless you want to stretch it out to include more teaching.
    Full Children's sermon: (Set up 4 “stations” across the front of the church with the various symbols.)
    Good Morning Children! This morning is Palm Sunday. This is the day we remember when Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. As he came down the hill into Jerusalem all the people welcomed him by shouting “Hosanna” and waving palm branches in the air. This was the beginning of some very important events in Jesus life. I would like you to join me in quickly walking through some of these events. Perhaps you can think of this as “walking with Jesus” on a very important journey. (1-Palm Branches) Please follow me over here and pick up a “palm branch,” pretending we are celebrating Jesus coming as a wonderful King! As they waved the palm branches they shouted out “Hosanna.” (save we pray) Let’s practice shouting that out. (Keep walking towards the next station). (2-Bread and Wine) A little while later Jesus planned to eat a special meal (the Passover) with his disciples. He met with them in a special upper room where they had some very special bread and wine. (Pick up the bread and wine – or get the children to hold it up) He shared that bread and wine with his disciples and he said that from now on they were to eat this simple meal remembering his body and blood. It was a way of remembering that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to give his life for us. (You could quickly sit down with the children in a circle) This bread and wine might look familiar to you because we still use this bread and wine at our communion service to remember Jesus and what he did for us.
    (3 –Towel and Wash Basin) (Pick up the towel and basin) After having this special meal with his disciples Jesus filled a basin with water and washed his disciple’s feet. It was a wonderful example of being a servant. As important as Jesus was he was able to serve others by washing their feet. (You could quickly knell down with the basic and towel as if you were washing one of the children’s feet.) He went on to say that we should show our love to one another by doing the same sort of thing to help others. (4 –The Cross) Let’s keep walking. Later that night Jesus went up on a hill to pray. (Prayer could be a special station) He prayed all through the night and then suddenly some soldiers came and took him away. After an unfair trail he was tortured on a cross where he died for our sins. (Walk the children to the cross) This cross reminds us of Jesus great love. He loved us so much he was willing to suffer and die for us. Let’s all knell down here near the cross. We’ll be very quiet as we think of what happened to Jesus on that Friday 2000 years ago.
    PRAY: Dear God. We are remembering some very important things in the life of Jesus this week. Help us to remember when the children and all the people praised Jesus with palm branches and shouts of “Hosanna.” Help us to remember how he asked us to remember him in the Bread and the Wine. Help us to remember how he washed his disciple’s feet as an example to us of being a servant. Help us also to remember how he died for us on the cross – how he gave his live so that we might have life. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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    PS - Very Simple idea: (If you use palm crosses) Have the children do a simple processional with palm branches. Sit the children down and then explain how the crowds started out praising Jesus with palm branches but soon after this he was put on a cruel cross. Take a palm reed and fold it into a simple cross. Let them know that this palm cross will remind them of the joyous coming of Christ as King, but also that on Good Friday he died for us on a cross.

  • Advent kids sermon Prepare the way

    Children' Sermon for Advent: Prepare the way of the Lord

     Advent3 John1  John the Baptist - Make straight paths    (Can also be used in Lent_

    Advent Sermon for kids: Before the children come down the isle to the front of the church place chairs, music stands, and other available paraphernalia in the isle so that it is difficult for them make their way up. Discuss with the children how this is unwelcoming. Explain how John the Baptist wanted to the people to “prepare the way” and “make straight paths” for the coming of Jesus. Discuss how we can prepare our hearts and clear out any clutter in our lives in order to be welcoming to Jesus Christ.
    (As part of the teaching you could ask the Children to “prepare the way” and make a straight path by removing the clutter in the isle.)
    Advent Object lesson props: Movable chairs, benches or music stands that can be quickly set up to block access down the church isle.
    Full Children’s Sermon: Good morning children! Wow. You were a little slower getting up to the front this Sunday. Why did it take you so long? (Let them respond.) I don’t know where all that stuff came from. It made it very difficult for you to get up here. It is certainly not very welcoming. Will you help me straighten out the path and move this stuff? When people come forward to read from the bible or for receiving communion, we want them to feel welcomed. Thank you very much. This morning our Advent bible reading is about John the Baptist. The bible says that he came to help people “Prepare the way” and “make straight paths” for the coming of Jesus. He wasn’t really talking about moving chairs and music stands out of the way. He wanted the people to know that they needed prepared the way in their hearts. He wanted the people to clear out selfishness, pride, and hatred so that their lives would be welcoming to Jesus. We want to do that too. As we look forward to Christmas we want our lives to be welcoming to Jesus. We can ask God to help us with this in prayer.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, please forgive us for the ways that we have cluttered up our lives with sin (Example: Just doing what we want to do and not showing love and kindness to others). Please forgive us and help us to live lives welcoming to your Son Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's fun lesson on coming to the light of Jesus Christ

    Children's lesson - Come to the Light of Jesus Christ -

    John 3: 21 “Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light…” Lent 4 

    Overview of the spontaneous drama: Ask the children if they have ever played “Hide and Seek”. Have the young children pretend to hide from God in a dark hidden place close by. (Do this up at the front of the Church or in your home. You could dim the lights to add to the effect.) Hold up a candle or other light and explain how this reminds us of Jesus who is the light of the world. Ask them to come out of hiding and walk towards the light (as you hold up the lit candle for all to see). Explain that the life and love of Jesus is like a light shining out into the world and that we need to come to that wonderful light.

    Full drama: Good morning children! Have you ever played a game called “hide and seek”? It really is a fun game where you do your best to hide from the leader. However, you might not know that some people actually try to hide from God! They might not be living the way that God wants so they think it’s best to try to hide from God. Do you think a person can hide from God? No. You are right. It’s impossible to hide from God. Now, just for fun, I want you to pretend to hide from God just up front here in our church. I’ll count to 10 to give you time to hide – just close by in this area. (If possible dim the lights a bit to make the light stand out.) Ok, I hope you can still hear me as you are pretending to hide from God. Now in a few seconds I am going to light a candle. This candle reminds us of Jesus Christ who is the light of the world. This light reminds us of his life and love that is shining out into a dark world. Now I am going to hold up the candle. I want you now to peek out from where you are hiding and look at the light. When you see that light I want you to now come out and walk to this light. That’s right, come out from your hiding place and come to the light. (When the children are all together close to you and the candle ask the congregation to give a cheer!)

    You did that very well children. (Ask them to be seated.) That little drama reminds us that we shouldn’t try to hide from God. We should come out from hiding and come to the light of Jesus Christ. His life and love is like a warm and bright light shining out into the world. We want to come close to the wonderful light and not try to hide from him. We can come close to the light of Jesus Christ by living the way he wants us to live. We can come close to Jesus by telling him (in prayer) that we want to follow him and know him more.

    Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus is like a wonderful light shining out into the world. When we are tempted to hide from you, help us to remember your life and love is shining out to us like a guiding light. And help us to come near to you so we can know you better each day. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

    (Later at home you might want to discuss ways that we hide from God. You might also want to discuss ways that we can draw near to Jesus and welcome him in our lives and hearts.)

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  • Children's object lesson on Repentance

    Children's object lesson on Repentance

  • Children's object lesson Video on Repentance

    Children's object lesson on Repentance


  • Children's sermon - Show your love to Jesus

    Kids object lesson - Give your best to Jesus. / Show you love to Jesus

    Children’s messagefor Sunday Schoolor Children’s church  - John 12:1-8  
    Jesus anointed at Bethany
    Children’s sermon idea: Explain to the children how Mary and Martha at Bethany showed their love to Jesus by serving him and offering their best. For visual aids have a plate with a meal (representing Martha’s gift to Jesus) and a fancy bottle of perfume (representing Mary’s gift to Jesus). Discuss with the children the fact that each child can show their love for Jesus in their own unique way.
    Object lessonitems: A fancy looking bottle of perfume; a tray with a dinner plate and food. (Idea: You could bake a cake and then serve it during coffee hour.)
    Full Kids Sermon:
    Good morning children! I want to show you some things I brought in this morning that remind us of our bible reading. First of all, look at this cake. It looks pretty tasty doesn’t it? How many of you like chocolate cake? I do too. Well, in our bible reading form John chapter 12 it says that there was a special dinner held in honour of Jesus. The passage says that Martha served the meal. It may of may not have been a cake like this but I’m sure that she was a good cook and wanted to give her very best to Jesus. This story in the bible says that Mary showed her love for Jesus with some very expensive perfume. Look at this beautiful bottle here. It has some wonderful smelling perfume. I’ll take the lid of and let you have a smell. That’s pretty nice isn’t it? The bible says Mary poured this very expensive perfume all over Jesus’ feet and the beautiful fragrance filled the whole room. Some people thought it was a waste of expensive perfume but Jesus new it was Mary’s way of showing how much she loved him. I like that story in the bible because it shows that there are different ways of showing our love for Jesus. Martha showed her love to Jesus by serving a wonderful meal in his honour. Mary showed her love by giving Jesus some very expensive perfume. I want you to think about how you could show your love for Jesus. (Sunday school lesson idea: You might want to discuss the children’s unique gifts, abilities and talents and how they might be used to serve and show love for Jesus.)
    - Perhaps you could use your voice to sing a song in church.
    - Perhaps you could make some beautiful drawing to honour Jesus.
    - You can also show your love for Jesus by helping out others in need.
    - Or, you can simply pray to Jesus and his Father and tell them how thankful you are for the great love that they have for you.
    There are many different ways of showing our love for Jesus!
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, it’s wonderful to read about how Martha and Mary showed their love to Jesus. Help us to remember that we can give thanks to you and to Jesus in our own special way. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Children's sermon - Temptation in the wilderness


    Children's Church lesson: Temptation in the Wilderness

           Luke 4:1-13 Yes to God - No to Satan / Sin  - LENT

    Basic Children's sermon idea:Tell the children about the importance of saying NO to sin. Make up YES and a NO signs on cardboard. Present some situations to the children and ask them to respond (Yes or No) in unison. Highlight the importance of firmly saying “NO!” to what we know to be wrong.
    Objects needed: A piece of cardboard with the word “YES.” And a piece of cardboard with the word “NO!”
    Full children’s sermon:
    Good morning children. Today our bible reading is about the time when Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Jesus knew it was important to say YES to God the Father’s truth in the bible but that he needed to say NO to Satan. As followers of Jesus it is important for us to say YES to God and NO to what is not of God. I’ll show you what I mean. I brought two signs with me today. What does this sign say? (Hold up the YES sign) That’s right, it says yes. I’m going to hold the sign up again and let’s say it all together loudly – YES! Good. Now, let’s use our imagination:
    -If you’re parents asked you to help them bring in the groceries from the car it would be good to say…(Hold up the YES sign) YES! …That’s right. Say it loudly.
    -If you felt God was asking you to help encourage your friend who was sad, it would be good to say….YES.
    (Give some more situations)
    Now I want to tell you about using another word. (Hold us the NO! sign) It’s the word “No.” Sometimes we are tempted to do things that are wrong. At those times it’s important to use the word NO. Let’s practice saying this word all together like we really mean it. (Hold up the sign…) NO! – That’s great.
    -What if you were in a candy store and someone said to steal a candy off the shelf. What should we say? (Hold up the NO sign) NO! – Good! That’s the right thing to say.
    - What if you were walking home from school and a stranger said “come into my care I have a special gift for you.” What would you say…NO! (I agree, that is the smart thing to say)
    - What if someone said, “Let’s go over there and make fun of that person over there?” What are you going to say? (Hold up the NO! sign). Well done. That’s the right word to use when we are being tempted to do something we shouldn’t do.
    (Get the congregation to give them a cheer for giving such wise answers)
    Children. I want you to know that those two words; YES and NO, are very important words. When God leading us in the way he wants us to go we always want to say YES. However, when we are tempted to do something that’s wrong we want to say NO! That word can help us stay out of trouble and can help us follow Jesus.
    Children’s prayer: Thank you God that Jesus always said NO to Satan and his ways, and YES to you and your ways in times of temptation. Help us to always say yes to you and to have the courage to say NO! to Satan and his ways that so often lead us into danger. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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    Sorry - couldn't resist inserting this picture: Lead us not into temptation!

  • Children's sermon - Under His wings

    Children’s Sermon: Under his wings: Like a hen gathers her chicks. 


    Luke 13:31-35O, Jerusalem, Jerusalem   (Season of Lent)   

    Children’s Sermon idea: Show a picture of a Hen and her chicks or bring in a stuffed animal toy. Explain how a hen gathers together her chicks to give warmth and protection. Explain how Jesus longs to gather us together under the “wings” of his love and protection. If a choir director or pastor wears a robe you could gather some children together under “wings” of their robe.
    Objects needed: A stuffed animal “hen,” a picture, or a digital projected slide.  or Make your wings out of cardboard to gather the children together!
    Children’s Sermon: Who knows what this is? Yes. It’s a little hen. Have any of you seen a hen in real live hen? If you go to the zoo or to the farm you’ll probably see one of these. In fact, often you will find a mother hen with lots of little chicks following along by her side. (It would be great if you could show a picture of this too.) If you watched a hen and her chicks you would probably notice how the little ones often get interested in other things and will start to wander away from her side. But if there is some danger nearby she will gather up her little ones right by her side and even pull them together under her wings to hide them and protect them.
    (Note: If you are a liturgical church and you wear a robe you could act this out by kneeling down and pulling part of your robe around some of the children.) In today’s bible reading from Luke 13, Jesus said to the people of Jerusalem that he longed to gather their children together as a chick gathers together her little chicks under her wings. Jesus didn’t have wings like a hen but he wanted them to come to him to be protected by his love and power. Unfortunately, most of the people in Jerusalem ran off in all directions away from his protection and love. They ended up in a lot of trouble and danger. The good news is that Jesus loves us and wants us to come to him and his wonderful love and protection. We want to do whatever we can to stay under the wings of his love and protection. We can do that by learning about Jesus, following him, staying close to him, and remembering the love that he has for each one of us.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God. We thank you that Jesus loves us so much. Help us to stay under the “wings” of his loving protection just like young chicks are gathered together under a hens wings. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Children's Sermon -Take up your Cross

    Sunday Lesson – Children’s sermon: Take up your Cross

    Show the children a small cross. Show them a full size cross and remind them of how hard it would be to carry a real life size cross. Taking up our cross and following Jesus is sometimes hard and sometimes it hurts. Mark 8: 27-38 Trinity 14
    Object lessonprops: small ornamental cross or necklace, large cross (made out of old 2x4s, 4x4s, or even better 6x6s!)take up cross
    Children’s sermon: Good Morning Children. This morning one of our bible readings is from Mark chapter 7 where Jesus told his disciples to “take up their cross” and “follow him (Jesus).” (Consider reading the text out loud.) Hmmm. I wonder what he meant?
    Look at this cross I have here in my hand. This would be pretty easy to “take up and carry.” Hold this cross in your hands. Do you agree that this cross would be easy to carry around? If this is the type of cross that Jesus was taking about when he said “take up your cross and follow me,” then following Jesus would be pretty easy. But of course this is just a small cross. The cross that Jesus suffered and died on was a very big cross.
    (Carry out the life size cross) Look at the size of this cross. Even this one was not as big as the real cross that Jesus had to carry before he died. Feel how heavy it is. (Let some of the children pick it up.) Do you think this cross would be harder to carry around than this little one? When Jesus said we needed to “take up our cross and follow him” he was trying to tell us that following him would sometimes be hard and would sometimes hurt.
    These small crosses are to remind us of the big cross that Jesus had to carry and also remind us of how he suffered and laid down his life for us in love. Crosses also remind us that when we follow Jesus it will sometimes hurt – it may even sometime feel like we are dying! So, when you think of the cross, think of the big heavy cross that Jesus had to carry. Think of his love. And remember that following him is not always easy and is even sometimes painful. (Idea: If you had time you could discuss some examples of how following Jesus is sometime inconvenient and sometimes painful.)
    Pray: Thank you God that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to take up his cross and suffer for us. Help us to be willing to “take up our own cross” and suffer for Jesus. Thank you God for your great love and for your Holy Spirit who will give us strength and joy even when following you is hard to do. – In Jesus’ name, Amen!
    (Consider getting the children to leave the room, helping one another carry the large cross)

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  • Children's sermon for Lent

    Children's sermon for Lent -
    Themes: Lent, reflect, prayer, spiritual danger, listening to God   

    Bible Texts: Phil.4:6, Col.4:2, Eph. 6 :18

    Children's Sermon idea: When crossing a street to get to where we want to go it is best to Stop, Look and Listen before crossing. The season of Lent(a time of prayer and self examination) is about taking time to Stop, Look and Listen on our life journey.
    Full Children's Story: Good morning boys and girls. In about 40 days we will be celebrating Easter. That’s the time we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead. In our church we call this 40 day preparation period Lent. It’s a special season of prayer where we take a look at our own lives and make sure we are doing what God wants us to do and becoming the people God wants us to be. Now, everyone stand up and follow me. I want you to pretend someone has asked us to come and play in the park. Let’s go! (Make a little trip around the pulpit, past some chairs and get them to stop up front) Ok, there is park; it looks like they are having fun there. But first let’s pretend there is a road right in front of us here. What should we do? Should we just go straight across? (Let the children respond.) That’s right. We need to STOP. (Have the children join you as if you were all lined up on the edge of a road ready to cross.) Then what should we do after stopping? That’s right we need to LOOK to see if a car is coming. (Get them to look both ways.) Then what? That’s right we need to LISTEN. (Put you hands up and cup your ears.) OK, we took time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. It looks safe so now we can cross. Great! (To the congregation:) Let’s give the children a cheer for helping me out so well here. (I’m always getting the congregation to clap and cheer in order for the kids to feel build up and affirmed.)
    Children, what you have just done is very important. If we are going to keep safe while going to all the exciting places we want to go to we need to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing streets. In life it is important to do the same thing. We get so busy and we are often in a rush. It’s very important that we take time to STOP, to LOOK around and think about what we are doing. Are we doing what God wants us to do? Are we becoming the sort of person that God wants us to be? And we need to LISTEN to God, by reading the Bible and taking time to pray. This season of Lent that I mentioned before is a great time to do just that. If we do take time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN we can make sure our lives our lined up with God, that we are safe and that we will enjoy all the wonderful adventures that God has for us.

    Dear God. Help us always remember to take time to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when we are crossing a street. Help us also to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN especially during this time of year called Lent.
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  • Children's sermon for Palm Sunday


    Palm Sunday Children’s sermon     Luke 19:28-40   Sunday of the Passion 

     For Sunday School or Children's Church -


    Palm Sunday Kids
    Children’s Sermon Idea: Talk about the excitement around the recent Olympic Games land show how many people waved flags in the air when the athletes entered the stadium. Explain how Jesus came down into Jerusalem and all the people waved Palm branches in celebration. (You could also use the idea of players entering as stadium at the superbowl or an NHL hockey game playoff) 
     (PS - Don't forget to check out the home page for other ideas or go here -> a list of Palm Sunday ideas.)
    Objects lesson props: 1. Some flags or banners you can wave. (Use an Olympic flag if you have one or make one out of paper.) 2. A palm branch or some facsimile.
    Children’s Sermon for Palm Sunday: Good morning children. How many of you watched the Olympic Games on T.V.? Great. Our whole family watched them on T.V. What was your favourite event? (Interact with the children) Do you know what my favourite part was? It was the opening ceremonies when the athletes entered into the stadium with all the people cheering. Many of the people waved flags as they cheered the athletes. (Give a demonstration or ask some of the children to help you out.)
    It was a great celebration. The people were so excited that the athletes were getting reading to compete in all the events. There was so much excitement.
    In our bible reading today we are remembering a very special event in the life of Jesus. Today is called Palm Sunday and we remember the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people were so excited that King Jesus was coming to the city. They didn’t have flags but they cut down palm branches and waved them in the air. They shouted out “Hosanna in the highest” as Jesus rode into the city. It was so exciting. Today (Palm Sunday) we remember that special when all the people celebrated and cheered on Jesus with Palm branches in the air.
    (Consider placing a robe on one of the children (as Jesus) and have the other children wave palm branches as you process down the church isle. At our church we also sing the song “Hosanna in the highest” as we process.)
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, as we celebrate on this Palm Sunday help us to remember that day when all the adults and children waved palm branches and cheered as Jesus entered Jerusalem as King. We know Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. Help us to remember that he is our wonderful King and that we can praise him everyday! In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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  • Children's sermon on spiritual blindness

    Children`s sermon – Spiritual Blindness  John 9: 1- 41  

     Spiritual blindness
    Kids sermon idea: Show the children a pair of dark welding goggles and let them try them on. They can`t see things that would normally be easy to see. Explain how some people in the bible could not “see” or understand the light and love of Jesus. It was like they were wearing dark sunglasses making them blind to the things of God. Thank God that although we can’t see Jesus physically he has helped us to understand, know and “see” the real Jesus.
    (I realize the idea of spiritual sight will not be grasped by all the children.)
    Kids Object lesson props: Welding goggles or very dark sun glasses (used for mountain climbing)
    If you can’t find any you could get an old pair of sunglasses and darken them up with paint or a felt pen marker.
    Children’s Sermon: Good morning children! Look at these special glasses I brought in this morning. They are special glasses used by people who work with very bright fire. Would you like to try them on?
    Great! They look good on you Sally. Now, I’d like you to look over there on the front row. Can you tell me what colour sweater Mrs. Jones is wearing? No. It’s very hard to tell because the glasses are so bright. When you wear these glasses it’s almost like being blind. (Let some other children try.)
    In our Bible reading today from John’s gospel there were people who just couldn’t understand Jesus and his love and power. Even when Jesus did something wonderful like healing a blind man some people became very angry at him. They did not want to believe in him. It was like they were blind to understanding Jesus. Yes they could see him with there eyes but it was like their “understanding eyes” were blind as if they were wearing these dark glasses.
    The good news is that although we cannot see Jesus today with our eyes we can know his love and his life. The Holy Spirit of God has helped us to know Jesus so that we are no longer blind to his life and love.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that we are no longer blind to Jesus and his love. Help us to know him more and more each day. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • Childrens Sermon - Repentance

    Kids sermon on Repentance: Turning away from sin and turning to God

    Children’s sermon on Luke 3:7-18  Lectionary Advent 3

       Note: This story can be used as an introduction to a Sunday School lessonor a Sermon illustration for Children' Church

    Children’s sermon / object lesson on repentance: Show the children an empty glass representing our lives. Show the children a container of smarties or perhaps some delicious looking drink. This container represents the good things God has for us as his children. Pour the contents onto the glass that is turned upside down and watch it spill. Then turn the glass towards the container in order to be filled up. Repentance is about turning away from sin and turning to God. When we are turning to God we can receive all that he has for us.
    Object lesson items: a clear glass, a container of juice, smarties, or m & m’s, a catching tray to catch what spills over the upturned glass.
    Full Children’s Sermon: Good morning children. Our bible reading today is about John the Baptist.
    He prepared the way for Jesus by telling the people to repent. This morning I want to explain to you what repentance means. Repentance means a change of direction. It means turning away from what we know to be wrong and turning to God. I’ll show you what I mean. (Bring out the object lesson items.) Do you see this cup? We will pretend this is like our lives. Do you see this pitcher of cool aid? We’ll pretend this represents the good things God has for us. The glass might think, I’d really like some of that juice. So let’s pour out some of this refreshing cool aid. (Pour in onto the bottom of the up turned glass so that it all flows down the sides.) Hey. What’s wrong here? (Let the children respond) That’s right. All this refreshing juice that represents the good things of God just spilled out and none stayed in the glass. If we want to be filled with the good things of God we need to be turned to God. (Turn the glass right way up and pour in some juice.) There, that’s better. This glass that represents our life needs to be turned to God in order to catch all that he has for us. (Note: I repeat things to make sure they get the point.) Remember if we are turned away from God doing things we know are wrong we won’t be able to receive all that he has for us. Repentance means turning around (turn the cup around) and turning towards God– to welcome Him and his wonderful life.
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, when we are turned away from you help us to repent and turn towards you. That way we will welcome you in our lives and be open for receiving all that you have for us. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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  • Childrens Sermon - The Cost of Following Jesus


    Children's Sermon: The Cost of Following Jesus    Luke 9:51-62

     For Sunday School or Children's church

    Follow Jesus sign
    Children’s Sermon idea:
    Hold up various items and ask the children how much they think the item cost. Pull out your wallet and place the money on a chair or table. Hold up a cross as a sign of following Jesus. Ask the children how much money it costs to follow Jesus. Explain that following Jesus costs us everything; much more than money. Step on to the chairor table (where you’ve been laying down the money) and explain that following Jesus means giving our whole lives to Jesus
    Full Children’s sermon:
    Good morning children. Are you good a guessing how much things cost? How about this chocolate bar? How much do you think it costs? I’ll put down 50 cents here on the chair. Is that enough? No. How about if I add another 25 cents? That makes 75 cents and that’s about right I’d say it costs about that much. How about this ticket to a baseball game? How much do you think it costs? (Go through a similar routine as before placing money on the chair beside the ticket or whatever item you use.)
    (Hold up a cross or tape a picture of a cross onto the back of a chair) Now here is a tricky question. How much does it cost to follow Jesus? I’ll use this cross as a sign or symbol of following Jesus. Does it cost 5 dollars? (Place 5 dollars down on the chair) Does it cost 20 dollars? (|Add that to the money)
    Let’s just stop there. I want you to know that we can’t become a follower of Jesus by paying a bunch of money. We don’t have to pay money to follow Jesus. He paid everything for us already. However, Jesus said to follow him would cost us everything. (Stand up on the chair where you have been putting down the money) Jesus said we need to give our whole lives to Him. That’s why I’m standing here. I’m not just giving money; I’m giving my whole life. Some may think the cost is too high but Jesus loves us and wants us to discover his wonderful life. When we give our whole selves to Jesus we begin to discover his life, power and love. Following Jesus costs us everything but it is really worth it.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to give our whole lives to you. We know that following Jesus will be hard sometimes but we also know that you will keep us in your love and will help to make our life a wonderful and exciting adventure.
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  • Christ the King Sunday

    6 Minute Children's sermon - Christ the King Sunday  - The Reign of Christ the King

    Jesus is a King        Lectionary: John 18: 33-37   
    Jesus our King   
    Children’s Sermon idea: Help the Children understand that Jesus is a King. Have 2 or 3 members of the congregation bring the hat that they wear on the job as part of a uniform. (Police hat, fireman’s hat, hard hat, etc.) Explain that although these individuals look like anyone else they have a special role to play signified by the hat they wear. Hold up a crown and explain that although Jesus looked like a normal human being he was actually a King. Also emphasize that as followers of Jesus we are children of the king.
    Object Lessonitems: (1) Some hats the children will recognize (brought by a few members of the congregation).  (2) A crown. This can be made from cardboard and covered with tinfoil.
    Full Children’s Sermon / Object Lesson:
    Good morning children. Do you see this hat? (Hold up a police officers hat) What person would wear a hat like this? That’s right, a police officer. Did you know we actually have a police officer who is part of our church family? It’s true. Mr Johnstone is a police officer. Would you please come forward Mr. Johnstone? You look like a pretty normal person, but we know that this is the hat you wear at work and that you are really a police officer. (Put the hat on their head). (Have them remain up front and hold up your next hat and go through a similar explanation. Then hold up the crown). Do you know what this is? Yes, it’s a crown. What sort of person would wear this? Yes, a King! Do we have a King of a foreign country here? No, I don’t think so. However, we are all followers of Jesus and he is a King. When Jesus walked upon the earth he looked like a normal human being, however he was really a King. Although we can’t see Jesus with our eyes we know that he is alive and that he is still a King. As followers of Jesus we are in his Kingdom. In fact we are “Kids of the Kingdom.” We always want to do our best to follow him and come under his Kingly rule. We also believe that he is with us this morning as we worship.
    (Thank your guests and then lead the children in prayer)
    Children’s Prayer: Thank you God for sending Jesus to be our saviour and our friend. Thank you also that he is a King. Help us always to follow him, honour him, and serve him in his Kingdom. Thank you God that we are “kids of the kingdom.” In Jesus Name, Amen

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  • Clean and Unclean

    Sunday school story: Clean and Unclean– Mark 7 (Religious traditions and God’s commandment. )

    Object lesson props: Cup, dirt, water, cloth for cleaning,
    Gospel Story: Good Morning Children. This Sunday’s bible reading is about being “clean and unclean.” Some very religious people came to Jesus and asked him why his disciples did not do the special ceremonial washings that they did. (You might want to clarify that this is not really about basic sanitation.) It’s good to wash you hands but these religious leaders cared so much about doing special, fancy hand washing that they forgot about making sure they were clean on the inside – clean in their hearts! We can be nice and clean on the outside but if we have anger, jealousy, bitterness and hatred in our lives then we are really pretty unclean on the inside. Do you see this nice cup that I brought in this morning? I want you all to look inside now and tell me what you see. (Make sure there is some dirt and mud in the bottom). Yuck. It’s pretty dirty and messy. Now I’m going to pour in some water. And I’m going to stir it around. Who would like a drink of this? No? I don’t blame you. It is certainly unclean on the inside. But what if I get this nice clean cloth and clean up the outside of this cup. (Carefully wipe up the outside of the cup). It’s pretty clean now. Do you want to drink some now? (Let them respond) Perhaps if I use this fancy wiping motion that I learned from my grandfather. (Demonstrate a ridiculously fancy cleaning procedure). Wow! That must have really helped. Do you want to drink what is inside the cup now? No! How about if I use this very fancy towel that is hand embroidered – it’s very beautiful. You still don’t want to drink what is inside? Well, you are right. No matter what special hand motion or fancy towels you use it is still pretty yucky water on the inside.
    TRANSITION: Kids – Our lives can be a little like this cup. If we have the dirt of bitterness, greed, anger and jealously on the inside of our lives, making ourselves look good on the outside doesn’t help much. We could do many things that would make us look very religious but if we didn’t change on the inside it wouldn’t be very pleasing to God who knows everything about us.
    Pray: Dear God. We know that you want us to be clean on the inside our lives.
    Help us to forgive others that have done wrong to us. Help us to get rid of bitterness and anger and selfishness that can make us unclean on the inside. Thank you for giving us the example of Jesus and thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to help us live the way you want us to live. Help us to walk in the love of Jesus Christ and share that love to others. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!
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  • House of Prayer

    My Father's House: A House of Prayer - Not a Marketplace     -

    Themes: Cleansing the Temple, House of Prayer,
    Room for all Nations

    Text:John 2:13-22 (Lent 3)Cleansing of the Temple
    All Gods Children
    Basic Children's Sermon Idea: Set up some barrier or obstruction so that the children can’t come up to their usual place at the front of the church. They will have to watch from far off. Act out Jesus overturning the tablesof the money changers and cleaning the temple thus making room for the children to come in and worship. Welcome the children to come right up front for debriefing and prayer. (Note: The Gospel of Mark seems to indicate that one of the things that angered Jesus so much was that the Gentiles couldn’t worship with all the commotion going on.)
    Objects Lesson props: Some boxes, a non breakable plate and a tin with some loose change.
    Full Children's Sermon:  Good Morning. It’s the time in our service to do the children’s story but unfortunately this morning there isn’t enough room for you children to come right up front. The isle is blocked off with these boxes and tables this morning so you’ll have to watch from a distance. There’s just not enough room up here this morning. (Find some way of blocking off the isle. Use boxes or stretch some flagging tape across the center isle. Set up some other boxes up front. On one of them place a plate with a can of change or other “money changer” paraphernalia. For dramatic effect you could get a member of the congregation to sit at the money changing table.) This morning children I want to tell you about a time Jesus got pretty angry. He came into the temple where people worshipped and he found them buying and selling things, making lots of noise, and there were even animals walking all over the place. This was in an area where the Gentiles (the outsiders) could come and worship God. But this was impossible to do because there was so much buying and selling going on! Jesus was so angry he drove all the animals out and overturned the tables of the money changers. (Overturn the tables (i.e. boxes) and “cleanse the temple” so there is room for the children to come in.) As Jesus was doing this he said “My Fathers House shall be called a house of prayer (for all nations) but you’ve turned it into a den of thieves!”
    After doing that I’m sure there was room for the outsiders to come in and worship. (Go down and break down the barrier keeping the kids out. Lead the children up front to where you normally talk to them and pray. (When I did this I got the congregation to give a big cheer.)

    Prayer: Thank you God that Jesus cared so much about the temple being a place of prayer for everyone. Thank you God for this place where we come to pray and to worship. God, help us to remember that although we have lots of fun here the most important thing is that it is a place of prayer and worship – in Jesus name. Amen


  • If I am Lifted up - John 12

    Title: Ministry to Children - Kids talk - The Cross is like a Magnet      

    Theme: (Lent 5) The Cross, The Crucifixion,Being drawn to Jesus  
    Bible Text: John 12:20-33 “When I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself”
    Basic Children's Sermon Idea: Demonstrate how a magnet has the power to draw or pull items to itself. Explain that when Jesus gave his life on the cross it was like a magnet drawing all people to God.
    Object lesson Props: Magnet, various metallic and non metallic items, small cross you can hold up
    Full Children's sermon: Good Morning Children. Does anyone know what this is? (Hold up magnet) Yes, it’s a magnet. Magnets attract or pull certain types of metal. Look at these items here. How many of you think that a magnet will attract this piece of wood? You’re right! It doesn’t. What about this piece of metal? Yes, it obviously attracts or draws this piece of metal to itself. What about this item? (Test various items as this is pretty fun and interesting) Does it work with people? Let’s see if this pulls you. No – it doesn’t seem to work with people.
    TRANSITION: This magnet is a pretty amazing thing. Although you can’t see it there is some invisible force or power that pulls or draws metal objects to itself. (Now hold up a small cross) Do you see this cross? It doesn’t look like a magnet but Jesus said that if he gave his life for us on the cross it would be like a magnet pulling all people to himself.
    (Read the words of Jesus in John 12) “If I be lifted up…” Somehow, Jesus giving his life for us on the cross would be like a magnet for people. Let’s act out how this works. I’d like all you children to spread out from me here. (If you are in the front of a church get them to disperse about 20 feet in all directions) Now, when I hold up the cross that reminds us of Jesus dying for us in love, come towards it like you are being pulled by a magnet. (Hold the cross up high for all to see). That’s right; pretend it’s a magnet pulling us in. That was great. (To the congregation) Let’s give the children a hand.  Now children, I’m going to keep holding up the cross but I’d like you to bow your heads and I will lead us in prayer.

    Pray: God, thank you that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to give his life and die for us on the cross. Thank you for his amazing love. Thank you that when he died for us on the cross it was like a magnet drawing us and the whole world to you and your son Jesus.
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  • John the Baptist

    Advent - John the Baptist          Lectionary: Luke 3:1-6

    Object lessonand children's Advent sermon: John the Baptist sounds the alarm – be prepared  
    Prepare the way
    john the baptist alarm warning

    Children’s sermon idea: Show the children a small battery operated smoke detector. (These are very common) Push the test button to catch their attention. Discuss the role of a smoke detector and then explain the role of John the Baptist. Wake up! It’s dangerous to be ill prepared for Jesus.
    As a Sunday School lesson: Demonstrate the smoke detector’s loud beep.
    -Discuss what sort of things John could do to warn the people that Jesus was coming.
    -Discuss the things the children might do if they knew Jesus was coming tomorrow.
    -Discuss what they can do now to get ready for welcoming Jesus at Christmas and being ready for his return at any time. (What does it mean to “repent” and “wake up.”?)
    Object lesson items: Small battery operated smoke detector. If you don’t have one a friend or neighbor will. They can usually be released by pressing up and turning a ¼ turn counterclockwise.
    Full Children’s Sermon for Advent:
    Good morning children. Today, in this season of Advent our bible reading is about John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a messenger sent to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. He knew Jesus was coming and that the people needed to get ready. This morning I brought something from home that is designed to wake us up and get us ready. (Hold up the smoke detector). Do you know what this is? It’s a smoke detector. It’s designed to make a loud beep if it detects smoke from a fire. That way, if a fire started in your house late at night it would beep loudly, wake you up, and then you could get to safety. Listen to the loud beep. (Push the center test button to sound the alarm. Or, you could hold a match underneath, blow it out, and let the smoke trigger the sound. You could ask them to pretend to be asleep before sounding the alarm. ) That really woke you up didn’t it!
    The smoke detector wakes us up and warns us that we’d better get ready and go to safety. John the Baptist was a bit like this smoke detector. A long time ago many of the people living in Israel were not thinking about being right with God. John the Baptist sounded the alarm, by saying “wake up,” “repent” and get ready for the Savior. This took place many years ago in Israel but John’s message is important for us today. If we are being asleep to God it’s important that we wake up. I think it is especially important at this time of year when we are getting ready for Christmas. At Christmas time it is especially important that we are living in such a way that our hearts are open to Jesus Christ. We certainly couldn’t have Christmas without Jesus Christ. Also, if we wake up to God and live lives pleasing to him we will be ready when Jesus returns.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for these smoke detectors that wake us up and warn us when there is a fire. Thank you for sending John the Baptist to prepare the way and wake people up in preparation for Jesus. We know that if we have our hearts right before you we will be ready to welcome Jesus this Christmas and we’ll also be ready to see him when he returns to earth again. In Jesus Name – Amen!

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  • Kids Sermon on Pride- Take a look at yourself


    Children's Sermon on Spiritual Pride: Season of Lent


    Children's church- message for Lent

    Look at yourself –When you point at others there are three fingers pointing back at you.   
    Themes: sin, self awareness, self examination, repentance, finger pointing, pride, spiritual pride
    (The RCL scriptures for this day (Is 55:1-9, 1 Cor.10:1-13, Luke 13:1-9) seem to all contain warnings about out tendency to presume we are on a good footing because we are more righteous than others)
    Kid’s sermon idea: Explain to the children that some people love to point out the bad things that others are doing. Get the children to point with their index fingers. Examine your pointing hand and explain to them that when they point out other peoples mistakes there are always three fingers pointing back. We need to be honest with our own mistakes and failures before we point them out in others.
    Full Children’s sermon: Good morning children. I want to tell you something that I learned many years ago. I used to love to criticise others who were doing bad things. I would point my finger like this and say, “Look at that boy over there. He’s not being very kind.” Or I would say, “look at that person, he is being a bad person and he is making lots of mistakes.” But one day a friend of mine showed me something very interesting. (Hold out your pointing hand) She should me that whenever I a finger at another person I have other fingers pointing back at me. When I point like this, how many fingers are pointing back at me? Right! There are these three fingers pointing back at me. Try it yourself. That should be a good reminder that we need to look at our own lives. It’s more important to make sure we are living God’s way than spending too much time pointing our fingers at others. Remember, when you point your finger at another person there are three fingers pointing back at you!
    Children’s prayer: God, we know it is so easy to point fingers at other people when they do something wrong. Help us to remember that when we point at others there are three fingers pointing back at us. May that remind us to make sure we are living the way you want us to live. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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